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Bodog Accepting Canadians!  
Bodog is finally accepting Canadian players!

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Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


Overlord Wins Mid Season Major  
So as the title said, I did win Saturday night's mid season major. Amanda and I played heads up for an hour, I believe the game ended on Omaha. I have to say that my victory was only possible due to a horrible beat I put on Twinkie to save my life. Personally I thought the mixed poker was a lot of fun. I really liked playing hold'em, stud, and omaha. It worked well and I look forward to doing it again.

The top 5 on the leader board changed a bit:

1. Overlord - 90.00
2. Twinkie - 71.00
3. The Enforcer - 65.60
4. Magnum Matt - 63.00
5. Mershmellow - 60.33

There will be a trophy game this weekend for those going to Joshua Tree. We will try to have another trophy game over Thanksgiving weekend, either Friday or Saturday night. If you have a preference, let me know.

Posted by Overlord on 2007-11-06 12:32:54


Mid Season Major Results!  
Break time is over, time for some more poker. November 3rd is the proposed date for the season 4 mid season major. It will be a $20 buy in mixed poker event (holdem, stud, and omaha). If there are any objections to the third, let me know.

Tournament Details

Posted by Overlord on 2007-11-04 10:28:01


League Update  
First off I just want to remind everyone about the poker game this Saturday night. The game will start at 7pm sharp, show up a bit early if you can. Remember this is the season 4 mid season major, it will be a $20 buy in mixed poker game (holdem, omaha, and stud). Don't worry, we will make sure everyone is clear on the rules of each game. The game will be played at the Allen's house, 1035 Bonita Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024.

In other poker related news, I am going to be organizing a big poker game for some family friends of ours. That game will be set for December 23rd so save the date if you are interested. It will probably be 30+ people and around a $25 buy in. I will keep you guys posted on that when we have more info.

And lastly, the site that I use right now (homepokertour.com) is going to start charging to use it, which means I am going to be building my own site to take over the managing of House Four Poker. It something that I always wanted to do because it will allow me to do things the way I want, and now is good timing to to that.

See you guys Saturday.

Posted by Overlord on 2007-10-29 12:57:50


House Four Poker 9/24/07 Results!  
Sorry for the short notice, but there will be a game at Mershmellow's tonight. Hopefully it will be a trophy game, remember there needs to be 6 people and a $10 buy in for that.

His new place is in Poway, you exit Poway Rd off the 15. Call him for the exact address and directions (760-420-4756). Remember to be respectful of the raccoons and neighbors and keep the noise level down. Oh and I don't know exactly what time he wanted to start, I am assuming 7 or 8.

Remember to record the results and email them to me. A the tournament info sheet (which includes a blinds schedule) can be found on the Rules page, or download it here.

Tournament Details

Posted by Overlord on 2007-09-27 10:41:30


Twinkie Wins Two in Row  
Twinkie is the man to beat lately, he won his second game in a row over the weekend. And with his victory, he moves into second place in the points race. Here are the top 5 on the leaderboard:

1. Overlord
2. Twinkie
3. Magnum Matt
4. Dino
5. The Enforcer

We briefly discussed what kind of game we want to play for the mid season major and it seemed like there was more interest towards a mixed poker event. So we will make it official, season 4's first major will be mixed poker (hold'em, omaha, and 7 card stud)and the buy in will be $25. October 27th is no good so the date is still up in the air.

The next game has yet to be scheduled. If you want to schedule a game, I'll send out an email to everyone if just let me know when and where. Remember there has to be 6 people and a $10 buy in.

Posted by Overlord on 2007-09-17 16:11:22


Defcon's Send Off Game Results!  
My brother Nate (aka Defcon) is leaving for basic training in on September 16th so we are going to hang out and play poker the night before.

This game will have a twist, there will be $5 bounties on the top 3 ranked players in attendance. That means if you knock one of them out of the tournament, you get $5.

Date: September 15th, 2007
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Allen's
Buy in: $10
Game: No Limit Hold'em

Tournament Details

Posted by Overlord on 2007-09-16 17:35:33


League Update  
We are starting to head into the middle of season 4, meaning true rankings are starting to form and its time to schedule our mid season major event. I suggest either a heads up tournament or mixed poker event, with a minimum $25 buy in.

Heads up tournaments are fun, but they take a long time. We would probably want to use 10 minute blinds. It would be double elimination, with the finals being a best of 3.

We did a mixed poker game over the weekend (7 card stud, omaha, and hold'em) and it was a lot of fun. Its interesting because your strategies have to change from game to game.

The date I would like to suggest is Saturday October 27, probably starting at 6pm. If you would like to put in your two cents, start a thread in the message board, send out an email, or bring it up at the poker game this weekend.

Posted by Overlord on 2007-09-12 15:54:31


Twinkie Wins Trophy  
There were plenty of poker games played on the camping trip but Twinkie won the game that mattered for his second trophy victory.

There were a few ranked games in the last couple of weeks to go along with the trophy game, and with that here are the top 5 from the leaderboard this season:

1. Overlord
2. Magnum Matt
3. Dino
4. Twinkie
5. Big Spene

The next game is scheduled for this saturday at the Allen's house. You can RSVP for it here.

Posted by Overlord on 2007-09-10 09:57:19


Meshmellow Wins His 3rd Trophy  
Not only did Mershmellow win the game last night, but he remembered to pass along the "Complete Dumbass of the Year Award" to Twinkie. The top 3 in the game were Mershmellow, Overlord, and Pet Donkey. Complete results here.

With our third game of the season, the points race is starting to take form. Right now the top 5 are:

1. Overlord
2. Magnum Matt
3. Kate
4. Twinkie
5. Mershmellow

Remember when the season is over, there will be a minimum required games to be considered for the points race, probably at least 5. For the complete leader board, click here.

Our next game is tentatively scheduled for next Saturday night (September 1st). The location is TBD.

We have some interesting games to look forward to in the near future. 1st off, the next big game we have (10+ people), we are going to put bounties on the top three ranked players in attendance, meaning there will be a reward for knocking anyone of those players out. Also some time in the future will be our first 7 card stud game and our first mixed poker event.

Posted by Overlord on 2007-08-25 08:41:34


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