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Bodog Accepting Canadians!  
Bodog is finally accepting Canadian players!

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Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


SEASON 1 FINAL GAME!!! Results!  
The Final Payouts will be:
1st Place V 46% 2nd Place V 27% 3rd Place V 17% 4th Place V 10%

The Loonie bucket has $744.00 in it.. in which half goes to Fabio for the table and the pop and chips he has supplied over the season.
So the house contribution will be $372.00 and if every Top 10 player buys in we will have a Pot of $572.00 (not including any extra players) making the prizes as follows:

1st Place - $264.00 2nd Place V $154.00 3rd Place - $97.00 4th Place - $57.00

Heres a chance to win back all the money you lost, Fabio! Of course the prizes go up when the amount of people buying in rises.

Rules and Game Etiquette:

- Please try and have something to protect your cards, just something small to put on top of them, or use a chip from the game to do so. If someone throws there cards and lands on yours, both hands are DEAD, so if you have something on top, we know which ones are yours.

- Keep table talk to a minimum. This does not include speaking to a player to get information about the strength of their hand, it includes people who talk about the hands they MUCKED. If you FOLD your hand, and you would have caught the FLOP, PLEASE KEEP QUIET, you are giving information to the people still in the hand, making it unfair to everyone. If you do this, you will penalized by being forced away from the table and blinded in for 10 minutes after the hand is done. You will only be warned ONCE.

- Cards will NOT be looked at after MUCKING them, they will go to the DEALER and are DEAD. There is NO exceptions. You might look at someone elses mucked cards and therefore get information about the cards they are throwing away. If you do this, you will penalized by being forced away from the table and blinded in for 10 minutes after the hand is done.

- If a card is overturned by accident during a deal, it becomes the BURN card and is displayed for everyone to see, and the person is given another card at the END of the deal, that way other players still get the cards they were intended to get. If the card is overturned in the first two cards, there will be a redeal. If more than one card is overturned, there will be redeal.

- If a player overturns his card while mucking them, they must be displayed until the next betting round for everyone to see, then they will go to the dealer.

- Keep your bets in front of you in a neat pile until the betting round ends and everyone has put the proper amount in front of them, that way everyone knows that the correct amount is in the pot.. DO NOT throw chips into the pot before betting rounds end. We will have no idea you are putting in the right amount otherwise. You wil be warned ONCE about this and if it happens again, you will be forced to step away from the table for 10 minutes while still being blinded in.

- Try and keep your chip stack in a clean and organized manner (stacks of ten chips) so that anyone can see and calculate how much chips you have at any time.

- If you show someone who is not in the hand but in the game your cards, you must show everyone at the end of the hand (SHOW ONE SHOW ALL), by showing one person your cards, you are giving them information about your play, and is unfair to everyone else. You can show anyone who is NOT in the game at all at anytime if you wish.

- If you are heads up with someone for a pot and you win or lose, you can display ONE or BOTH of your cards if you wish, but it must be displayed for everyone to see (to show a bluff, or to show you had good cards). As long as everyone in the game can see your cards, it is fair.

- If you need to step away from the table, you will be blinded in and your cards will automatically be mucked. If you are gone for more than 30 minutes, your chips will be divided amongst the remaining players and play will commence without you.

- No throwing cards or chips at anyone in anger or frustration V you will be ejected.

- If you have NOT placed your Buy-in by the time the game starts and no one is aware that you are coming .. you will not play and everyone below you moves up a spot on the leaderboard, THAT is FINAL! If you are coming, but will be late, please notify someone and we will blind you in for 30 mins max. After that, the chips you have will be divided amongst the remaining players and play will commence without you.

- If there is extra chips in a pot due to a CHOP (Split Pot) that cannot be divided amongst the winners, it will remain in the pot for the next hand.

- If you are dealer, DO NOT set up the next cards on the board or BURN a CARD before you are supposed to, this will prevent mucked cards from landing on them and ruining the hand and confusing yourself whether or not you burned or not. If you are mucking your cards, carefully give them to the dealer and do not to throw them on the board cards as it may cause a big problem if they are flipped over. Also, DO NOT place Mucked cards back underneath the deck, keep mucked cards separate from the deck. We will also be using a plastic slip under the deck so the bottom card cannot be shown. When you are dealing, make sure you are dealing in a manner so that the cards are not seen by anyone across from you as you pull them off the deck, try and tilt the deck so the bottom is facing you a bit.

- If you state raise or call, that action will be enforced. If you want to raise, do not say , I call AND raise. The first will be enforced and you will only be allowed to CALL. So if you want to Raise someoneK say RAISE and place at least the proper minimum raise or more. No string betting please.. count your raise or bet in front of you, state the amount and then move it in closer to the middle of the table (WITHOUT throwing it in the pot) Heres a tip, state the TOTAL amount of chips you have in front of you, not the raise amount, that way everyone knows how much they need to have in front of them to continue, just makes things easier.

- THERE WILL BE NO REBUYS, if you BUST OUT, you are OUT! No exceptions.

