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Bodog Accepting Canadians!  
Bodog is finally accepting Canadian players!

Sign up through Home Poker Tour's link for a 110% bonus, and possibly some kickbacks from HPT too:


This bonus is good for ALL first time Bodog players, Canadian or not!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


Website change  
All new group info is going up on the facebook page instead of the HPT one.

Just look for MIT Micropoker and you should find us on facebook.

Posted by Taki1999 on 2007-06-19 08:45:27


HPT - May News  
For HPT contest and bonus information, check out the May Home Poker Tour newsletter HERE!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-05-01 09:31:01


Tournament #14 Results!  
I think this experiment with the format was a pretty successful one. We had a total of 17 players and 20 more shares got into the pool via rebuys and add-ons.

For a while I was worried that the deepish stacks would prevent us from seeing rebuys and we really didn't see that many until late into the 3rd level. Nearly everyone took the add-on though so the prize pool got large very quickly. Kate got off to an early lead on the black table and the red table seemed mostly subdued except for the occasional Kenzie comment regarding the other bar patrons.

We were able to consolidate a final table with 10 players but the deepish stacks seemed to make the action a bit slower at this point. Alex and I were hoping to get a sidegame going but the timing of the bustouts was just a bit inconvenient. We still had 9 players when they eventually booted us from the bar.

The table looked a little bit like a repeat of last week with Wendy holding a sizable cheap lead on the rest of the table. The big stack was working much better for her this week than last. However, Justin was receiving a bit of poker justice after his horrible beats last week and was closing in on chip stack to rival Wendy's.

The big flurries happened between the 300/600 level and the 500/1000 level. In a rough 3 way hand, James's 66 was no match for Wendy's AK. Marc came along for the ride but he had both players covered. James bubbled out and Marc was severely crippled. Kate had a shortish stack and Wendy and Justin were the big stacks at the table.

Marc couldn't hold up for long and had to mount a defense with a pretty weak connector. He did not improve and was eliminated in 4th. The game had to move out to the mezzanine when the cleaning crew came through and after getting lost a little in the maze, we eventually settled in about 50 feet away from the bar exit.

There were some really great back and forth HU battles between Wendy and Justin and Kate managed to quietly build her chipstack back up during the middle of all of this. Eventually Wendy had to make a move with ATs and ran into Kate's monster KK. AT did not improve. Shortly after Wendy's AQ was not better than Justin's QJ when the 9-K straight hit. In HU action Justin had a huge chip lead and we really only saw one hand when Q6 ran over JT. Justin took down first and Kate took second.

Hands of the week: First one is a squeeable with Kenzie in MP and a smallish stack and I think Wendy was in the BB. Justin opened for a raise with the blind levels at 300/600. When action hits Kenzie, he pushes all-in. Wendy and Justin are the big stacks at this point and both players call. Kenzie's brain takes a little vacation and he happily flips his AQs while forgetting that there is still action in the sidepot. One can almost hear a very muted squee as the flop comes
Q rag rag with 2 hearts
Wendy checks and Justin decides he'll bet the dry sidepot. Wendy folds and we see Justin with 9h 8h and on a draw. The turn card blanks but the river brings a precious heart to knock Kenzie out of the tourney. Justin definitely had a better week than last and seemed to making a pretty good living by making it to the river card.

2nd Hand of the week just because it was a hugish pot and probably the highest ranked hand all night: 5 handed, 400/800 with Kate on the Button and Wendy in the BB. Kate is on the smallish stack and pushes all-in. Wendy is biggish but probably on par with Justin. Wendy makes the call and we see Wendy with AA and Kate with KK. The flop puts the other two K's on board and Wendy is drawing dead since James has folded an A. Table dynamic changed considerably after this and really set Justin and Kate up for their strong finishes.

I think this tourney concludes the season and my tenure as tourney organizer. Based on points, I took the first season and feel ok slinking off into the shadows with my performance this season. Between my upcoming wedding and thesis crunching, my free time will be scarce but that you shouldn't stop you guys from letting me know if you get a game together somewhere :p I leave you in the capable hands of Mr. MacIsaac and Mrs. Stirling.

Tournament Details

Posted by Taki1999 on 2007-04-12 23:03:32


Home Poker Tour - April News  
Check out the latest Home Poker Tour News for your chance to win a set of Nevada Jacks casino quality poker chips, and a seat in the 2007 Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Playboy Mansion!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-04-09 12:59:18


Tournament #13 Results!  
So our first tourney with this crazy format was a pretty exciting one. We had 14 entrants, 12 Rebuys and 12 Add-ons for a total of 38 shares. Kenzie and Bennett returned to us after taking a short break from the game. We welcomed Justin S to the group as well. In terms of old business, I managed to settle up from last week by handing the $30 I owed to Sean over to Kate.

