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Tournament Scheduled!  
A new tournament has been scheduled for 2017-12-22!

Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-12-01 10:46:41


Show Me The Money - Tournament 6 Round Up.  
So, for the first time this season we had a starting field of 12 players.
Garys brother Paul decided to try his luck for the first time.
Our venue was the hotel and despite the traffic being a bit lairy (for some) we only kicked off 5 minutes late.

Our play from 1945-2130 is now a mix of limit and Omaha.
It has certainly spiced things up as its not quite so easy to coast through some of the lower blinds when half the field still can't get their heads around the rules of Omaha and thus bet
all over the place.
Shay confidently predicting a winning flush for himself using 4 of the flop was a particular highlight.
"What a dickhead" Shay said of himself!

Table 1 had Ted, Shay, Ade, Ian, Paul and Dave J.
Table 2 had Ed, Brian, Craig, DaveH, Gary and PaulR.

Some big stack movements particularly during Omaha.
By the break Shay on table 1 was at least double his starting stack of 40K with Ian falling behind.
On table 2 DaveH was going along nicely but Brian was struggling.

Shay's kitchens had arranged a slightly different buffet for us at the break with the highlight
being some very nice burgers........as ever thank you mate.

And so, on to the main event and the final positions.

First to fall in 12th place was Brian when PaulR knocked him out courtesy of a pair of Queens.

Still on table 2 and Gary who had been slightly ahead at the break had no cards and no luck as was shown when all in with pocket 9's he managed to find Craig with pocket Q's, so Gary out in 11th.

Back on table 1 Shay was having a lot of fun constantly raising and betting particularly if there was an 8 on the flop.
He won two big hands against Ted and won them both thanks to said 8's...Ted not happy!

Ian was now shuffled across to table 2 to even up the numbers.

Soon after guest player Paul who had made a mini comeback after getting very low on chips decided to make a stand and went all in pre flop.
Ade made the call with pocket 10's and Paul turned over a vulnerable looking A,3.
Nothing on the flop to help Paul and he exited in 10th place.....and went home with his brother!

Ade had taken a few big pots of Shay who then started to try and recover his chips.
On a flop of 8s, 6d, 3d Ted went all in and Shay immediately called.
Ted had.........pocket 8's for trips (HA) but grimaced when he saw that Shay had Kd & 2d for a flush draw.
As it turned out Ted doubled up and Shay now dangerously low on chips.
Soon after after a raise (by Ted) and a call by Shay we had a flop of A, 10, 7.
Ted checked and Shay was all in.
Another grimace from Ted as he made the call.
Shay had........pocket Queens and was up against Teds...pocket Kings...wow.
No miracle card for Shay and he was out in 9th which is near 8!!

Our final table of 8 players got off to a quiet start before things got interesting.
First to blink was Craig who decided to try and steal a few blinds by going all in with 33K.
DaveH ummeddd & aahhhdddd but made the call.
Dave H was annoyed with himself when Craig turned over A,J and was dominating his own A, 8.
The flop was 7,6,J followed by a 4 and then incredibly a 5 to give Dave the straight and win.
Nervous giggle from Dave and a mouthful of (justified) obscenities from Craig as he left in 8th.
But oh boy, there was so much more to come!!

Not long after DaveH ko'd Dave J with a pair of 10's to send DJ out in 7th place.

DaveH now with a stack of chips and betting accordingly.
With PaulR and Ian getting low on chips as the blinds got bigger, Ian announced all in and that was
followed by calls from both DaveH and PaulR.........bloody hell.
Paul was winging it and only had 8,3.
Ian's hand had a more realistic chance (K,10) and Hibby had a dangerous looking pocket 9's.
The flop was 5,K,Q so Ian connects and takes the lead.
The turn card is a J and Ian still ahead.
The river is a 10 giving Ian 2 pairs and the.......then an excited squeaky little voice pipes up.
"I have a straight, I have I straight, Ive won that, me, Iv'e won".
Yes, DaveH AGAIN manages to snare a winning card on the river so Ian out in 6th and PaulR in 5th.
Dave very apologetic about his outrageous luck (slightly ruined by his nervous giggling).

So as Dave was awash with chips Ed, Ade and Ted eyed each others stacks.
Ted waiting for a hand finally made his move as the blinds reached 5K & 10K.
He announces all in on Daves big blind.
Before Dave calls he states "you're not going to like this" and turns over pocket aces.....WTF.
Teds nice looking K,Q now look like crap and even though a King hit on the flop it wasn't enough and Ted out in a battling 4th place.

