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Austin Poker Alliance & Club
Austin Poker Alliance & Club
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PLEASE ARRIVE 20 Minutes BEFORE game time.
The Directors would like to play also. We only make $ if we make it into the $. For the directors to sacrifice their play because you arrive late is unfair.

FOLLOW these DIRECTIONS to register for an account on HPT.
Join us online by registering at
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Once you get your login info, click “Poker Leagues”
On the top margin.
On the next page search in “AUSTIN TX”
Find the Austin Poker Alliance & Club
Simply request membership and
You are on your way to the tables.

The $5 OPTIONAL membership is exactly that -OPTIONAL.
You DO NOT have to pay that. Of course we highly encourage your participation as we are then able to buy additional supplies for game play.

FYI, when you view the payouts, you may notice that the payout amounts are sometimes higher or lower than the amount you received.
HPT automatically deducts the buy in amount noted for that game. If there is a game that has a "Add on" that amount is NOT associated with a particular player. In order for us to have that "add on" amount associated to a player, we would need to take a 20-30 minute break after level 4 and input that amount under each player.
We simply add up the add on total amount and input it as a house contribution.
If you ever have any question, just ask us. All equipment that we purchase is YOURS to use at no cost, so let us know if we can help you.

Posted by AhrimanGate on 2017-03-05 10:29:42


Please login to HPT to view and register. If you are not registered on HPT, please do so and request membership to the Austin Poker Alliance club in Austin Tx. If you have any questions, call me at 512-919-9PPA.
Single game optional membership $5 Multigame optional membership (monthly) $15

16 December

22 December

29 December

We are Texas Statute LEGAL.


All games from 2007 through 2013 can be found by clicking HERE

Founded: 7 October 2007

Poker Tournament Directors Association 2015 Rules dtd: 20 August 2015 (Modified).

The APA also uses the
Tournament Director Program for management of each game.

Season 2 2017

Effective: 1 January 2018 (PROPOSED)

Austin Poker Alliance (APA) ByLaws

1. BUY-IN: Buy in(s) will be as designated for each event under the "events" tab on the right column. A optional membership donation of either $5 per game, or $20 per month (unless otherwise noted) is recommended on top of the event buy in. Players may pre-purchase a seat and arrive late, but will be auto-blinded until they seat the game unless the event is a Rebuy event (can buy in until first break). Players whom pre-paid will be removed at first break if they are not seated. A player can buy-in and Add-on at the break.If a player clearly states he must leave the game and will not return, his chips will be removed from play and placed back into house custody.

2. SERIES: Each Series will consist of 24 games, to be played on the designated day, at one of three homes, or the designated location, over the series term.

3. ELIGIBILITY: All players must be 21yrs old and physically able to endure the stress of long term play. All persons 21 yrs old or older are eligible to play in the APA regardless of race, creed or any other affiliation. In order to comply with the Texas Gambling Law… “except for the advantage of skill or luck, the risk of losing and the chances of winning were the same for all participants”.

4. POINT STRUCTURE: Reserved future use.

5. LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP: All players are eligible to play in the LCF. Specific series criteria may apply.

6. LEAGUE WILD CARD GAME: Reserved for future potential use.

7. A.P.A REGIONAL SEATING: Reserved for future potential use.

8. A.P.A ENTRY TICKET: Reserved for future potential use.

9. POINT DISCREPENCIES: If (4) is used. A player has until the beginning of the following league game to ask for a re-evaluation of points awarded. Once the following game begins, if no objections have been raised, the prior games points are considered official and will not be adjusted. In the case were it is evident that a legitimate accounting error has occurred by the upload of points, the director/asst director will encode the proper points and send an immediate email to all members of the league.

10. SUBSTANCE USE: Use of alcohol at APA league games is highly discouraged for many reason. Primarily, safety to the surrounding community is of the utmost importance. Secondarily, sound and accurate play is reduced when consumption is occurring. Illegal drugs & narcotics is strictly forbidden. Use/possession of the items on the premises is grounds for permanent removal from the league in addition to citizens arrest pending police intercession.

11. CONDUCT: The A.P.A is to be considered a organization that has been developed in order that fun and fairness is ensured. Although personalities vary, one should never allow poor play or a bad-beat to over-ride a professional attitude. Many leagues are short-lived due to personality conflicts. These typically occur in subsequent games were a player had a bad beat the game before. It behooves each player to come to each game forgetting about the past and prepared to win in the present. Stay positive and don’t steel other peoples enjoyment.

12. DESCISION MAKING: Tournament Director Association Rules apply in all circumstances
Poker Tournament Directors Association 2015 Rules 20 August 2015 . When an agreement cannot be made, time will stop and the rules will be consulted. The APA Director or Assistant Director will make the call based on the TDA rules (always on hand). In the case were rules are not covered e.g. personality disruption, the Senior Director will determine the proper recourse. Once a director has made a decision to remove or bar an individual from play, a secret ballot will be administered were 2/3rd majority must approve barring the player, or /and/ over-ride the original decision. Re-instate also requires 2/3rd vote.

13. LEAGUE MEMBERSHIP FEE: Annually, based on the calendar year, a APA league membership is offered to all players. Membership fees are: Monthly=$20.00, per game= $5.00 All proceeds from the membership fee go towards equipment and supplies for the league. The decision on what to add to the league may be by majority vote or at the discretion of the Board of Directors. In the rare case of an emergency, an additional membership fee may be offered to replace a broken or destroyed piece of equipment.

14. MAKE-UP GAMES: On occasion, a game may have to be postponed. The directors attempt to allow ample time for make-up games through-out the year. In some rare cases, the game may not be made up on the normal playing day for that series. When this occurs, the directors will schedule the make-up game on a day far enough in advance for all players to react.

15. SEMI-ANNUAL TOURNAMENTS: The APA conducts either 4 quarterly or 2 Semi-Annual tournaments. These tournaments vary in structure and are a great venue by which new players can see how we conduct our league play. These tournaments are out-side of the League structure and no points are awarded.

16. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The APA Board will consist of no more than 5 members and no less than 3 members at any time. A 2/3rds majority vote must be obtained for any changes to these By-Laws. (2/3, 3/4, 4/5).

In general our payout structure is 1 for every 6 players. We try to ensure that once you are in the money, you get make a little more that you invested. We try to follow this scale http://www.pokerworld.com/poker-tournaments/tournaments-payout.asp
SCHEDULE ’17 in force
Board Members Tim Kelly (ahrimangate), John Green (green01), Andrew Lawrence (whales4ever), Joe Payton (payton) and Jon Sprinkle (lucksux)
Tim can be reached at (512)919-9PPA

TDA RULES can be found here: TDA RULES ONLINE
View proper dealing on facebook here: Our Video on Facebook

Posted by AhrimanGate on 2016-03-17 17:41:56


Do you want to advertise here for $100/month for a minimum of 3 months? If not, don't bother contacting HPT about advertising. Have a nice day!

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