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Fiddlers NL League
Fiddlers NL League
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League Rules

No smoking inside. Smoking is allowed outside.

No rabbit hunting. Rabbit hunting burns the clock for all players and can give away information about your opponent’s hand. If you want to see all the cards run out, then call the bets to see it.

Minimum bet is the big blind or the amount of the previous bet plus the last raise.

Ex: In pre-flop play. Big Blind $50. First raise minimum would be an additional $50. If the first raise is additional $100 or $150 to go, then the next raise minimum would be another $100 or $250 to go.

Post-flop: Big Blind $50. First bet minimum would be big blind or any amount larger. If the first bet was $75, the next raise would be a minimum of an additional $75 to $150. If there was a second raise it could also equal $75 for $225 to go.

A complete list of rules is available in the poker room.

Tournament Rules


(Changes for 2017)

1. FIVE monthly tournaments Jan-May.
2. All tournaments will be Bounty. (Half payout in bounties and half in regular payout.)
3. Every player has a 5 point bounty chip.
4. $50 buy in each month.
5. Bounty points for knocking out point leaders eliminated.

Maximum of 16 players per game. Exceptions at my discretion.

(The season will be 5 monthly Bounty Texas Holdem tournaments from January-May. The buy in will be $50.)

(2017 Monthly January-May on 3rd Saturday of month)

Blinds will be shortened to 10 minutes when down to heads up.


Players can have a substitute play for them a maximum of 3 game days. The buy in must be paid prior to play. The player can make any deal they want with the sub as far as buy ins and pay outs. The points will be applied to the regular player.


About 33% of the players will be in the money. 1st place will receive about 50%, 2nd about 30% and 3rd about 20%.

If there are eleven or more players,
4th place will pay.


This option applies to all games.

In every game, the first player knocked out can Rebuy and not be scored as knocked out. If two or more players are knocked out in the same hand or in two hands in play at the same time, then all the knocked out players can ReBuy.

The Rebuy will purchase the same amount of chips they started with in the tournament.

If the First Out Rebuy player makes it to the money bubble or better, they will be refunded the F.O.R. amount. If they do not make it to the money bubble, the funds will be applied to the TOC prize pool. The money bubble is the position one place out of the money.

Here are the First Out Rebuy amounts

Double Stack $40


Each player will start with $3000.

$5 @ 15
$25 @ 5
$50 @ 8
$100 @ 4
$500 @ 4


20 minutes, Heads Up 15 minutes.

Blinds will start at 5/10.

There will be a short break after for every 60 minutes of play. We will color up and race chips during the breaks.

First break ($5 chips)
Second break ($25 chips)

Chips adding up to less than 50% will race with one card given for each chip. Each player can win only one chip per race.

Players should not give any chips to assist a player prior to a color up. A player can not be eliminated during a color up.


All seating will be random using the computer or other acceptable means. I use the following website for random seating.


If the tables become unbalanced by more than one player, player(s) will be moved to balance the tables. The fewest number of players will be moved to balance the tables.

The relative position of the moved player will match the position of the eliminated player as closely as possible. The moved player will be dealt in immediately regardless of position.


The player points will display on the leader board in the Profit column. Each point earned will be worth $10 in Tournament Of Champion (TOC) chips.

Players will earn points based on each finishing position and bounties collected. These are the only two ways points can be earned.


The following position points will be awarded regardless of the # of players in a game. Adjustments will be made for the Rebuy/Add On and Double Buy In tournaments.

1st = 50 points
2nd = 35 pts
3rd = 30 pts
4th = 25 pts
5th = 20 pts
6th = 18 pts
7th = 16 pts
8th = 14 pts
9th = 12 pts
10th = 10 pts
11th = 8 pts
12th = 6 pts
13th = 4 pts
14th = 2 pts
15th = 1 pts
16th or higher = 0 pts

BOUNTY POINTS: (2017 Every player is a bounty. 5 bounty points for every player knocked out. Winner receives 5 points for their own bounty.)


The amount payable will equal the First Out ReBuy amount which is $40. Only one BB paid per game.

A qualifying player who is the victim of a bad beat will be paid.

If more than one player is the victim of a qualifying bad beat in the same hand, or in hands in play at the same time at two different tables, the jackpot will be paid to the best losing hand.

For a losing hand to qualify, both hole cards must be used to make a full house or better using the best 5 cards.

Any player who is the victim of the Bad Beat Jackpot while holding a qualifying Bad Beat hand can RE-BUY no matter what round.


This season four free rolls will be awarded. Players can only win one Free Roll. The Free Rolls will be awarded for the first championship game the player is dealt cards, WCT or TOC.

1. The player with the most points at the end of the season,
2. The player with the most in the money finishes ITM,
3. The player with the most final table appearances FT,
4. The player with the most Bounties.

Free Roll (and Top 7 TOC qualifiers) tie breakers.
1. Most points
2. Most 1st
3. Most 2nd
4. Most 3rd
5. Most 4th
6. Most Final Tables
7. Most Bounties
8. Most 5th, etc.


There will be 8 players in the TOC. The top seven players with 200 or more points win a seat. The eighth seat goes to the winner of the Wild Card Tournament.

If less than seven players earn 200 points, the WCT will determine who fills the remaining seats.

There is a $25 TOC buy in for players without a Free Roll.

1st 50%
2nd 30%
3rd 20%

There are two ways to qualify for the TOC.

1. Top seven players with 200 Points

Guarantee yourself a TOC seat by accumulating 200 points or more and be ranked in the top seven spots. These players will go to the TOC with chips totaling 10 X their season ending point total.

The same Tie breaker will be used as in the Free Roll.

The leaderboard profit column will display each players cumulative TOC chip stack.


$5 Buy In

THe Wild Card Tournament will fill the remaining seat(s) for the TOC. Any player with points from 100-199 and any player with 200 or points, not ranked in the top seven, will qualify for the Wild Card tournament.

The players WCT chip count will equal 10 X their season ending point count. The WCT will play down to the # of players needed to fill the 8 TOC seats.

The Wild Card seat winner(s) will go to the TOC with $2000 chips or 10x the their season ending point count, whichever is highest.

If there are more TOC seat(s) to fill than there are players with 100-199 points, then no WCT will be played. In this case, these player(s) can play in the TOC with $2000 chips. The $25 TOC fee plus a $5 WCT waiver.

If a TOC qualifier(s) can not make it to the TOC, alternate(s) that played in the WCT will be invited. If no WCT was played and a player is absent, then the TOC will have less players.


If you are going to be late, call my cell phone before the scheduled start time. With advance notice I will blind out a player through the 1st round. If a late player does not call before the scheduled start, the seat could be given to a player on the wait list.

If the late player does not call before the scheduled start time, the chips could be removed from the table or given to a waiting player.

If the late player who has called ahead has not arrived before the end of round 1, the chips will be removed or claimed by a waiting player.

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