Ade soon followed victim to the Luck Fuck (thats a poker technical term), as his K,J all in was unsurprisingly up against Daves K,Q and Ade who had another good night was out in 3rd place.

The heads up between Ed and Dave was initially a cagey affair as Dave was determined not to slip up.
Ed did manage to win a few big hands but then lost the chips again and was unable to sustain it.
The end came when after Eds all in Dave called with pocket Jacks and promptly hit a Jack on the flop for trips and the win.

When its your night, its your night!!

So well done to our top 4 particularly Dave who despite some (ahem) good fortune still made a lot of good bets and a fair few bluffs....I think!

So the players in league positions 2,3,4 & 5 prior to the start of the tournament finished in the top 4.
Bad news for Gary as he loses the league lead.
The top 5 players have now opened up a small gap on the rest BUT still plenty of time for that to change!

The league now looks like this.

1. DaveH - played 5 - 30 Points.
2. Ed - played 6 - 28 Points.
3. Gary - played 5 - 27 Points.
4. Ade - played 5 - 27 Points.
5. Ted - played 6 - 26 Points.
6. Craig - played 5 - 18 Points.

Then we have Shay on 14, Brian on 12, Ian on 10, Dave J on 10, John on 6, Paul on 5 and Matt on 1.

As ever thank you to Shay for hosting and all those who helped with the shuffling.
Much appreciated guys.

Our next tournament is scheduled for 22 Dec so please make a note in your diaries.
Hopefully John will be back with us for this one!!

Please watch out for the invites and reply asap so we know the numbers well in advance.


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-11-27 12:25:45


Tournament #6 Results!  
Good morning all

Okay, tournament no 6 is now confirmed and will be back at the hotel.
Shay I'm sure will lay on his usual generous spread.
I'm hoping for a big turn out on this one so let me know via your preferred method if you can attend.
Also we are playing around with having the December tournament at Dave's on the 22nd December.
I know that's close to Xmas but by then most of the parties etc are over so I'm hoping it's a date that will be okay for the majority.
We can discuss this further on the 24th November.


Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-11-27 10:55:53


Show Me THe Money - Tournant 5 Round Up  
So tournament number 5 kicked off at The Shady Pines Home for the retired and infirm last Friday.
Another good turn out of 10 players who dragged their aching limbs, hearing aids and hip replacements up to Sandiway where Gary did his usual trick of making sure the outside of his house was in complete darkness.
As it's set so far back from the main road it might as well be camouflaged!
You'd think he doesn't want us to find it.
To be fair Gary cheerfully admitted he'd missed the turn off several times himself!

Table 1 had Ted, Brian, Gary, Ian and Craig.
Table 2 had Ed, DaveH, Dave J, Ade and John.

God, where do I start:)
Forget the game for a moment.
During the course of the night I think it's fair to say we had problems.
On table 2 Jonesey was winning most pots without realising he'd won.
“Dave you have a full house”, “Dave you have a straight”, “Dave you have a flush” were comments uttered through gritted teeth.
“Oh yeah” said Dave with a furrowed brow as he tried to work out how he had won (this after 12 long years of playing).
Now, Dave wasn't the only one.
Oh no siree.
Poor Ed was getting a right old earful from John, DaveH and Dave J about the rules of Omaha.
It transpires that all three of them have literally being playing to a different set of rules to the rest of us (for 5 months, 5 sodding MONTHS) despite DaveH proudly announcing months ago to having read a book all about Omaha and how ‘switched on’ on he was about the right type of winning hands!
The dealers telling glances at one another said it all (and no, that's not in a sexual way).
Back on table 1 Brian was frowning at his cards for an age before someone said (yet again).“Brian, it's on you, Ian has checked”.
“Eh , oh, I'm sorry is it me” says Brian before betting and winning yet another pot.
The very next hand after another long perusal of his hand “Brian, it's on you, Ian has checked”.
“Eh, oh I'm sorry is it me” says Brian before betting and winning again.
Ted misses that he's hit an obvious straight thanks to Ian's sharp spot and also misses a few other obvious winning hands, deals to many cards (more than once) and even has to ask Craig to help with the timer!
“Brian, it’s on you, Ian has checked”.
“Is it me, Eh, oh I'm sorry” says Brian before betting and winning again.

