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Tournament Scheduled!  
A new tournament has been scheduled for 2017-08-18!

Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-07-31 04:21:22


Show Me The Money - Tournament 2 Round Up.  
So our 2nd tournament of the season kicked off at the hotel last Friday.
A great turnout of 12 players with the welcome return of Matt.
Only Ian couldn't make it (the first time he has ever missed back to back tournaments).
Getting to 12 players meant that we had extra cash and more importantly extra points to play for.

Table 1 had Ted, Craig, John, Paul, Matt & Gary.
Table 2 had Ed, Dave J, Dave H, Brian, Ade and Shay.

As usual limit to start.....BUT.
The introduction of Omaha for one 20 minute blind was a stunner.
Once we reached blinds of 500/1000 Omaha limit kicked in.
It's the quietest I have EVER heard our poker room as 12 brains furiously ticked over trying to work out if they had a good starting hand, a good calling hand or in fact any hand at all!
It was a very expensive lesson for some!
Gary took 16K in chips with a higher straight than Matt (to his utter disgust).
Gary then proceeded to hit a full house on the river to take a similar amount off Ted.
Our group as a whole found it mentally challenging (ha) ably demonstrated by a 5 minute discussion on table 1 about Craigs winning hand.....or was it.....errr yes it was....eventually.
The overall feedback was good so expect Omaha to be included in a few
more tournaments yet!

So by the break Gary, Craig and Ted were chip leaders on table 1 (Ted won 7 hands on the bounce to make up for the Omaha debacle) with Matt the low stack.
On table 2 Shay, Ade and Ed were all above their starting stacks with Brian their low stack.

Shay had obviously had a word with the chef because the half time buffet was ace.
Chicken Kebabs, Quiches, Fries, Wraps, Sandwiches so plenty to feed all.
Much appreciated mate.

So once the no limit was up and running it didn't take too long to get to our first surprise casualty. This was followed by a sequence of hands that was unreal and left one player
very happy!

After being (in his own words) in "a good position" Craig then proceeded to lose some big pots at the beginning of the no limit game.
He then tried a big bluff that didn't work and got called by a suspicious Gary who only had King high.
King high was good enough and Craig out in a disappointing 12th place.

On the very next hand Matt who had been low stacked after the limit and Omaha thought he had doubled up when he tabled a straight but visibly winced when Gary lay down a higher straight.
So Matts return was only a brief one as he exited in 11th place.

To balance the tables Brian was called over from table 2 and immediately went all in on a very dry looking flop.
A bemused Gary made an instant called and for the third hand in a row won when he showed 2 pairs!
So Brian out in 10th place and Gary now a huge chip leader.

Paul had gamely kept in the game and wasn't prepared to let himself get to low on chips.
As a good pot built up he pushed all in only to get a call from......yes Gary.
Gary then proceeds to show a well hidden pair of pocket aces and Paul out in 9th place.

So before the final table draw Gary was well in the lead with Ade, Ted & Shay all in the game.
A few low stacks particularly The Daves and John who were all looking to improve.

For once Dave J couldn't get a foothold in the game and was out when his all in was called by Ade who actually won with an ace high so Dave J out in 8th place.

Not far behind was DaveH who became a victim to a surprisingly aggressive Ade who tabled trip 6's to send Dave to the rail in 7th place.

No coincidence that John was out in 6th place (his favourite position) as Ade hit an ace on the river!

Ade running hot and not long after he makes a spectacular double elimination as his A,Q beats Shays pocket 10's and Ed's K,9.
The ace on the turn sends Shay out in 5th and Ed out in 4th place.

So down to our final 3 players of Gary, Ade and Ted.
Gary picking his spots to act.
Ade being ultra aggressive and putting in some huge raises.
Ted playing very passive poker.

We did have one monster pot with Ted all in against Ade.
With a flop of K,2,5,9,2 Ted turned over A,2 for trips.
Ade had........exactly the same hand so all that for a split pot:)

Ted not wanting to be blinded out went all in for his last 50K and got an instant call from Gary.
Gary has A,9 against Ted's 5,8 and with neither playing hitting, Ted out in 3rd place.

