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Bodog Accepting Canadians!  
Bodog is finally accepting Canadian players!

Sign up through Home Poker Tour's link for a 110% bonus, and possibly some kickbacks from HPT too:


This bonus is good for ALL first time Bodog players, Canadian or not!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


Season #3 has begun...  
Season #3 is underway and the battle for Player of the Year should see some interesting developments as the season progresses.

Yours truly managed to hold the top spot throughout last season and remained on top after the 3rd Annual Super Bowl of Poker, winning by 1 point. Phew, that was close.

Due to mutual agreement we have added a 75 -150 blind level to our current structure.

Best of luck to all!

Posted by Lime on 2007-05-01 09:56:09


Super Bowl of Poker III  
Thanks to the 17 players who joined us for this year's tournament. Congratulations to the following top finishers:

1. Dave G.

2. Ross D.

3. Kristen D.

4. Anthony E.

Posted by Lime on 2007-02-18 11:12:10


Current Format  
Here's the format we will be using presently:

5000 in chips, no re-buys or add-ons. Blinds are as follows:

20 minute levels

25 - 25
25 - 50
50 - 100
75 - 150
100 - 200
150 - 300
200 - 400
300 - 600
500 - 1000
1000 - 2000
1500 - 3000
2000 - 4000

Posted by Lime on 2006-08-11 22:26:17


Trip Report  
Hey Loungers,

We spent the last week in MA visiting my family and got in a nice fix of poker action. First, our custom Lime Lounge chips were delivered, copy & paste to check them out:


They got some play on the 4th at my Dad's Bonsai Poker Club regular game. The chips were a big hit, unfortunately we didn't fair as well. I was pretty much card dead all night and made a move with 10-J but ran into pocket Q's making me the 2nd eliminated. Reese had a great start doubling up after her pocket A's held vs. my Uncle's pocket KK's but things took a turn for the worse from there and she was eliminated shortly after I was.

Luckily, things began to look up on Friday night when we hosted the Lime Lounge Invitational at my Dad's. It was a single table tourney that followed our regular format except we added bounties. Reese busted on the bubble in 4th and I managed to bust everyone except Reese collecting a nice purse in bounties and a 1st place finish. We then played a short-handed winner-take-all game that Reese just crushed with a vengeance.

Then for the grand finale we tried our luck at a $60 + $20 tournament at a poker club in NH with our friend Bryant (some of you may know him from the Super Bowl of Poker). It was a six table tourney with around 55 players. We began with $2500 in chips and the blinds started at 25-25 with 20 minute levels. We were each seated at different tables.

At my first table I didn't pick up much and only played one hand with pocket fives which lost to a pair of tens. I was licking my chops though after watching a few hands and seeing the horrible hands people were playing. Then on level 2, I got moved. Boo! As I made my way to my new table, I glanced at the growing chip stacks of both Bryant and Reese. Very nice.

Hand #1 at my new table I pick up pocket K's in middle/late position. The blinds were 25-50 and their were 4 limpers so I made it $350 to go and got called by the big blind. The flop came 5-A-10 rainbow and it was checked to me. I didn't like that Ace too much so I put a feeler bet of $350 and got called. Hmm. Next came a Q, and the BB put out a bet of $1200. After some thought I layed it down and he showed KJ for the straight. Grrr.

Later a player from my first table was moved to eight seat. He raised from UTG to 300 with the blinds at 50-100. It was folded to me and I make the call with 99, the rest fold. The flop comes 5-A-9 with two spades. BINGO! The raiser checks and I move all-in with my last 1200 putting him on the Ace. He calls immediately and shows A-J off. My nines hold up and I rake in about $3200. For the rest of the game I was between a pretty solid player on my right and a loose-aggressive player with a mountain of chips on my left. Yikes, this isn't going to be easy.

I never really had enough chips to splash around but I was able to steal some pots from solid and loosey with pre-flop all-ins when we were in the blinds. Then I took a risk with pocket 10's when I called a short stack all-in from early postion who turned over KK. Eek. Luckily, for me anyway, I spiked a 10 on the flop and sent the K's packing. That juiced me to a little over $7000, still not enough to get in there and mix it up with 300-600 blinds.

The next thing I know, we were down to two tables and people were talking about the best girl player they've seen who was sitting behind a moutain of chips at the other table. Well, well, well...she was pretty sexy too! Bryant busted around 15th and shortly after we were drawing for the final table. I had about $14000 in chips and got stuck between solid and loosey again but now solid was on my left and loosey on my right. Jeesh, can't a guy catch a break. Reese was probably 2nd or 3rd in chips.

Well, not much could change in my strategy given my seating arrangement and blinds at 500-1000. I played pretty tight letting the shorter stacks drop off and we were quickly down to eight, with only fives spots paid.

Reese eventually got into a big pot with some idiot that re-raised all-in after her $4500 raise for only $2800 more. She called with KQ off and he turned over 69 sooted. She was in pretty good shape. The flop came Q-10-J rainbow, the turn a 5, and K on the river gave Reese two-pair to nutso's straight. Brutal beat that left Reese in all-in mode. When we got to 7 we took a break and the table cut a deal where 6 and 7 would get their buy-in back.

After the break, Reese went broke with her Q-9 vs. KK and busted in 7th. I got lucky again when I moved in with A-3 and got called by A-8 and hit a 3 on the flop. Phew. I won another nice pot with a check-raise bluff in a 3-way pot with solid and loosey. Then I made a bad call with KQ and was up against AQ. No help that time but I manged to make it to 4th before busting when my two-pair ran into a full house.

Needless to say we had a great time and can't wait to get some chips splashing in the Lime Lounge this weekend.

Posted by Lime on 2006-07-10 01:36:55


Poker Superstars Info  
Hey all,

Here is some info re: the Poker Superstars. If you would like to join this event please email me.

There will be a total of 7 tournaments each with a buy-in of 20 points. 10 points will be put into the prize pool of that days game (80 points awarded to the top three finishers). The other 10 points will be put into the prize pool for the Championship (640 points awarded to the top three finishers).

Here is the lowdown on the Poker Superstars format:

There will be a total of seven(7) TOURNAMENTS structured into two(2) SERIES and a CHAMPIONSHIP.

Each SERIES will consist of two(2) ROUNDS and a FINAL. A player's finish in ROUND 1 and ROUND 2 of SERIES 1 will determine their starting chips for the FINAL of SERIES 1. The same process is then repeated for SERIES 2.

A player's finish in the FINALS of SERIES 1 and SERIES 2 will then be used to determine their starting chips for the CHAMPIONSHIP.

If you would like to join or have any questions please feel free to email me.

For a more detailed breakdown of this tournament structure please check out the Lime Lounge Message Board at HomePokerTour.com at the following link:


Posted by Lime on 2006-01-11 20:46:01


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