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Steve's Home Poker Blog > Live 1/2 NL Hand

I've started playing 1/2 no limit at another local casino. I've done about 10 hours there and averaged about 34 big blinds per hour - it gets pretty fish late at night :)

Anyways, I wanted to get some opinions on one of the hands I played there recently. Here's the info:

The Villian just sat down with about 150 in chips, played a few hands, didn't show anything down, and has about $200 now. My chip stack is about $175.

-1 limper in early position
-I raise to $10 in mid position with AdQd
-Villian re-raises to $25 2 seats behind me
-Limper calls, and I call
-Flop: A84 rainbow
-Limper checks
-I bet $40 into about a $75 pot
-Villian re-raises to $135

The pot is about $250 and I'm getting 2.5:1 to call $95 which puts me pretty much all in.

The only hands I can put him on are: AK, AA, KK, QQ, and maybe JJ (anything else?)

The chances of him having AK and AA are very slim.

Should I pay for info. here or fold?

Assuming the early-position limper folded to the bet on the flop, I would reraise all-in. You got exactly the flop you wanted. I wouldn't be surprised to see your opponent turn over AK, AQ, or 88. But he could also easily have AJ or AT. Hard to know for sure since he hasn't shown any hands. I think you have to put in all your chips.

Posted by MrAggressive on 2007-04-02 11:29:54

All things being equal that Villian is a normal non-maniac player. You really have to put him on an AK. He re-raised you pre-flop with other players to act showing a strong hand. Rule out AJ, AQ, or A10 because very few players will re-raise that amount with those holdings...they call them. Pocket 8's are unlikly from a decent player as he would have gladley just called your raise pre-flop. And most people will re-raise a better pre-flop with ace king, AA, KK, QQ, or even JJ. But when the ace comes and you bet a bit weak. (in my opinion a 60 buck bet would have been more appropreite for your holding) He had to think his AK was dominent. Although i have seen alot of players get very frustrated with KK and the dang Ace pops up on the flop and they will let the chips fly feeling they desearve the pot. And since you had one of the aces, and an ace shows up pre-flop, him holding poket aces were unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely. At the flop i think your beat and you should fold. Tough fold, but when your not sure about the players tendencies...you have to assume he is playing it straight up.

Posted by AA_HOLDEM on 2007-05-16 15:28:14

I decided to play straight-forward and fold. The guy ended up showing KK :(

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-07-01 14:24:03

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