Justin's introduction to MIT Micropoker was a bit of a harsh one as he kept getting his money in with the best hand and losing. Twice he flopped top set and ran into horrendous suckout. To cap his evening, he ran AA vs KK and saw the runner runner flush take him out. If he wasn't too weirded out by the lobe stroking James was applying to Kenzie, I think we'll see Justin back to get revenge on the players who out-donkeyed him.

Sebastian jumped out to an early chip lead on the red table and the player to beat on the black table was definitely Wendy. There appeared to be an inordinate number of large pocket pairs being doled out on the evening. Wendy was the beneficiary of these quite often catching AA twice in a row and then KK shortly after. On the red table, we had Kenzie hit AA UTG after being needled by the whole table for not playing hands. On the very next hand Justin got the rockets and Bennett had the K's. Earlier I ran an AA vs Marc when he made an ill-advised move with top pair weak kicker on a fairly non-scary board.

Even with the juiced prize pool, I decided to only pay out 4 places since the opportunity to present a Benjamin as first place was too good to pass up. Leia bubbled out, leaving Sebastian, Wendy, myself, and Kate vying for Mr. Franklin. Wendy was still holding onto a fairly significant chip lead at this point and Sebastian was in 2nd. Kate had a good grip on 3rd and I was on life support. With a lot more chips on the table, I didn't actually have to enter into my super-easy to read push-bot style as much as I think people expected me too. With a few isolation plays from the BB and a very few 4BB raises, I was keeping my head above water until I caught a 99 in the BB. Sebastian popped me with two overs and I had to push with the coin flip. I win this coin flip and move into 3rd place in chips.

A few hands later, I'm in the BB and Wendy limps from the button. I flop two pair and bet out for a little. Wendy repops me large and I have an easy push. Wendy decides that I'm making a move and calls me with an underpair (33). Wendy has now moved down to 3rd place in chips.

The next big confrontation is a coinflip between Kate and Wendy. Kate wins and Wendy is left with 100 chips. Sebastian makes top pair to knock Wendy out.

With Kate on the short stack, my plan is to coast into 2nd and offer Sebastian a slightly -EV chop so that he can run off and catch the show in Allston that he wants to get to. However, it was not meant to be and I bust out in 3rd place. Kate goes completely card-dead in HU action and finishes 2nd. Congrats to Sebastian for taking down the tourney.

Hand of the Week:
There's a few absolutely brilliant ones from Wendy in the sidegame but I'll stick to my bustout hand in the tourney. Blind level is 400/800 and I've got 16,700 chips. The tourney is 3 handed and I've probably got twice as many chips as Kate in the SB but Sebastian still has me well covered. I'm trying to fold my way into second as mentioned above but I look down and see Kc Kd so I know I have to play. I raise to 3K expecting to take down the blinds and continue my foldaway strategy. Kate folds and Sebastian calls.

Flop: Qs 7s 3s
A bit coordinated for my tastes but I'm still thinking about taking the pot down and moving on. Sebastian bets out for 3K and push for my remaining stack. I figure with my bet, I may fold weak made flushes and I don't mind getting called with any of the underpair hands. Sebastian thinks briefly but has to make the call because he's holding Ks Qd for top pair and the 2nd nut redraw.

Turn card blanks but the river is the 6s and I'm out of the tourney in 3rd place.

I got to the sidegame a bit late but it apparently wasn't more exciting than Guitar Hero which drew away Kenzie and Leia. I think we now have a hard cap of midnight on the sidegame since the cleaning crew is less tolerant of us than they used to be.

Anyhow, I think it was a great week and if anyone has any suggestions regarding the format, let me know.

Tournament Details

Posted by Taki1999 on 2007-04-06 08:31:18


Tournament #12 Results!  
Last night was a bit weird on many levels. We did get 17 players on two tables and 14 rebuys were taken. Yeuhi was the big reguy for the evening with 4 rebuys.

Action was fast and furious at the red table early thanks to Yeuhi's early juicing of the chip pool. The black table had their own version of tension and drama but I think it played out pretty quickly. I got off to a good start early by doubling up with the nut straight on one hand and forcing Wendy out of a couple of pots with a 4x reraise.

