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Bodog Accepting Canadians!  
Bodog is finally accepting Canadian players!

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This bonus is good for ALL first time Bodog players, Canadian or not!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


Season 4 Details  
For season 4 details, visit www.sspc1.blogspot.com

Posted by ky70 on 2007-10-03 15:25:52


Season #3 Final Results  
Well it's all over. Some how, some way, Mark was able to hold off some hungry folk and claim 1st place and the Season title. He outlasted the "Drunken Shaolin Munk" (If you were there you know what I'm talking about) aka Derrick to take first place. Derrick had to settle for 2nd place and Chet was able to hold on for 3rd place by staying ahead of Reggie by a skimpy 8 total points (less than 1% difference in between there total points).

The total Season end pot ending up being $660 and was paid to top 3 spots.

$376 for 1st place (57%)
$185 for 2nd place (28%)
$99 for 3rd place (15%)

Season 4 details:
Based on everyone's comments, we will begin season 4 begins on September 8th and all league nights that follow will be the 1st Saturday of each month. On September 8th we can talk about what new games (limit hold em, omaha), if any, people might want to play for 1 or 2 league nights to change it up.

We are moving to another website to host our league. I have everyone's e-mail so be on the lookout for an email from the new site within the next week.


Posted by ky70 on 2007-08-23 10:45:27


Results Posted/Season 3 update  
Count down!!!

The league pot is currently at $570 and there is just 1 night/2 games left. With this being the last night for Season 3, we're trying to find a date that everyone can make. Let me know if you can make it on Saturday, August 18th!!!

With only 1 league night left Mark has sole possesion of 1st place. Chet jumped up a couple of spots and is smiling in 2nd place. Last month 826 points was good enough for a share of 1st place but this month it has DMello in 3rd place...but don't let the smooth taste fool ya as he would be in 2nd place if his game played average was included in place of the 2 games he just missed (which I know he'll be replacing). Of course we got a few players sitting outside of the top 3 that need to put in a little work to break through. Remember to look at the total score for your correct points based on your best 8 results (the average score figure is inaccurate because it contains all of your results).

Posted by ky70 on 2007-07-20 15:03:51


Season 3 Details  
Details for the upcoming season:

•Season length – Season will be 14 games long and league night will be the 1st Saturday of the month for February, March, May & June and the 2nd Saturday of the month for April, July & August. We will play 2 tournaments each league night; resulting in a 7 month season. Here is the season 3 schedule:

Feb 3rd - Tourney 1 and 2
Mar 3rd - Tourney 3 and 4
Apr 14th - (2nd Saturday of the month) Tourney 5 and 6
May 5th - Tourney 7 and 8
June 2nd - Tourney 9 and 10
July 14th (2nd Saturday of the month) - Tourney 11 and 12
August 11th (2nd Saturday of the month) - Tourney 13 and 14

•Game – All games will be No Limit Hold ‘em freeze out tournaments.

•Buyin – A $5 league “fee” from each player’s buyin from each tourney game will be collected and will go towards the season-end payout. There will be 2 options for buy-ins this season and players can choose whichever buyin they prefer.

o Pot 1 buyin:
$30 buyin ($25 + $5) and all entrants will be eligible to participate in the payout of Pot 1 which will be calculated based on $25 per entrant and paid out to those players that finish “in the money”.

o Pot 2 buyin:
$50 buyin ($45 + $5) and these entrants are eligible to participate in the Pot 1 payout (if they finish “in the money”) and are also eligible to participate in the Pot 2 payout which will be based on the additional buyin of $20 per Pot 2 entrant. If more than 1 player from Pot 2 finishes in the money, Pot 2 will be distributed based on the payout schedule percentages...but if 1 or none of the Pot 2 entrants finish in the money, all of Pot 2 will be awarded to the highest finishing Pot 2 participant.

•Game Payout Schedule:
o 6-9 players = 67% for 1st and 33% for 2nd.
o 10-14 players = 57% for 1st, 28% for 2nd and 15% for 3rd.
o 15-20 players = 51% for 1st, 25% for 2nd, 14% for 3rd and 10% for 4th.

o Pot 2 payout will be calculated using above percentages for the number of Pot 2 entrants that finish in the money. In a 8 player game (for example), if two Pot 2 entrants finish in the money, the higher finishing player would receive 67% of Pot 2 and other player would receive 33% of Pot 2

o All of Pot 2 will be awarded to the highest finishing Pot 2 entrant if only 1 or no Pot 2 entrants finish in the money.

