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Daylight Robbery 07
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Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


Slight shortfall  

Can everybody scratch their heads to try and remember if they paid their Buy-In and Re-Buy, because we found ourselves 20 short at the end of the night. I know that everybody, apart from Young Gun, rebought and the night was a bit frantic. However, if you are wondering how you still have 20 in your pocket when you only came to the game with 45, then it is probably YOU.

Nevermind, it was just that Young Gun was distraught at the end of the night.


Posted by Welsh_Assassin on 2007-10-27 06:58:20
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You think I had the cards?...check this out!  

Posted by Welsh_Assassin on 2007-05-02 12:21:15


Tournament #2 - Stone Face chalks up unlikey lead  
Whilst he was clearly the worst dealer of the night with his very own 'fumble-athon' competition, Stone Face crushed the opposition with another great performance, out-gunning Young Gun at the Final table. Stone Face now rockets ahead with 18.5 points, (6 points for win, 2 bonus points for first place and two bounties giving him 9 points) but whilst the Ponderer had to do a lot of pondering on the sidelines last night, he remains in a good position owing to his result in Tournament 1.

It was another catastrophe for Welsh Assassin this time round, as the reigning champ was knocked out at about 10:15pm, and then quickly wasted the Re-Buy to finish in 6th place.

"I picked up a few good hands at the beginning and seemed to be about level on chips with Swifty and Stone Face and all of the money seemed to be on the right-hand side of the table. The first blow came when The Ponderer disguised his pocket rockets to smash my top pair (eights), and then Swifty sent me packing. I suppose the only saving grace is that Karlos wasn't here to witness it and that only the best 8 results count. BUT, that's two of my four lives gone!"

Without doubt the 'baddest beat' of the night was The Ponderer's "All-in" bet on the Turn card (Eight of Spades) with a Full House (Eights, full of Fours), only for the river to reveal a slag of a Queen to give both Young Gun and Swifty a winning hand (Split pot) of Queens, full of Fours...GUTTING!!

A relatively sub-dued night for Top Gun, as the Tom Cruise of the table failed to Hustle anybody, as everybody could tell which cards he had most of the time; you could literally see him counting out possible Straights; he smiled like a Cheshire Cat if he had good cards and then over-reacted if he had 'wrags'. Having said that, Top Gun remains mid-table with a good platform of points going into Tournament 3.

Another consistent performance by Swifty, as he was back to his most unpredictable self. Swifty almost made Stone Face pay for not forcing him to go 'all-in' with his remaining $325 in chips in a previous round. Swifty doubled up on a few subsequent Hands, slowly rebuilding his stack, only to be bullied out in the end by superior chip power.

Note to Stone Face: "School boy error".

Young Gun has stormed onto the Poker circuit and chalked up a smart 2nd place. However, inexperience showed as he remained way too conservative in Heads-Up play. Stone Face, seizing on Young Gun's weakness, bet and raised him out of the game, whilst Young Gun was simply desperate to see a flop without expending too many chips. The blinds at $1000 finished him off and ended his hopes of returning to Ireland.

Note to Young Gun: "School boy error".


Posted by Welsh_Assassin on 2007-03-03 12:10:46


Tournament #1 - The Ponderer destroys opposition  
Congratulations to 'The Ponderer' for winning his first match and the first game of 2007. This win puts him firmly at the top of the leader board with 11.5 points, chalking up 8 points for the win, 2 bonus points for 1st place and an additional 1.5 points for Bounties taken...

...'Stone face' is hot on his heels with 9.5 points.

'Karlos the Jackal' said after the game that being eliminated first (before the Re-Buy) was because he "...didn't have 'the cards'".

For the first time, 'Top Gun' survived without re-buying, missing the 11 o'clock cut-off, and walking away with the Killers album. TG later dismissed any suggestion of collusion with 'Young Gun'.

A big thank you to 'Swifty' for staying awake.

'The Underdog' and 'Welsh Assassin' are off to a bad start and lie at the foot of the table.

Posted by Welsh_Assassin on 2007-01-28 04:25:41


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