By the break Brian was up 40K on table 1 and Dave J was chip leader on table 2.

An amazing roast beef sandwiches buffet and Yorkshire puddings went down very well at the break (“I wish I had 4 hands and 2 mouths”said an obviously happy DaveH).

Did things improve after the break…….not really.
Gary had an incredibly frustrating night and got knocked out in 10th when all in with pocket Jacks he was unlucky enough to find Ted with pocket aces.
Not long after a weary Ed was out when DaveH’s 2 pair beat his Queen high hand.

So down to our final table of 8.
To Teds left we had Ade, DaveJ and Brian, then Ian, DaveH, John and Craig.

Blinds of 500 & 1000 and Ade counts out his big blind in 100’s despite having numerous 1000 chips.
Dave J hasn't got his big blind in and has to be prompted.
“Are you sure it's me again” asks Dave J?
“Brian it's on you” comes the familiar call.
“Eh, oh I'm sorry I'll go all in” says Brian on a flop of 4,2,8.
Ade makes the call and has 3,4 against Brian's A,8.
The turn is a 3 and Ades 2 pairs is enough to send Brian packing despite his amazing run of form in the first session.

Blinds are now 600 & 1200 and Ade counts out his small blind in hundreds and DaveJ forgets to put in his big blind.
“Doesn't it come round fast” says Dave.

Ian got hammered in the Omaha game and had been juggling a short stack ever since.
He survived a few all ins before Ade knocked him out in 7th with trip 6’s.
Blinds now up to 1000 & 2000 and Ade counts out his big blind in hundreds despite having a whole stack of 1000 chips.
Dave J’s great start has turned to dust and he's out in 6th when his all in is bettered by Teds pocket 10s.
Dave J decides to call it a night and goes home.

John got a 2nd wind when he doubled up with an all in against DaveH.
Then DaveH went from 10K to nearly 60K when he doubled up twice in quick succession (his first all in was with 9,7 that won against A,Q).
Johns revival turned out to be a short lived affair as he lost a race and a huge pot with Ade who hit a Queen and beat Johns pocket 6’s.
So John just out of the money but just in the points.

Gary now heckling Teds dealer mistakes from the sidelines in between making brews for everyone.
Ted develops a nervous tic in his right eye.

Ted suddenly realises that Dave J has gone home with the prize pool……much laughter and shaking of heads.

Next to take a hit is Ted who suffers two big losses against a resurgent DaveH.
This results in him going all in against a very ‘patient on the night’ Craig.
Craig has K,9 and hits both on the flop instantly putting Ted into miracle card territory as he only has pocket 8’s.
No miracle card and Ted out in 4th place.

Dave J makes a surprise and sheepish reappearance with the cash (“I was nearly home when I realised” he proudly announces).
Then Dave leaves the room stunned when he bends down next to the table and picks off the floor a Jack a Queen and an Ace.
Ted outraged and near apoplectic.
How long they have been there is anybodies guess.
Not for a minute do I think anyone was cheating but at the same time it's not at all good that someone has dropped cards and not realised it, never mind the implications on the games outcome.
Ted now has a headache.
Blinds now 4000 & 8000 and Ade counting out his big blind in hundreds (only joking, I'd taken the hundreds off the table by this stage).
The ‘missing cards’ ruling was that as no one player got any obvious advantage we ignored it.
Controversial but convenient!
Craig playing to win ran out of steam when his King high hand lost to Daves Ace high hand and so out in a hard fought 3rd place.
The heads up between Ade and Dave didn't last to long.
Ade definitely started in front but a few big bets from Dave changed the game.
Ade made a brief recovery before an an all in from Dave on a flop of 4,J,9 got a call from Ade who turned over A,2 but he was well behind Daves J,K.
No Ace on the turn or river and Hibby gets his first win of the season.

So what a grind that was.
On a night when inferior starting hands seemed to win all the time, when we suffered dealer errors, when we played for an unknown number of minutes with 49 cards and when players seemed to be stuck in OAP mode DaveH was resilient enough to win.

Despite being out first Gary has maintained a narrow lead at the top of the table.