The heads up between Gary and Ade was a long one but fascinating to watch.
The chip lead went back and forth before Gary snatched victory with a pair as Ade faltered at the final hurdle.

So what a game and some surprises to boot.
Gary taking some major risks, Ade getting all uber aggressive and both getting the rewards.

So the top of our league table has a very interesting look to it after two tournaments.

1. Gary - 15 points.
2. Ade - 12 points.
3. Craig - 11 points.
4. Shay - 10 points.
5. Ted - 8 points.
6. Dave J - 6 points.
7. Ed - 6 points.
All the rest.......meh:)

Thanks to everyone who attended and for Shay for hosting.
Also a big thank you to Ed and Brian for staying until the end to do the dealing and shuffling.

Our next tournament is pencilled in for the 18th August and is at Daves so watch out for the invites out later this week.


On the night.

John telling us all about his dodgy thumb and not wanting to shake hands right before he won a pot and then forgetting about it as Ted slyly offered his hand in congratulations.
Owwwwwwww squealed John.

Gary & Ade playing very unlike errrr Gary & Ade but finishing 1st & 2nd....
Maybe a lesson in that for all of us!
Also every player on the night was knocked out by either Gary or Ade!!

Matt's bonhomie about being a new (ish) dad quickly being replaced by utter frustration as he got beat up poker style.

12 players really is the best turnout as it gets two full tables with plenty of action and banter.

The early signs are that this years champion is really going to have to earn it!!

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-07-24 09:54:19


Tournament #2 Results!  
Good afternoon all

Well, the result of the first tournament was a bit of a shocker.
A player not tipped by ANYONE (not even himself) to make the top 3 has ended up top of the pile.....for the moment.

Tournament number 2 is scheduled at the hotel where Craig, Shay and DJ will be looking to extend their lead as the rest of us play catch up.

Shay's promised to lay on a better spread than last time with lobster, steaks and some very select caviar (Anna has the contacts) on the menu.

Please let me know in your usual manner if you can attend.
Hopefully we can improve on last weeks turnout providing a 25 minute drive isn't to strenuous for some:)

One big change (it's a suggestion only so don't all go off on one).
How about we play Limit Omaha for the first session?
You get 4 dealt cards (instead of 2).
Betting rules are the same.
The only difference is that you have to use 2 of your dealt 4 cards and 3 from the flop.
Even DJ should be able to get his head around that!!
Just thought it would freshen up the nights and if its popular we can vary the type of games we play.

Also I am thinking of selling one of the tables.
As you know both tables are in great condition.
So 40.00 for 1 table but note that the bag is knackered.
Let me know if you're interested.

.......and that's it.

Hope to see you all on the night.


Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-07-24 09:25:58


Show Me The Money - Tournament 1 Round Up  
So our new season kicked off last Friday with a less than average turn out.
It didn't matter as we still had a great game with some great hands.
With a few last minute cancellations (most genuine, one woeful) we ended up with a starting field of 8 players.
They were Ted, Ed, Brian, Dave J, Gary, Shay, Ade and most unexpectedly Craig (well done that man).
No messing around with two tables on the night.....we went straight into final table mode!

So limit to start.
The next hour and a half was pretty much the 'Shay Show'!
Aggressive betting, a few timely raises and Shays starting stack of 35K had at least doubled by the break.
At one point Gary turned to Shay and said "you don't have to bet on EVERY hand"!
Ed, Brian, Dave J and Ted all down with Craig, Ade and Gary all either slightly up or close to their starting stacks.

At the break we had the delicious Ham & Chicken pie plus roast potatoes.
Absolutely delicious.....thank you.

It's always good to get off to a good start in a new season so with five of the eight players guaranteed good points it was all to play for.

