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Tourney Overview  
Official tournament report with commentary notes by Matt Rittle:

------Come to the website to chat up the tourney------

15 - Pack - Tough day for Pack - getting money in ahead and getting outdrawn - not his day

14 - Raul - classic set vs. overpair in a big pot - tough spot

13 - Juan - I wasn't at his table, but he told me it sucked.

12 - Mike - A couple pretty bad spots I gather - I wasn't there but even the avid player he is was shaking his head pretty vigorously. Heard some rumors of a couple different flushes running into full houses.

11 - Derek - Great start - then he didn't hit too much for a long time and got whittled down to shortstack. Finally all-in with his KK against another short stacks A6s of clubs. Flop? One ace, two clubs. Ouch. Good hand to go out with Derek.

10 - Rob - Heard he played very solidly and had some run-ins. Was chip leader for a while. A good showing. (Ran into quads even?)

9 - Tom - Tough day for Tom. Think he only really hit two or three 'good' hands - got flushed in his last hand and felt pot committed. Tough spot.

FINAL TABLE (chip counts given are approximate as given from memory)
Panzy - 12,000ish
Jeff - 12,000ish
Allie - 13,500ish
Steve - 2,000ish
Jessiey - 1,200ish
Matt - 14,500ish
Kevin - I don't remember.. 2,500 or so I think???

8 - Steve - Played with Steve the whole day. Every hand he showed down was GREAT, but usually lost. He definitely put himself in spots to win good pots - but the cards didn't go his way. Nice finish in 8th considering his Negraneau like day.

7 - Jessiey - Pretty card dead the whole tourney. Every time she had a good hand - she ran into a better hand or a great draw that hit. To cap her day she ends up with top two pair and loses to trips. Thats how her day went. Nice job outlasting more than half the field Sassafrass with no cards to be had!


6 - Panzy - Good day for Matt. Picked the wrong hand to re-steal. (I had recently started raising 1/3 - 1/2 of pots.) His play easily could have worked and the added table image and
chips to his stack would've done him very well - but the timing was a hand off leaving Matt with a nice 6th place finish.

In the Money


5 - Ron - Congrats Ron on making the money! Didn't see you at your first table, but I couldn't be prouder of your final table play. Ron picked a goal - lasting and making the money - and stuck to it. He didn't really have the chipstack to get blinded down to do that, so he picked a couple spots to win a pot here and there along the way to make it possible. In the money with a
decent hand 5 handed he pushed back against the table aggresor (me, now raising more hands than not). I was lucky to again have a hand on the push - back. We coin flipped for Ron's tournament life. 10 10 (me) vs. A J (Ron). He had been playing tight and had enough chips to get me to fold a trash hand, plus if he wins the coin flip he might have coasted into 3rd or better. Good job Ronnie. Nice thing about Ron's 5th place finish is that this tourney was his a Christmas
present for him, so rather than the $20 being half his money back - $20 is a profit. A day off - a day playing poker - a day with the guys - a day leaving with more money than you came with.
Nice day Ronnie. Congrats. ... but you're still a fat bastad.

Chip counts going into the final four:
Allie 13,600
Jeff 11,000
Kevin 1,875
Matt 33,000

4 - Kevin - Kevin had been nursing a smallish stack for QUITE a while. (Basically since the first table.) He had picked a couple spots and doubled up a couple times, but his attempts to play
non-short stack poker didn't go his way. Good hands vs. Better hands stuff. Back to short stack Kevin kept nursing and nursing. Unfortunately for Kevin he had the big-stack/blind stealer
immediately to his left. I was proud of him that adjusted well. (Folding his small blind every time..As opposed to calling and then folding to the certain raise, or raising and folding to the
probable re-raise.) Somewhat card dead (at least as far short stack cards go) Kevin did great. When he finally pushed all in out of position I knew he had a good hand. I easily folded my crap, but one limper called. Ally. I figured it was pair vs. pair, but I wasn't sure who to be nervous for. Ally ended up on top with JJ vs Kevin's 10 10. Good Game Kevin.

3 - Allie - I had been raising 95% of hands for quite a while now with any two cards. Since the price of poker was so high just to see a flop, and Allie hadn't had much to play with...She had
been blinded quite a bit - hoping to outlast someone or go on a card rush, neither seemed to happen for her. She got low and doubled up a couple ifferent times. Finally, getting pretty low
- she finds a rare unraised pot and a suited ace in the small blind. A pretty clear all-in for her three-handed, she gets called by the big blind (Jeff) who has A J. Wow. That sucks. AJ high wins it and Ally is in 3rd place. I've never seen anyone in our group play so solid or tight as Ally did at the final table. She was limping in with AKs and highish-mid pairs and checking AQ in the big blind. Tough to play against as her strong hands were pretty well disguised in strength. I had to make several pretty solid laydowns to her before getting pot-involved...Folded top pair to her probably about half a dozen times - even had to fold a flopped top and bottom pair once to her flopped straight. Had quads twice? Nice. Allie outlasted 12 people, played 8 hours and 15 minutes worth of poker and netted a $70 profit. Nice. Great tourney Allie.