1. Gary. - Played 4 - 26 Points.
2. Ted - Played 5 - 21 Points.
3. Ade - Played 4 - 20 Points.
4. DaveH - Played 4 - 18 Points.
5. Ed - Played 5 - 18 Points.
6. Craig - Played 4 - 17 Points.
7. Shay - Played 3 - 13 Points.
8. Brian - Played 5 - 11 Points.
9. Ian - Played 3 - 8 Points.
10. Dave J - Played 4 - 8 Points.
11. John - Played 4 - 6 Points.
12. Paul - Played 2 - 2 Points.
13. Matt - Played 1 - 1 Point.

So as you can see five players now within a win from Gary so the season is bubbling along nicely.

Thanks as usual to Gary for hosting and providing another top class meal.
Also thanks to Craig and Ian for helping with the shuffling.

Our next extravaganza is pencilled in for Friday 24th November at a venue tba.
It marks the half way point of the season so the time to start making a move on the leaderboard.


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-10-24 09:40:31


Tournament #5 Results!  
Afternoon all

Sorry but for the first time ever the new invite is out before the report!
You can thank Monarch for that:(

For what is hopefully (in the nicest possible way) our last tournament at the hotel.

I'm expecting Shay to put on a right old do with this one and push the boat out so hopefully as many of you as possible can make it.

I know its fairly short notice but I can't do the 27th October or the 3rd November so my apologies if this comes to soon for some of you.

Let me know via your usual method if you can attend.


Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-10-20 18:36:08


Fridays Tournament  
Morning all

Just a reminder that tomorrows tournament is at Garys and NOT the hotel.

By my reckoning we will have 10 players so two tables of five to start with a final table of 8.

See you there.


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-10-19 02:01:10


Show Me The Money - Tournament 5 - Venue Change  
Good afternoon all

Sorry to advise that as Shay is out of the country (no he's not been extradited) the powers that be (moi) have decided that this tournament is best played elsewhere.

I'm pleased to say that young Mr Newton has agreed to host so we are now playing in leafy Cheshire.

Same date, same rules, same buy in etc.

You know that Gary likes to do a good meal so hopefully he'll be that busy his recent good poker form will suffer:)

Trust that's okay but please call, text or email me if you have any problems>


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-10-09 06:06:50


Show Me The Money - Tournament 4 Round Up.  
So tournament number 4 was played out in Craigs amazing "Mission" building.

After the draw for the tables we had on a sedate looking table 1 Ted, Dave J, Gary, Paul and Ian.
Table 2 was a doozy with Ed, Brian, Craig, John, DaveH and Shay.
Table 2 not for the faint hearted then!

A slight adjustment to our normal game meant that we played :-
Limit, Omaha, Limit, Omaha and limit prior to the break before going straight into no limit to find
a winner.
What an entertaining game it turned out to be.
On table 1 both Gary and Ted dominated for long periods as Dave J and Paul worried about being out before the break.
Ian played with his usual calm demeanour and managed to stay close to his starting stack of 40K.
By the break both Dave J and Paul were both on around 15K so a tough old session for them.

Lots of groans on table 2 as Shay hit the ground running although I believe he was pegged back by Dave H who by the end of the session was table boss.
John and Craig in midfield with Brian and Ed struggling to keep up.

The early break saw us deluged with trays of various pasties plus a delicious BUCKET (an actual bucket) of mushy peas!
Fantastic that Craig so thank you.

Our no limit session kicked off around 2145 and it didnt take long to get our first faller.
Shays A,8 proving to strong for an all in Brian with A,2 so Brian out in 11th place.
Dave H still going well then managed to knock out the younger Rothwell when his pair of Queens held up.
So after finishing the last tournament 1 & 2 Brian & Ed managed to finish this one 10th & 11th!

Poor old Dave J won a few minor hands but not enough to help him when a confident Gary took his all in on and promptly won with a much stronger 2 pair so DJ out in 9th.

A quick re-draw for our final table and a big change in fortunes for some.
DaveH arrived with a mountain of chips with Shay also well stacked.
Both John and Craig were low (ish) but one double up would see them right back in it.
Gary and Ian both doing well with Ted mid division and Paul hanging on.

John did indeed double up and then got a little more aggressive with his betting.
Announcing an all in everyone folded apart from moneybags Dave who stated that although he didn't have much he was going to call.
Dave turned over 8s 5s and was well behind Johns A,K.
The flop was Js, 7s, Kh and although John ahead two spades on the flop give Dave a draw for the flush.
A 6h on the turn and then on the river another King......but its a spade so although John has trips its not enough to beat Daves flush so John out in 8th place.
(John and Ted also lost out in the golf earlier after some blatant rule breaking by Dave & Shay so all in all not a good day for John)!