Ed had begun slowly and just couldn't get into the game.
He won a few small limit pots but was clearly looking to make a move when the no limit began.
He got his wish when on a flop of 10h, 4d, Kh he put in a big bet and Craig called.
Another heart on the turn 7h and Ed goes all in but gets an immediate call from Craig.
Ed has pocket 4's for trips but he winces when he sees that Craig has made his flush.
The river card is a blank for Ed and he's left with a few thousand as Craig doubles up big time.
Ironically Ed then wins a couple of all ins only to get knocked out when Dave J matches his 2 pairs but edges the win with his ace kicker.
So Ed out in 8th spot.

Not long after Brian is following his son off the table.
Brian's all in with A, Q is called by Gary's A, K.
The King on the flop is a crusher for Brian and he exits in 7th place.

We then have two miserable looking Rothwells morosely staring at us for the next hour and a half.
Not even an offer to deal!

At this point in the game Shay and Craig were well ahead with Dave J, Gary and Ade all with reasonable stacks and Ted at the rear.
That changed when Ted won a big pot from Dave J with a full house.
Suddenly Ted had chips and started to bet.
The problem was despite having decent hands he always ran into a better one and the chips dwindled away.
Down to his last 15K he went all in on Shays big blind.
Shay called with pocket 9's and Ted turned over A,K.
A dry flop gave Shay the win and a thoroughly pissed off Ted exited in 6th place and out of the main points.

Ade had kept himself well in the game with some nice strategic bets but as the blinds started to bite he had to draw the line.
Attempting to push Shay off a big pot he went all in with his remaining 20K but Shay had a piece of the flop and made the call.
It was an out and out bluff from Ade so he was out in a battling 5th place.
Shay now sat there with well over 100K in chips.

Shay still betting and putting pressure on other players lost a few all ins to Gary who by this point was struggling to stay in the game.
After building up his stack a little Gary went all in with K, Q and got a call from Shay who turned over A, 9.
The flop gave us 3, 8, Q and Gary ahead.
The turn card was an ace and meant that Shay was now in front.
No improvement on the river and Gary out in 4th place.......and he made the dinner, cleaned up and made the brews!

I should state at this point that all of the three remaining players had enjoyed a good night and played well.
Shay couldn't have bet much better.
Craig played fast and loose and is always a dangerous player when in the mood (whaddya mean no one voted for me to be in the top 3!!!).
Dave J despite not raising on one hand with the nuts still put in some great bets (I know some were out and out bluffs).

Shay and Craig both had more chips than Dave J and in the end this proved decisive.
With the blinds at 7500/15000 Dave went for the all in.
Shay folded but Craig who had lost a few big hands with Dave eventually decided to make the call.
It was a good call.
Dave J went out in 3rd place attempting a stone cold bluff.

At the start of the heads up between Craig and Shay it was Shay who was chip leader.
Their game lasted around 40 mins and the lead changed hands several times.
The big hand came when Craig was just edging the lead.
Craig bets and Shay raises.
The flop is Ad, 7c, 5c.
Craig goes all in and Shay calls.
Craig has a pair but Shay has the Kc and the Qc for a flush draw.
Sadly for Shay he doesn't hit another club so the night ends with Craig as the winner.

Great game guys and a big well done to our top three who deserved the money and those precious points on the night.

So after round 1 our league table looks as follows

Craig - 10 points.
Shay - 7 points.
DaveJ - 5 points.
Gary - 3 points.
Ade - 2 points.
Ted - 1 point.
Brian - 1 point.
Ed - 1 point.
Ian, DaveH, John, Matt, Paul - 0 points .....:)

A big thank you to Gary and his better half for hosting and cooking us all such a great meal.
Much appreciated by everyone there.
Also to Craig who didn't grumble once when having to help me with the shuffling all night.

Round 2 is pencilled in for Friday 21st July so watch out for the invites (out soon).



The highlight of the evening without doubt was Jonesey getting pulled by the dibble as he left Garys house.
Reversing out onto a main road without your lights on is a sure way of getting noticed.
You were very lucky they didn't penalise you more for that Mr J!!

Craig not very happy that he didn't garner a single top three vote in the pre-season preview (he's now on a mission)!