•Missed Games Replacement
o Any player who missed any games will be allowed to replace those missed games by applying their game's played average to a missed game. So a player would be able to use their average score based on actual games played to replace a missed game.

o Missed games can be replaced on a 1 to 1 ratio. A player would be allowed to replace 1 missed game for each current/upcoming game played. Although the missed games will be replaced using a player's actual game's played average score, a player must play a current game to replace a past game. For example, if a player who has multiple missed games playes in both tournament games at the next league night, that player would be allowed to replace 2 previously missed games with their actual game's played average score.

o If you choose to replace a previously missed game, the $5 league fee for that game would be required and due before the start of the current game. A player will not be allowed to replace a missed game without paying the league fee for that missed game. Players choosing to replace missed games are required to do so at the very next league game they attend. This is so a player can not wait to see how good/bad their average will be down the line and then decide to replace a missed game.

•Late Players
Players that do not RSVP before the current game starts will not be able to join the current game late. Seats will be assigned and chips will be on the table for all players that RSVPd before the current game begins. Late players (that RSVPd) have until the end of the 1st break that follows round 3 (apprx 1 hour) to arrive in time to participate in the current game. Players will be blinded out until they arrive. At the start of round 4, chips will be removed from the table for any player that has not arrived.

Late arriving players' current game points/finishing position will be lowered by 1 position for every player that busted out before a late player joined the game. For example, if late player finishes in 1st place but a player busted out before the late player joined the game, late player would be awarded 2nd place points. This will not have any affect on the payout.

•Season-end Payout – ALL/100% of league fees collected over the course of the season will be paid to the top 3 finishing players for the season (League organizer does not get paid a fee). The payout will be as follows:
1st = 57%
2nd = 28%
3rd = 15%

•Season Scoring – Each player’s final points (total and average) will be based on a player's best 8 results (out of the possible 14 tournaments). This allows players to exclude bad results from their final points. Since we decided to allow players to replace missed games, a player must play in 7 actual games to qualify for the season-end payout. Players will be ranked based on the highest total score and average. Your scoring for each tourney game will be calculated based on 3 factors:
1) Finishing postion
2) Number of players that played in that particular tournament
3) Number of bounty chips you have accumulated by personally eliminating players (and avoiding elimination)

The calculation will be done as follows:

o1st = 105 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o2nd = 85 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o3rd = 70 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o4th = 60 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o5th = 50 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o6th = 40 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o7th = 30 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o8th = 20 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o9th = 10 + (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o10th = (# of players x 2) + 5 per bounty
o11th and lower = 20 + 5 per bounty

Posted by ky70 on 2006-12-16 12:54:45


Season 2 is over (The Champ is Here)  
Season 2 is over and guess who came in 1st? If you think you can get the #1 spot if you make it to more games, then make it to more games in Season 3. But as it stands I am your 2 TIME SEASON CHAMP. As you all know I'm a humble dude, so I'll leave you with this, "King Kong ain't got nothin' on me".

Posted by ky70 on 2006-11-14 12:12:48


Season 1 is over  
Season 1 has ended and none other than Ken S. (that's me) came in first place. If you think your poker skills have increased and you want that #1 spot, then make it happen in Season 2.

Posted by ky70 on 2006-05-17 10:57:28


Season#1 - No Limit Tournament - South Side Poker  
South Side Poker Club (SSPC) has begun a 12 game/tournament season where we track each player's results and rank individual players based on their best 7 tournament results. We can do this season for bragging rights but for future seasons I had an idea to award extra cash to the top season champion and have a final game with only the top 4 players at Season's end and cash would be awarded to all 4 spots. We can talk about this in more detail later, but for now the tourney games will be just like always (buy-ins from $20 - $50) but we have a leader board that ranks players based on cumulative tournament results. Only a player's best 7 results of the total 12 tourney season will be used so that people can miss games and (and bust out early here and there) and still be in the running for the Season Championship.


Posted by ky70 on 2005-09-14 23:39:27


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