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Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


League Canceled / Postponed  
I am very sorry to inform you all that I cannot continue with the Gut Shot League. I have an upcoming surgery and without boring you with details will simply say that I cannot put forth 100% for you all, or for myself, and therefore will not continue. If someone has the space to take it and run with I will loan him or her the chips or tables. I cannot do chairs as I was mooching them myself. I was very excited about this upcoming season. Preseason games have shown a lot of new talent, with more promising to come. I thank you all for the support you have given me in getting this far, and hope to see you all when I recover. If someone is interested in taking this, I can give him or her my password and they can use the set up I have, or they can start from scratch. I only ask that you give the gut shot folks first shot at the seats. Thank you all once again and good luck to whatever comes next…

Posted by Sniper308 on 2007-07-10 18:40:50


Date Correction  
The final championship game will be the 10th of November.

Posted by Sniper308 on 2007-06-20 14:48:19


After our 17-man event this past Saturday the 16th, I have decided to cap the league at 20 players. Since we are at 13 with just over a month before the first match, I don’t see this being a problem. This Saturday I will be working on the temperature in the saloon. I have a window air unit and will be trying to adapt it to the door in the back. This means no more back exit for fast piss breaks in the yard, closed doors, and no smoking in the saloon. Smokers I feel the pain, but would rather wait for a smoke than have it be soupy balls hot during play. It may not be so bad with smoke, but I suspect it will get rather stagnant quick. Any carpenters who care to assist please give me a shout. Antes will be used, period, unless we stay under 14 players. I am looking at July 21 as the kick off, then August 18, September 15 or 22, October 20, and the wild card game and playoff on November 3rd. (No money for final table and $10 for the wild card game if you didn’t make the final table.) This gives us 8 games + the wild card and championship. Remember to sign up for BOTH GAMES on each event, Miss a game and pay the $5 and if more than 2 games are mist the penalty fee +$5 for each game missed. To qualify 7 regular season games must be played. Board members will have final ruling if a accident or emergency arises for example and the games can not be made due to it. TDY’s resulting in the absence of 3 or more games will refund the registration fee, unless you wish to pay the $5 for the skim for each game. If you have any questions let me know or one of the board members. I plan on giving trophies to the top 3-point winners and a bracelet for the champion. Other awards depending on the money available include most kills, fastest out, last place, suck out artist, and bad beat. A white board will be put up to track these things, as the program is still smarter than I am, and I ask for everyone’s cooperation throughout this experience.

Posted by Sniper308 on 2007-06-18 19:49:37
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Do you want to advertise here for $100/month for a minimum of 3 months? If not, don't bother contacting HPT about advertising. Have a nice day!

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