Everyone commented on how enjoyable the game had been despite there being fewer players!

Gary worked very hard on the night to keep us all wined and dined.

The only downside on the night was the halftime break conversation.
It was all about DEATH.
DEATH in a tower, DEATH by terrorists, DEATH by illness, DEATH by car crash........guys, guys .....lighten up...please!

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-06-26 07:44:35


Tournament #1 Results!  
Good morning all

Have you missed me?
Well fear not.
I am here with the exciting news that our new poker season is set to kick off on Friday 23rd June.

We are starting our new season at Garys so top food and hosting guaranteed.

Let me know in your preferred method if you can come.

In the meantime I would ask that all players either email or text me with their predicted top 3 players for next season.......be warned I will stalk you if you don't reply!
You can of course vote for yourself!!

A look back at last season and a new season preview will follow on next week so look out for that.


Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-06-24 03:08:18


Show Me The Money - Season Preview  
Good morning all

Welcome to the Season 11 'Show me the Money' preview.
It's a bit wordy so grab yourselves a brew!!

I now have the results of the poll but more on that shortly.

Before we get into next season lets have a quick look at what happened last season.
Our overall attendance figures were a little down on the previous year.
Over 12 tournaments we had 129 players (8 less than the previous season).
Never the less that's still an average of over 10 players per game so still pretty good.
The main venues were at the hotel and Dave H's with Gary and Craig also doing their bit.
As ever very much appreciated guys particularly as you provide the food as well.
Our total prize money over the season was 3225.00 and as usual all of that was paid out as winnings.
Highlights of the season included welcoming our first female player, Ed winning 3 tournaments, the quality of the meals provided and last but not least what a good night out it is.
The points and money are trappings as its the comraderie and banter that's the most fun.
The nights are a success because you all take the trouble, and in some instances drive ridiculous miles to attend.
Hopefully you all want to continue playing.

I reclaimed the title which made up for the previous seasons cruel twist of fate when Shay won it with the final card.
DaveH and Shay weren't that far behind at the end, with Ed back to form in 4th and Ian once again making the top 5.
That brings us nicely to the new season.
So after polling all thirteen of the main playing group I can advise:-

1. Ted - got 4 votes to win it and numerous votes for a top 3 finish.....no pressure then!
2. Shay - got 3 votes to win it and most players picked him for the top 3.
3. Ed - got 2 votes to win it and enough top 3 votes to get him into third.
4. Ian - got 2 votes to win it and was just pipped by Ed for 3rd place.
5. Brian - got 1 vote to win it and 1 vote to finish 2nd ("what are they smoking said Brian")!
6. John - incredibly got 1 vote to win it from the person smoking something weird!

I'm sorry to say that only 2 other players got any votes at all.
Dave H got three votes for a top 3 finish and Gary got a solitary vote (not himself) to also make the top 3.
Personally I'm surprised that more of you didn't give Dave H and Craig more votes plus Matt (if he can make some of the tournaments).
Interestingly our predicted top 5 last season were the right players but in the wrong order.
We had, in order Ian, Ted, Ed, Shay and Dave H as the top 5.
It finished Ted, Dave H, Shay Ed and Ian.
Hopefully your predictions for this season will be spot on.....:)

I have another treat for you in that this years guest reviewer is our obsessive and City fixated
player John.
I promised him I wouldn't edit his article (apart from one tiny bit) so read and enjoy.


Ah gentlemen a new season is upon us and our illustrious chairman has asked me to put together a brief summary of my thoughts for the upcoming jovialities.
First of all let me say that I'm so looking forward to the new season and aim to take my poker playing very seriously this season and as such my intention is not to miss a single game ( unless it's at Gary's as that's far too far for me to drive or if it's at Brian's because it's impossible to park . or Craig's cos the mushy peas give me wind ), But apart from those I'll make every other game ( unless it's raining of course or if it's sunny cos then I'd rather have a BBQ !! ) but seriously apart from those circumstances I'll definitely be there !

