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Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


Read me, deatils regarding new league season  
Ok, so I'm thinking to keep track of wins/losses on this page here. Whenever I have a game at my place, dump everyones results into here, and let it assign us points and see how it ranks.

It'll just sorta be an added contest (aside from the money) that will make things a little bit of fun. A bit of extra competition if you will.

I'd certainly encourage all attending players to visit the site and register a login so they can comment on games, and follow the numbers as well.

I'm not sure how the points are gonna get distributed. Or if we should have a playoff structure. There's a few ways we could do it, depending how people feel.

Here is my thoughts, but we'll have to discuss it amongst everyone and take it from there.

Something like taking %15 of each season game and putting it aside for a "finals grand prize". Say we play 10 games in a season (I can assign any number of games we want) and each of those games is a 10 dollar buy in. That's $100 per game (assuming ten players). Take 15 percent of that, and put it aside (fifteen dollars) and give out the remaining 85 dollars to the winners of that evening. After ten games like this we'd have $150 in the finals pot. At the end of the ten games the 6 players with the highest ranking would play the "final table" for the 150 accumulated through the season. We could have each of them buy in for something as well, say they each kick in 20 that night. So now our total grand prize is 270 dollars split a few ways. All the numbers could of course be adjusted however people see fit, but we'd have to come to a concrete agreement before the season begins.

Points also could be handed out however we see fit..... could be 1000 for a first place finish, 900 for a second, 800 for a third, etc, all the way down to 100 points for last place, who gets 100 simply for coming out and playing, while someone who doesn't play at all (but is in the league) would get zero points that night. This way a player who attends most nights and places middle of the pack frequently will have more points than someone who shows up once, wins, and then doesn't come out anymore. It rewards players who make an effort to participate (and are feeding more into the mega-pot) more often.

I would not be "raking" any of the money. 100% of the extra money each week would be going toward the final prize pot.

I'm curious to hear what people think about this. Please keep in mind that all the numbers above are just rough numbers pulled out of nowhere. I'm gonna play around and see how to make the numbers fall nicely. I'd like a big prize at the end of the season. But at the same time I don't wanna pull too much out of the nitely prizes. The obvious answer is to play more nights in a season so the prize has more time to build.

I think ideally we'd have more than 10 people signed up and participating as often people won't be able to attend all games. If we had 12 or 14 players, I think that'd be about right. The first 10 to RSVP would simply be the players who play on any particular night (in cases where everyone is available).

I'll post some other possible number combinations once I've goofed with some numbers a bit.

Comments? Questions? Ideas?

Posted by Thezen on 2007-08-03 10:20:25
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Do you want to advertise here for $100/month for a minimum of 3 months? If not, don't bother contacting HPT about advertising. Have a nice day!

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