Chad will be the tournament director of the game, so any problems that happen he will help solve it, but of course to keep it fair since he is playing, we will all vote for a fair solution during the game.

Any questions just let me know. And we will see you this Saturday!!!

If anyone knows the email addresses of people I have NOT sent this to but is on the leaderboard, please forward it to them somehow I dont have everyones email address on homepokertour website anymore.

Also if anyone has poker chips that are a different colour then the ones we use so we can have $500 denominations for colour ups (Christien Im lookin at you with your fancy chips), please bring them, as well, if you have chips that are the same as the ones we use, bring them as well.. we can never have too many.

Other than that.. that is all hope it all makes sense. If anyone does not agree with any of the rules, let me know and well discuss it before we play and come to a decision.

Tournament Details

Posted by Sparrow on 2008-01-05 22:38:53


Tonight (oct 22)  
hey folks.. so tonight is a very important night.

We would like to have as many people as we can at the poker night tonight because we will be discussing and laying down the ground rules for the final game, which is quickly approaching us.

If everyone that is in the top at least 12-15 could show up that would be great, but i know its unrealistic. The more people we have discussing it.. the less people will complain about it when they find out the rules and how we are to govern it. If you are not there or can't attend, then you will just have to trust us to decide what's in the best interest of everybody.

We will be discussing:
- Date of Final Game
- Amount of Players allowed
- Buy in rules
- Rebuy Rules
- Beginning Chip Stacks
- Blind Schedule

I have set the event for tonight and you should have received an email that you can RSVP to, to show us who is attending tonight for at least the first game. If you RSVP from now on and you do not show up, we will assume you are late and you will owe that buy in, because we will blind you in. So please RSVP so we know you are coming. if you do not RSVP and you do not show up until after we start the first game, you will have to wait until second game.

Thanks everybody and we hope to see everyone tonight

Posted by Sparrow on 2007-10-22 08:23:16


New standings  
new standing are in for the week of Aug 13th

And we are not sure if there will be a poker night next monday (aug 20th) due to fabio being a dad and all soon :) but we will keep you posted

sorry robb....

Posted by Sparrow on 2007-08-13 23:15:54


Monday June 16th - we are trying out poker night for monday nights this week.. sorry for short notice but hopefully if you can play tonight.. PLEASE DO!

ALSO, if you can PLEASE BE AT THE HOUSE FOR 7:30pm START TIME. It is tought to fit the usual 3 games in if everyone doesn't show up until 8:00pm.


Posted by Sparrow on 2007-07-16 09:03:30


we are on tonight for our 50th game of the season on July 4th :)

Please mark down your attendance for EACH GAME.. which means click on game 50 and click RSVP and then go back to events and click game 51 and click RSVP if you plan on playing both games.

If we can fit another game in we will.

We will be using the same blind structure as last week, and buy ins are 11$ a game.

See you there

Posted by Sparrow on 2007-07-04 08:14:25


ok so...  
we tried the new blind and chip system. and fine tuned it...

it is now more like any standard online tournament you will play in

each blind is 10 mins

but weve added


so each game can only really be 20 minutes longer.

We were able to play 3 games still, which is good.

What is the thoughts on every one leaving it at 11$ buy in?

Posted by Sparrow on 2007-06-27 22:46:52


New Game Structure  
a concern was brought up about the blind structure this week and how it was condusive to people betting large and stealing the blinds early on and gaining a huge stack early in the game, so we've decided to go BACK to the original blind structure we first had.

It only allowed 2 games a night, but it was much better poker.

So because we will only be playing 2 games a night we will make the Buy-In $10 a game, Plus the $1 rake for the tournament end pot.

This only changes the amount you can spend a night to $22 instead of $18, but you can win more. And because of the higher Buy-In, games will be A LITTLE tighter and much better quality

The New Blind Structure will be

5-10 for 20mins
10-20 for 20mins

and then the usual 25-50 10mins and so on..

new chip stacks will be

10 White @ 5 = 50
10 Red @ 10 = 100
10 Green @ 25 = 250
10 Blue @ 50 = 500
6 Black @ 100 = 600

Total = 1500 Chips (same as now)

We will now have to colour up the chips after the 3rd round to get rid of the 5's and 10's

We'll try this out next week and see how it goes and decide if we want to keep it

Posted by Sparrow on 2007-06-21 11:07:27


June 20th - TONIGHT  
hey folks.. tonight we have 3 more games so if you are coming, please mark your attendance for each game in the events section.. just click on each upcoming game (44-46) and click on RSVP to reserve your seat.

also . new standings are in.. so go take a look at the leaderboard

Posted by Sparrow on 2007-06-20 07:19:15


Alright folks.. after a much longer hiatus then we figured.. WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS!!

Poker will start up again this wednesday at 8:00pm due to Just Soccer being open until then.

We are also thinking of switching the poker night to a sunday night in the next week or two, because we feel it might be easier for most people, please give us feedback on this on the Message Board.


Posted by Sparrow on 2007-06-11 08:11:48


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