DaveH carries on with his wrecking ball when a clearly frustrated Craig cracks and goes for an
unconvincing all in only to find his bluff is doomed up against Daves 2 pairs so Craig out in 7th.

Both Paul and Ted now living on fumes and on a flop of A,4,6 Paul goes all in.
Dave yet again calls and shows A,Q and is ahead of Pauls pocket Kings.
No 3rd King for Paul on the turn and river and hes out in a hard fought 6th place.

Ted survives an all in against Dave to double up to around 35K.
Then a big surprise.
On a flop of A,5,7 Gary checks and Ian decides to put the pressure on and goes all in.
Gary instantly calls and tables a well disguised pocket fives for trips.
He's miles ahead of Ians pair of aces (A,Q) and just like that Ian is out in 5th place.
Not much Ian could do there as the all in seemed the right bet!

Ted then has a purple patch and starts getting a lot of chips.
He calls Shays all in bluff and wins.
So Shay out in 4th place after looking like he was set for at least a top 3 finish.

Another huge hand follows when Ted announces all in and gets an instant call from Dave H.
Ted has pocket Jacks and Dave has A,K.
The first card on the flop is a Jack and Dave doesn't improve.
He is also staggered that Ted has over 135K in chips which he has to ship over leaving him more or less out.
The axe falls for Dave shortly after when Gary wins the all in and Dave out in a very unlucky 3rd place despite dominating for most of the game.

So Ted has around a 3-1 advantage in chips over Gary and starts to put the pressure on but can't quite find the coup de gras.
The seminal hand is Garys all in with A,9 against Teds pocket Queens.
Agonisingly for Ted Gary hits an ace on the turn and they're now fairly even in chips.
The momentum has now swung to Gary and some good raises puts Ted under pressure.
Ted eventually calls all in (with J,9) and gets an instant call from Gary with A, 4.
Neither player hits and Gary wins.

Great game with a real shift in fortunes over the night for at least 4 or 5 players.
Very well done to our top 4 who all played really well.
So the updated league table now looks like this.

1. Gary - Played 3 - 25 Points.
2. Ted - Played 4 - 18 Points.
3. Ed - Played 4 - 17 Points.
4. Ade - Played 3 - 13 Points.
5. Shay - Played 3 - 13 Points.
6. Craig - Played 3 - 12 Points.
7. Brian - Played 4 - 10 Points.
8. DaveH - Played 3 - 8 Points.
9. Ian - Played 2 - 7 Points.
10. Dave J - Played 3 - 7 Points.
11. John - Played 3 - 4 Points.
12. Paul - Played 2 - 2 Points.
13. Matt - Played 1 - 1 Point.

So a little bit of breathing space for Gary but everyone else all bunched up.
All to play for then!

You should by now have had your invites for the tournament on the 20th October so please reply when you can to give me a clue!

As ever thanks to all those who attended, Craig for hosting and for those who helped with the shuffling.

We do it all again soon.


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-10-05 04:48:00


Tournament #4 Results!  
Good morning all

Sincere apologies for the delay in getting this invite to you all.

I have been locked in talks with Kim Jung-Un (aka Craig) about using his 'huge' facility for the next tournament.
After 2 weeks of discussions I can now confirm that he can do it on the 29th provided we bring along a few extra chairs!

So Carrs pasties and mushy peas it is:)

The next tournament will feature two rounds of Omaha.
That's as many as I want to do as I know everyone's not a huge fan (definitely more in favour though).

Golf is also on the agenda earlier in the day for anyone who can spare the time.

So address your replies to me in your preferred method to say if you can attend or not.

Looking forward to it and see you on the night.


Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-09-30 05:45:53


Show Me The Money - Tournament 3 Round Up.  
Tournament number 3 kicked off at Daves last Friday with our lowest turnout for some time.
Dave J pulled out at the last minute due to illness as did Shay with the far fetched excuse about going down to London to earn millions!!
With Paul, Gary and Craig also away it meant we had a starting field of 7 players.
Some wag did mention that this meant John had reached a final table!

Our merry band of players were Ted, Ed, Brian, DaveH, John and Ian (making his first appearance of the season).