Now onto my predictions ....,
Brian will be mad , bad ,reckless and sad 10th.

Jonesy will "pretend "he doesn't know what he's doing then win a few just to annoy us ( 4th ).

Keeny will be in equal measures grumpy , snippy, irritable and successful ( 2nd ).

Hib always good to see one of our senior players doing well , will as usual be determined , committed and ......disappointed! ( 5th).

Craig will be awkward , annoying and no doubt bloody lucky as usual (and presumably will see only one in 3 or 4 hands each tournament as the rest he will go in blind on) 7th.

Ian will do his usual stay quiet so people think he's gone home then leap out from under the table at 12 o'clock with his complete starting stack in place ( 1st ).

Ed will continue to get stronger and stronger can't see him finishing outside the top 3 us reds gotta stick together ( 3rd ).

Shay ahhh Shay my texting Buddy can't see this being a good season for shay or his hero pep and I intend to wind him up as much as humanly possible so I think it'll be not so lucky 8th for Shay (see what I did with your lucky 8 there shay hey clever or what).

Paul difficult to call but another blue so I hope he does badly ! (9th ).

The next bunch are very difficult to assess as it will be dependant on the number of tournaments they attend as all are more than capable of doing well.

Gary for a blue a surprisingly nice guy definitely due a run of luck and if attends enough tournaments may worry the top 3 or 4 ( will also be favourite for the chef of the year award (no chicken crunch from Gary).

Ade anyone who wears a waistcoat so regularly has to be respected , feared , and sectioned.

Matt not seen so much of Matt in recent months but a canny player and a bad loser so a combination to be wary of ( a high number of turn outs will put him in the top bunch).

Finally my good self only thing I predict is that I will be get more good nights sleep than the rest of you , 1st to bed on most occasions but will try to brighten you evenings with my self deprecating humour , irresistible charm and undeniable good looks (6th position, after my new hero).

Glory Glory.

United's transfer dealings to date.

Griezmann - (hides smile) No thanks.
Silva - No, No, City
Ronaldo - If you keep bothering me I will have to get a restraining order.
Neymar - Ha Ha Ha.
Bale - Yeah right.
Morata - Please buy me so RM can use your money to buy a regular 1st team player in Mbappe.
Mbappe - Big Club Please.
Limpsalot - I'm from Benfica (errr).

Back to the Poker!!

I plan to keep the current format in place for how points and the money is awarded.
So 25 will be put aside from each tournament to go in the end of year prize pot.
The final top 5 will once again be rewarded as follows.

1st - 120.00
2nd - 70.00
3rd - 50.00
4th - 35.00
5th - 25.00

Finally, I know I've mentioned this before but if anyone has any suggestions on how to make our nights even better I'm always willing to listen.

Looking forward to kicking off the new season on the 23rd June so will hopefully see you on the night.


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-06-14 06:00:45


A Decade of Flops - Tournament 12 Round Up  
So our final tournament of the season kicked off at Daves last Friday.
Again we had a decent turn out of 11 players.
Table 1 had Ed, Brian, Ian, Dave H, John and Gary.
Table 2 had Ted, DaveJ, Shay, Craig and Paul.

Ever since we increased the starting blinds to 200/400 limit has proven to be a bit of a challenge
at times.
Friday was no different as by the break several players on both tables were down to less than half of their starting stack of 35K.
Poor old Ian didn't win a single pot in an hour and a halfs play!
So by the break table 1 had Dave H as a big chip leader with Gary and John with decent stacks.
Ed, Brian and particularly Ian were well down.
Table 2 wasn't much different.
Shay was chip leader with Craig and Dave J all doing well.
Ted and Paul both struggling with around 17K in chips each.

Dave remembered Judes instruction to turn the oven on at 2100 so plenty of Chicken Crunch and
Cottage Pie for all to tuck into.
As ever it was fantastic, so a big thank you to Jude for taking the time to do it.

From a league table point of view it was all to play for (well for the minor positions)!
Before the no limit Dave H was 2nd, Ed 3rd, Ian 4th and DaveJ 5th.
Would it stay that way?

