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No Vaseline Y2
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Bodog Accepting Canadians!  
Bodog is finally accepting Canadian players!

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Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


Tournament Scheduled!  
A new tournament has been scheduled for 2007-07-13!

Tournament Details

Posted by magikman32 on 2007-07-10 16:19:11


Fresh off the Morphine drip  
Yes I was fresh off the morphine drip and let me tell you it didnt help my poker skillz. I dont recommend morphine the same day as a poker tourney just incase you are wondering. Now that I have gotten my kidney stones passed and chromed out I have a couple cool card protectors for sale if anyone is interested.
So far this season both hosts have taken home first place. First Jr and now Kaleo ran the show. He was never dominated but rode the poker coaster perfectly managing his chip stack and getting his money in at the right time. Coming off a let down last year he was very excited about showing what he is capable of and why he is still one of the feared players in the league. Kaleo was quoted as saying "Shootz, I took all these beezies chips. Im in poker retirement and still taking down tourneys." Kaleo is on a bit of a hot streak as he took down a home side game the very next weekend.
Coming in a close second was Brian who led most of the tourney and played bully on blinds. Moved hard and played alot of hands. Didnt have to show to much so is he changing his style or was he just getting good starting hands??
Jason was felted atleast twice but built back up and played a great tourney but was outdrawn towards the end.
Tony has made a statement that Gary just moved down the ranking of the family poker tree. He played solid (rock) and made a few really good decisions. Gary and Mark lookout, this guy is for real.
Ok so this was not a great tourney for me. I saw maybe 10% of the flops and pretty much let myself get blinded out. I blame it on drugs!!
Mario, man this league has not been good to him so far. Full house beaten by a better fullhouse. Flush beaten by a better flush. Luck was not on this mans side.
Erin came into this league with high expectations since he faired so well in the pre-league game. Got caught calling a bit to many calls forcing him to play short stack poker early. He is looking to fair a little better in event number #2.
Newcomer Derek Wallace was unable to make it and has some catching up to do. Not to bad though as he can throw this one out and start from scratch.

Posted by magikman32 on 2007-07-10 16:13:31
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Tournament #3 Event 1-2 Results!  
Event 1-1 is now in the books. Here is the recap provided by Brian:
After much anticipation for the start of Season 2, Raymond started an early morning buzz after it looked like he was going to drop out of the league. DJ Gary, sporting his IPOD and playing everybody’s favorite songs, ended up making a last minute switch to help Raymond out.

Defending Champ Joe, high off the award ceremony, jumped to an early chip lead after kicking out Keith and Gary each with pocket Aces. But Jr. shook things up after he taught Danny a lesson on No Vaseline. Jr. with a 3, 5 caught a straight on the river and kicked Danny out and then all the remaining players.

Thanks Brian.
Also it should be noted that Norm made a statement that the rookies would not be dismissed in this league with a strong second place finish.
Ray has officially dropped so we are desperatly looking to fill the spot by Friday. If anyone knows anyone that wants to play please let Brian or I know asap.
League results have been updated to the site (well in 5 minutes anyway) so feel free to check for current standings.
Event 1-2 is in a few days so all that are supposed to be there please go and reserve your seat at the site.

Thanks Robert.

PS please read notes on the card room for detailed instructions on how to get to Kaleos apt.

Tournament Details

Posted by magikman32 on 2007-07-10 16:00:17


Tournament #2 (League 1-1) Results!  
This is our first league game. League game 1, group 1. Please remember to bring your entry fee + 20 per tourney fee (120). Brian will be there for atleast part of this to make sure all league rules are being enforced. This table has alot of the new comers so Brian is bringing a stun gun for anyone who breaks the rules. Make sure you show up on time or you will start to be blinded out and after two rounds you are knocked out of the tourney and given a 0. Please reserve your seat on the website if you are in the first group. If you dont we will constantly be harrassing you.
Note fellas the points start now so bring your "A" game. Oh and on a side note. Jr has a newborn in the house so Im not sure putting down 1,008 beers is such a good idea this time around so check with the host on that.
Here is the list of people that are playing this Friday. Notification for League Event 1-2 (group 2) will be sent out soon for the others playing on the 29th.

League Event 1-1 June 22nd:

Good Luck all. Im counting on someone to give me or write up a summory on this event so we can publish a newsletter on how the event went. If anyone is interested please let me know.

...and one more thing NO VASELINE BIATCHES!!!!

Robert Morris

Tournament Details

Posted by magikman32 on 2007-06-27 15:08:55
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The Champ returns  
The preseason event is now a wrap. There were a few subplots to this event including about 7 guys throwing down 100+ Bud Lights, Gary trying to wake up the neighbors, playing multiple decks in a single hand, and the ring darts game going on the whole time. We had special appearances from Spiderman and the "Black Fabio" so it was set to be a good night.
Erin lead the way for the "new" guys by taking a painful second place and walking away with nothing more than some pride. I think he let the veterans know we have some new talent in the pool. Winning the ring game after the main event also seemed to help his case.
There was no denying the Champ!! He is fast becoming known as the Rock of all rocks in this league and putting a stamp on why he won the whole thing last year. Now he is on a free-roll so lets hope that doesnt affect his play the way it did last years frer-roll champ.
I have updated the results of the main event but since we do not count points for it we did write down the exact order. So the results are only accurate down a few spots so dont get offended if I have you finishing 9th when you finished 7th or whatever. I dropped myself down a few just cuz I couldnt remember.
Well I have a deck of plastic cards to go wash the beer off of (thanks Ray) and then get some work done. Feel free to leave comments on our website or just talk a little trash.

Robert Morris

Posted by magikman32 on 2007-05-14 11:59:15


Pre Season Results!  
This is Preseason event. Two table tourney. Winner take all to pay for upcoming season.

Tournament Details

Posted by magikman32 on 2007-05-14 11:49:38


HPT - May News  
For HPT contest and bonus information, check out the May Home Poker Tour newsletter HERE!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-05-01 09:31:01


Home Poker Tour - April News  
Check out the latest Home Poker Tour News for your chance to win a set of Nevada Jacks casino quality poker chips, and a seat in the 2007 Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Playboy Mansion!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-04-09 12:59:18


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