My early chip lead was not meant to be though and I ended up trying the forceout move again vs. Leia and she managed to runner her flush on the end. I then got involved with 55 vs. Sean's 66 and didn't improve. Finally I got stuck with A2 of clubs in the big blind with me holding 5BB. Wendy pushed from the SB and I decided I'd hope to flip and get lucky since we was around as short as I was at the time. I was crushed by her AK but I don't mind going out with my weak aces.

The final table was consolidated with 9 players. Kate was our bubble finisher and Sean, James, Elliot, Wendy and Jon T were fighing for the big money spots. James was popped out in 5th and Wendy made it to 4th. Sean had the dominating chip lead early but when it got 3-handed, things looked pretty even. Elliot says he made a few bad moves and thus finished out in 3rd. In HU action, Jon made a big play with bottom pair and was called with top to end the tourney.

Hand of the Week: My early exit kept me from seeing what were probably much better candidates. For me, the critical hand was my top pair vs. Leia's runner flush but my performance was clearly insignificant. James on the other hand probably had one of the more dramatic plays when he pushed with 88 and was called by Elliot's 99. It's then the best feeling in the world when James spikes his 8 on the flop and thinks the hand is won. Elliot nails the 9 on the turn though and the case 8 doesn't save James from elimination.

The sidegame was ok but the bartender decided he wanted to kick everyone out a bit early. The folk music was very mellow and I kind of feel bad that we basically took over his venue.

Also, I think I drank a little too much and couldn't count. I shorted Sean about $30 which I'll try to get back to him as conveniently as possible.

Tournament Details

Posted by Taki1999 on 2007-03-30 09:20:26


Tournament #11 Results!  
So we basically had a huge crowd today and had 20 players. 15 rebuys were taken so we had the largest prize pool that we've seen in quite a while. A bunch of new folks came into the game as well. Welcome to Jared, John R, John P, JK, David, Shang and Alex A.

Red table was the heavy action table tonight with most of the rebuys happening early and often. John P was doing his part on the black table to keep lots of chips in play. It was a loud and exciting time.

Usually new players do quite well in our tourneys but this time out we unceremoniously knocked out David, JK, Shang, John R and Jared early. To be fair, Shang actually departed early while leaving a fairly sizeable chipstack on the table.

Marc has resumed his status as the bubble boy in our tourneys. He plays a a great game but has been on the outside looking in for a lot of our tournaments.

With 35 shares in the pot and the top 5 places paying, it was Leia, myself, John P, Elliot, and Chris H. Once Chris gets past that 8:15pm mark, he's a force to be reckoned with. Leia was on the short stack and ran into a few big hands vs. John P. She finished out in 5th place. John P had a few of his own confrontations with both Chris and Elliot and was knocked out in 4th. Elliot was hitting all sorts of straights on the turn and rivers and managed to get Chris out in 3rd place.

HU action between me and Elliot started with Elliot holding a commanding chip lead. I meekly asked for the chop but was denied. We play a few sane hands of HU poker before I realize that I'm so short that I need to make some huge moves. I go into all-in push-bot mode and before I know it, I've come back to even with Elliot when they're kicking us out of the pub.

We swing back and forth for a while and eventually I manage to get all of my chips in while I'm clearly dominated with my AQ vs his AK. The board comes with all clubs to give me the nut flush and the storybook come-from-behind victory was pretty much complete.

Hand of the week: Crazy action when HU and I have about 1/4 as many chips as Elliot. I'm in the BB with 8s 7c. Elliot limps and is expecting me to push all-in since I've made moves the last 3-4 blinds in an effort to double up. This time I elect to see a flop.

Flop: Jc 10c 9s
I check and know Elliot is going to stab. He bets 2000 and I push all in. He calls and flips QT for the OESD and middle pair. I flip my made straight and start praying that he bricks the turn and river.

Turn is a blank and so is the river. The chip stacks get back to even and with only slight tuning of my luckbox, I'm able to ride this momentum swing all the way to the tourney win.

My performance in the tourney made me quite late for the sidegame but the whole sidegame can probably be summed up in a single phrase: JK is the man! After taking $1 from Jon, JK turned it into well over $30 and basically ran over the entire table. We kept playing until the cleaning crew basically kicked us out.

Probably try and do it all over again on Thursday but I'm not sure if the R&D will be open. They like to close pretty much whenever they feel like it and it really is supposed to be spring break.

Tournament Details

Posted by Taki1999 on 2007-03-23 00:37:10


Tournament #10 Results!  
We ended up with 12 players on 2 tables tonight. The action table was the red table and we saw Kenzie take a few rebuys very early on. Altogether we had 14 rebuys for 26 shares in the prize pool.