Ians only win all night was to knock Brian out in 11th place.
His A,Q proving to strong for Brians risky shove with K,5.

Ians league position of 4th place comes under immediate threat when he gets knocked out in 10th.
His A,10 is no match for Garys A J (Gary made a straight).
DaveJ, Craig, Shay or even Paul could all now catch an anxious looking Ian.

Well when I say Paul could catch Ian that was on the basis he stayed in the tournament!
Not long after Paul went all in with Q,10 and got a call from Shay with A,6.
The flop was J,Q,K so Paul ahead but Shay with straight possibilities.
The turn was a 6 giving Shay more outs.
The only person not surprised to see another 6 hit on the river was Shay and Paul out in 9th.
"Shit game this" mumbled Paul as he beat a hasty exit.

So a quick re-draw for our final table of 8 players.

John had as usual been involved in a lot of pots and was soon struggling.
He makes a big bet and Craig casually puts him all in.
"Go on then, I call" says John.
He's miles behind Craig's trips and is out in 8th place.
He then stays behind to help with the dealing and make everyone a brew....or not as the case might be:)

Ed who has been on fire in the last few tournaments wasn't getting much joy on the night.
Went all in on a flush draw against Craig's pocket Queens.
He didn't make it and was out in 7th place.
Suddenly his 3rd position in the league was also looking vulnerable as both Craig and Shay had plenty of chips.

Ted and DaveJ were at this time way behind the others so it made sense for DaveJ to go all in.
Unluckily for him he picked the moment Ted got pocket aces.
The flop really tried to help Dave by giving him a 9 on the flop but that was it and he was out in 6th place.
It also meant Dave was unlikely to retain his position of 5th in the league table.

One huge pot between Gary and Shay had a big bearing on the nights result.
When Gary bet big on a flop of A,J,8 he was called by Shay.
A 10 came down on the turn and again Gary bet big and Shay called.
The river was a King.
A small grimace from Gary as he checked only to find it was now Shay betting big.
He had to call and saw Shay with the straight.
This knocked the stuffing out of Gary and a little later his all in with A,8 was easily beaten by Craig's trip Queens.

Ted had around the 25K in chips and was clearly looking for a hand.
He went all in on Craigs big blind.
Craig sat with a good stack of chips works out that it's only another 14K to call on top of his big blind and with a "what the hell" calls.
He turns over a weak looking 2,5 and was up against Teds pocket Kings (Ian has a little whine at this point "first he gets pocket aces, then pocket Kings" and then stamps his foot).
Ian however shouldn't have worried.
A flop of 7,Q,5 means Craig has outs and although the turn is a blank the river is a very cruel 2 and Ted after a brief tantrum is out in 4th place.

So the best three players on the night got to slug it out for the top placings.
Craig not in the mood for subtle tactics soon announced an all in.
Dave H hit quad 4's.
Absolutely no answer to that and Craig out in a battling 3rd place.
Dave also hit a straight flush earlier in the evening.
I don't know what the odds are in getting Quads and a straight flush on the SAME night but, but, but it must be huge!!

The heads up between Shay and Dave H (who doesn't have a good record on recent heads ups) lasted a good half an hour.
Dave probably started a little bit in front but there was never much to choose between them.
The big hand came when the flop gave AD, 7C and 3C.
Shay goes all in and Dave calls straight away.
Dave has QC & KC for a flush draw and is up against Shays pair of aces.
Dave doesn't hit and Shay claims a famous win.

So Shays win has a big impact on the final league placings.

1st - Ted - 53 Points Champione, champione etc etc
2nd - Dave H - 44 Points - Just like the old days Hibby!
3rd - Shay - 39 Points - If you'd played all 12 tournys you probably would have won.
4th - Ed - 38 Points - Well done Ed, a great season for you.
5th - Ian - 38 Points - Low points in 3 of your last 4 tournys tripped you up.