A slight change to our normal game meant that every player received 40K as a starting stack mainly due to the fact that Dave was worried about the Omaha bit and didn't want anyone knocked out to early......he read a book about Omaha.....takes his poker like his golf....seriously.
Don't let the merry bonhomie fool you.....he's a shark!!
Anyway I digress.

The best part of the limit game was once again the 20 minute Omaha blind.
Only five hands were dealt in that period.
The two big winners were DaveH ("I've read a book on Omaha") who won two of the hands and Ian who amusingly beat John with a higher straight......."oh f**k of" shouted John throwing his cards into the air.
Again it was noticeable how everyone really had to concentrate (except Ade who decided to fold every Omaha hand).
Just so you all know the next tournament might have two Omaha blinds.
Really messing with your heads now!!

Anyway, by the break the two chip leaders were DaveH and Ian but no one was way behind so all to play for.
As usual Jude gave us our favoured chicken crunch plus a nice little shepherds pie for John so everyone happy:)

So, to the main game.
It was always likely that a tired John wasn't going to last the pace so he decided on a win or bust strategy.
On a flop of 3,2,3 he bet 5k and got a caller in Brian.
A 2 on the turn saw John announce all in followed by Brian quietly saying call.
John turns over A,J but Brian has a big blind special and has 10,3 for a full house.
So John out in 7th place.

He stayed around long enough to witness Ade getting very excited about a hand and shouting full house when in fact he meant to say all in!!
That was enough to frighten off the opposition.

We then had a great hand between Ed and Ade.
On a full flop with two Jacks showing Ade went all in and immediately got a call from Ed.
They both had a Jack.
Agonisingly for Ade his kicker was a 9 and Eds kicker was a 10.
Ade out in a very unlucky 6th place.

Ted was then involved in a quite remarkable hand.
After surviving one all in and down to his last 12K he went all in on a flop up to the turn of Q,J,7,8.
He then got four callers in Ian, Brian, Dave AND Ed.........wtf!
The river card was a 9 and Brian went all in and got a call from a clearly unhappy Dave (both Ed and Ian had folded by this stage).
Dave turned over pocket queens for trips, Brian had a 10 for the straight and Ted had 9,10 also for the straight.
So Brian splits the main pot with Ted and takes a huge chunk out of Daves stack.

Inevitably Daves demise happens not long after when his A,10 is bettered by Eds Q,J.
Ed running hot knocks Dave out in 5th place.
Its worth mentioning that Dave had at least two hands where despite being well ahead by the turn every river card was a nightmare for him.....very, very frustrating!

Teds renaissance didn't last long either as he soon found himself back being the low stack again.
With around 14K he was all in after a starting flop of 9,8,8.
It was folded around to Ed who by this stage was a big chip leader.
"Call" said Ed and turned over K,Q and was up against Teds pocket 10's.
The turn was a 5 and all Ted had to do was avoid a King or Queen on the river......he didn't!
A rivered King gave Ed the chips and Ted out in 4th place.

Ian was as usual playing his small stack in an expert way.
However the rising blinds meant that he was going to have to make a move.
He called all in on Eds big blind and got a call despite Ed saying he didnt have much.
Ian had A,J and was up against Eds Q,3.
The first card out on the flop was a Queen and Ed, clearly relishing being boss of the table took in yet more chips and Ian out in a hard fought 3rd place.

So we had a father against son final.
It was never going to be a long winded affair and sure enough on a flop of J,3,4 Brian announced an all in and got an immediate call from Ed who turned over pocket Queens.
Brian was going for the bluff with 9, 7 and no miracle cards meant that was that.
So Brian plays a good game to get 2nd place but the winner from a long way out was Ed who wins his first tournament of the year and shoots to the top of the table.

It certainly makes our league table interesting and at the moment its a very tight affair.

Ed - 16 points.
Gary - 15 points.
Ade - 13 points.
Craig - 11 points.
Ted - 11 points.
Shay - 10 points.
Dave J - 6 points.
Ian - 5 points.
DaveH - 3 points.
John - 3 points.
Paul - 1 point.
Matt - 1 point.

So no one running away with it and one good result means you jump into a high position.

Sadly its a bit of a wait until our next tournament but just so you all know I am looking at Friday
29th September for the next one at a venue to be decided.
Keep an eye out for the invites.

Thank you to all who turned up on Friday, to Ade for helping with the shuffling and of course to
Dave & Jude for being their usual generous hosts.


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-08-21 11:51:08


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