Heads - UP
Matt: 45,500
Jeff: 14,500

The funny thing about my chip stack was that BETWEEN my final four chip count 33,000 and my heads up chip count of 45,000 --- I dipped down as low as 11,000 for a while and Jeff had all my chips. (We had an all-in battle that I lost.) I was nervous as he had the chips to call my raises and bets with and he doing so. I was thankful to hit a couple good hands in the process and build back up. Once built back up, blind stealing did most of the rest. Since four handed, Jeff's chip stack was as high 28,000 and as low as 8,000. A 4:1 chip lead going into heads up is
always nice - but if I knew that if Jeff doubles up once, its even. I was a little nervous for myself since I was very aware of this fact. A little bit in - the chip stacks looked like this:

Matt: 49,300
Jeff: 10,700

Jeff went all-in from on the button. I looked down at a pretty mediocre hand - 10 7 s and started thinking... Jeff wouldn't be all-in here with big pair here. He would've called, let me
pot-commit myself by raising...He's been playing pretty solid though - and it felt like a decent all-in. So I figure his most likely hand is a bad ace. Maybe a mid pair or a QJ type hand...but
bad ace was my best guess for him. I hope to have two live cards and 10 7 s does have some remote possiblities for straights/flushes if I'm wrong about his hand. Next, I do the math on the hand. Once I realize that I'd still have a 2:1 chip lead if I lose - I make the call nervously.

Jeff: A 6 o
Matt: 10 7 s

Flop: KQJ rainbow

...getting more nervous...

Turn: ACE

2nd - Jeff - I played poker with Jeff for 9 hours that day never more than two seats away from me. Honestly - I've never seen Jeff play better than he did that day. I watched him trap several people for all their money. (check/call flop, check-raise all in turn after they're pot-committed.) A couple people foldedreluctantly, recognizing the slow-play...but not until after he slowplayed a large portion of their chips off. Another he busted with the play. For an hour or more at the first table I think he was literally the only player with more than $4000 in chips. Wow. He played solidly - mixed it up well - hit some timely hands - adjusted to the changing dynamics of the tables well...Jeff played great and fully deserves the $170 for second place. Jeff seemed to have his sights set on the final stages of the tourney from the start. He never faultered from his goal - building up good chip stacks himself on several occassions anytime his chip count dwindled. Great job Jeff. Great game. First big tourney right? Top your
2nd place finish in the next one? ;-) Great tourney Jeff.

1st - Matt - I had a blast today. Hung out with friends from 1:30ish to it just for the experiece. I was generally happy with the way I played. (I really only tilted/steamed one hand...and theres only one other hand I think I grossly misplayed. Thankfully I won both of these hands.) I hit a couple fortunate/timely hands - even flopping to 9 2 once. I put in several pretty serious (semi) bluffs in the tourney - and had some fortunate laydowns. I made
some good laydowns, and think I was right most of the time...I folded top pair probably at least ten times or more...folded two pair (including the top pair) several times as well...folded some good hands pre-flop, and not always because I thought I was beat. Its not so much that I was never in a tough spot as much as that I managed to recognize the tough spots and get away from them. Though thankfully I was never in one of those REALLY tough spots that I would've been unable to get away from...I'm happy with how I played, and I got a good result...but poker isn't about results. Its about the decisions you make, and by that guideline - I think a LOT of people have a LOT to be happy about in this tourney. I'm proud of everyone. Great tourney guys!

Whens the next one?

A big thanks goes out to Packman for dealing the ENTIRE final table. Thanks man. That was awesome.

Overall Tourney notes:
$40 buy=in
40 minute blinds
4000 starting chips
15 people
Pool of $600
$60,000 of chips in play

Start time: 2:15
End time: 12:15
Breaks: about an hour total
Total running time: 10 hours, 9 hours of poker

Best hands: Quads. Three times. Wow.
Most interesting tourney notes:
First table seating: (From right to left) Lionel, Jeff, Kevin
Final Four seating: (From right to left) Jeff, Kevin, Lionel
15 players. Five guests - 10 from Nemesis Poker. Final 9 - 100% Nemesis Poker people. Only one not there is Pack, who played great and got unlucky.

Whens the next one?

Posted by Lionel on 2005-11-29 10:36:08
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