6th - DaveJ - 37 Points - Very unlucky to be edged out in the final tournament Dave.
7th - Craig - 28 Points - Playing a couple more tournaments might have made the difference.
8th - Matt - 27 Points - Thankfully your baby arrived just in time for the rest of us!
9th - Paul - 26 Points - Plagued by some very bad beats in several tournaments.
10th - John - 17 Points - Will be disappointed not to have finished 6th.
11th - Gary - 16 Points - Couldn't get in the groove this season.
12th - Ade - 13 Points - Disappointing season for the normally consistent Ade.
13th - Brian - 11 Points - A season to forget mate.....the only way is up and all that!

So another great season.
Thank you to everyone for making the nights such good fun.
The best bit is that we get to do it all again very soon (starting on the 23rd June).
As ever I am happy to consider any suggested improvements plus if anyone has got a catchy title for our new season please let me know.
I will contact you all again next month for predictions for the new season (your top 3) and will in due course send out the usual season review/preview.

Thanks as usual for Dave & Jude for being such generous hosts and to all those who helped with the shuffling (particularly Ian and Ed).

All the best.


Posted by Omegaman on 2017-05-25 04:53:07


Tournament #12 Results!  
Good afternoon all

As promised this is the invite for our final tournament of the season.

We're back at poker HQ (errr that's Dave H's) for this so you're guaranteed a good night.

As you all know the main trophy has already been claimed (it's so hard to type that without sounding smug-
However who will finish in positions 2,3,4 & 5 is anyone's guess.
Bear in mind that our top 5 get a cash prize of :-
1st - 120.00
2nd - 70.00
3rd - 50.00
4th - 35.00
5th - 25.00

This prize money is on top of what you can win on the night.
The favourites to occupy these positions are DaveH, Ed, Ian & Dave J.
However any of Shay, Paul or Matt could take one of the places with a win or 2nd place.
So it should be highly entertaining watching that lot jockey for position :)

Hopefully as many of you as possible can make this but as ever please let me know via your preferred method if you can attend.

Finally look out for another poker related email in due course.


Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-05-20 05:09:41


A Decade of Flops - Tournament 11 Round Up  
So our penultimate tournament of the season kicked off at 1945 last Friday at the hotel.
A last minute rush on seats meant we had a starting field of 11 runners and riders.
A good finish for Ted would see him win the league or a win for either of Ian or Dave H would see them close the gap and leave the title decider to the last game (oohh exciting eh).

Table 1 had Ted, Paul, John, DaveJ and Ian.
Table 2 had Ed, Brian, Shay, DaveH, Ade and Craig.

An interesting limit session saw some big winners and losers on both tables.
On table 1 both Ian and Paul finished the session well up with Dave J and Ted the big losers.
Ian was up to around 60K and Ted down to 20K.
On table 2 Dave H was up as was Ed with Craig, Ade & Shay all suffering!

After the buffet (cheers Shay) the no limit game started.

Craig stright into it and in the words of Dave H "he caused havoc" on table 2 by going all in blind several times.
Although Craig doubled up courtesy of trips he eventually became a cropper with ironically a good starting hand.
His pocket 9's were beaten by Brian's pair of aces (hit on the flop).
So Craig was last to arrive but first to depart in 11th place.

Shay had one of those nights where he could never get going and eventually went all in with pocket 7's only to receive an immediate call from Ed who tabled A,5.
Ed managed to hit 2 pairs and Shay retired muttering to his office out in 10th place.

John had done his usual ducking and diving and won a few and lost a few.
He went all in on a pretty dry looking flop only to find out that Ian was sat there with trips!
John out early in 9th place but at least was guaranteed a good sleep for golf on Saturday!

So a quick redraw for our final table of 8 players.
The top 6 players in the league table were all still in the tournament so all to play for.

Ted was down to his last 10K and went all in on the first hand.
The call, came from Dave H who has A,J and was up against Ted's pocket 7's.
The first card on the flop was an ace and that was that for Ted who was out in 8th place.
More importantly no extra points for Ted and Ian and DaveH well placed to take advantage.