Marc was the early leader on the red table and after Jon lost a stack to Yeuhi's straight flush, Jon became the table leader of the black table. Dan J was our first player knocked out but he probably benefitted from being able to watch the exciting ballgames in their entirety. Chris became our reguy for the evening after suffering a few horrendous beats at the hands of Kenzie.

Despite the early chip lead, Jon doubled up Yeuhi twice and finished on the bubble. Yeuhi, Kenzie, Elliot, and Paul were left to fight for the prize. Paul was the first to go and then 3-way action took an eternity before Kenzie was bumped out. HU was also a bit of a marathon and eventually Elliot was able to take it down over Yeuhi.

Hand of the Week: It should be the straight flush but I wasn't there to watch that one. I should probably write something about Kenzie's A6 > Chris's KK or Kenzie's KQ > Chris's AK. Instead I'll write about the one had that had absolutely nothing bizarre happen except for a questionable move by our beloved Mr. MacIsaac. Blinds are at 50/100 and Chris is short stacking it with about 350. Kenzie has me covered and I'm sitting on around 2200 or so.

Chris is in the BB and I'm directly on Kenzie's left in MP. Kenzie makes it 300 to go in what I think is a blatant attempt to get Chris all-in and gambling. I look down and find 77 so I call to give us the best chance of stacking Chris. Action folds to Chris who dumps his last 50 in as well. Kenzie realizes that the 50 doesn't reopen the betting and makes a comment that he can't raise.

Flop A 7 8 rainbowish with Chris all-in.
Kenzie puts in a bet of 600 into the dry sidepot. I know I really should fold here but I think my set of 7's is pretty good. I push all-in knowing that Kenzie is pot committed and probably wasn't bluffing with the other player all-in.

I show my set and Kenzie flips AQ. Chris is holding a KJ. Turn and river blank and I get lots of chips. Best hand preflop is still the best hand at the river but thanks to the maniac on my right, the pot got a whole lot bigger than it had to.

Sidegame was handled by James to get things started. Lots of good action. I arrived a bit late so I wasn't sure how everyone was flowing. I did ok in O8 and hit a few good ones in TD2-7. Anaconda bit me pretty hard though. Looked like James and Marc were the donators on the evening.

Tournament Details

Posted by Taki1999 on 2007-03-15 22:18:24


Tournament #9 Results!  
A much quieter crowd with Wendy off in Vegas, Elliot out in AC, Gill and Hoag out in Key West, and Kate swamped with work. We did manage to get 8 players to the table. Bennett was conspicuously absent so I may start looking into sending the goons out to collect my money.

With a lot of our action players out of the game this week, James and I decided to juice the prizepool a little bit. James took 3 rebuys and I took 2. Roger, Leia, and Yeuhi also took rebuys.

Pocket 9's was a fun hand for the evening as Marc took down a huge pot early with it only to have to give most of it back to Yeuhi a few hands later when Yeuhi held the 9's. We saw a lot of skillfully played low pocket pairs and a few not so skillfully played. I nearly got Yeuhi to fold the top full house with my pocket 5's but instead of turbo-mucking, he flipped his cards over so that the table could let him know that J's full of 3's beats 5's full of 3's.

We paid out 3 places and Kenzie was our bubble boy this week. The snow starting to go away so it looks like it's going to be lots and lots of tree bark. Alex made it to a 3rd place finish and I had a commanding chip lead over Roger. Eventually it came down to my A vs. Roger's K. No improvement for either of us and I take down the tourney.

Hand of the week: It's later in the tourney with Kenzie on the short stack. I've got a pretty good sized stack but Alex has me covered. I'm in the SB, Alex in the BB and Kenzie pushes UTG. Roger fold and I look down to see Brokeback Mountain(2 beautiful cowboys). I smooth call hoping that Alex will throw more money into the pot. Alex repops over the top and I figure I have to call.

Kenzie's got a K7, and Alex has 55.
No drama on this board as everybody bricks. I get all of Kenzie's money . . . and a fair chunk of Alex's as well. This sets me up to bully Alex out of the tourney and crush Roger under my gigantic chipstack.

Sidegame action was pretty brief for me. James got out when the game switched to Pineapple and I didn't get anywhere near a good Hold'em hand. Kenzie and I did chop a nifty O8 hand where we both had nut low.

Sidegame banter was as it usually is but there was some interesting discussion about finding companions for Marc, Kenzie and James. Once a little bit more information becomes available, we may have to start a pool. Start thinking about picking a horse.

Posted by Taki1999 on 2007-03-09 09:35:18


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