Next to clash were DaveJ and Brian who had both been involved in a lot of pots.
On a dangerous looking flop of 2,A,4,5,8 Brian went all in but got the dreaded call from DaveJ.
DaveJ had the 3 for a straight and was ahead of Brians pocket Queens so Brian out in 7th place.

Arguably the most dramatic hand of the night involved Dave H and Ade.
Ade had been very patient but with the blinds now getting quite steep he went all in with 18K.
At this point Dave H (in the big blind) had plenty of chips and he (apologetically) called.
Ade had A,5 and Dave H had a non threatening looking 2,3.
The flop came A,Q,6 so Ade comfortably ahead.
Ted jokingly says Ade can still win with a 4 and a 5 (you know what's coming don't you)!
The turn card is a 4 (knowing looks all round) followed incredibly by a 5 to give Dave the win.
A weary shake of the head from Ade who took the bad beat very well but was still out in 6th place.

Dave H on a roll now and soon after called Pauls all in (pocket 9's) with K,Q.
The flop of 6,Q,Q was fairly comprehensive and the King on the river for a full house meant that
Paul was out in 5th place.
Paul had played very well indeed in the limit game but just couldn't get a hand in the no limit game.

So the players in the league table in positions 2,3,4 & 5 were our final four players.
Both Ian and Dave H in with a great chance of winning to put pressure on Ted.

Dave J had hung in there all night but couldn't quite win one of the really big pots.
This meant he was the low stack of the final four players.
To his credit he went all in before his stack got to low and received a call from Ed.
Dave J had Q,J but found out Ed had A,J.
A flop of 3,7,4,3,3 meant Ed prevailed courtesy of his ace and Jonesey out in a battling 4th place.

It's not an easy task to deal hands to your nearest competitors in the league but I managed it!
A win for Ian or DaveH now looking like a distinct possibility.
Then Ian lost a big pot to Ed and suddenly he looked vulnerable.
Realising that it was now all or nothing Ian was all in on his big blind with 7,10.
Ed running hot calls with K,6 and a flop of Q,A,2 is not good news for Ian.
The turn card is a King and Ian out in 3rd after playing a pretty faultless game.

The heads up between DaveH and Ed started with Dave having a definite chip advantage.
However with the the blinds at 7500/15000 a few wins and it all changes.
At one point Dave was very close to winning but Ed hung on.
Ed managed to survive an all in when his weaker hand won and from that point it was neck and neck.
Then Ed won a few hands and edged ahead.
On a flop of 3,A,9, Ed bet and Dave after some thought declared all in.
Lots of heavy sighs from Ed who very very reluctantly called.
He needn't have worried though as Dave's bet was a stone cold bluff with K,J.
Ed had A,4 and a turn card of another 9 and a river card of a 6 gave him the win.

So Ed wins his 3rd tournament out of his last 5 starts.
Another top finish for both the Daves and Ian played his usual thoughtful game.
So congratulations to our top 4 who all deserved the money and the points.
I'm sorry (not really) to advise you all that the result means that no one is close enough to catch yours truly and I'm errrrr "THE CHAMP"(trademark):)
Here is the updated table to confirm this momentous news.

Ted - 51 Points.
Dave H - 39 Points.
Ed - 38 Points.
Ian - 38 Points.
Dave J - 33 Points.
Shay - 30 Points.
Matt - 27 Points.
Paul - 26 Points.
Craig - 24 Points.
John - 17 Points.
Gary - 16 Points.
Ade - 13 Points.
Brian - 11 Points.

The updated table (your best 7 finishes) shows that the battle for the 2nd - 5th positions will all
be decided at the final tournament of the season.

Thanks to all who played and as ever thanks to Shay for hosting at late notice plus a special mention to Ade who helped me keep the game moving by doing the shuffling.

Look out for another email that some of you (well Dave H & Ian) will find interesting (maybe)!!

Watch out for the invites to our final tournament of the season.



Who would have thought that both Craig AND John were total conspiracy NUT JOBS.
Apparently the moon landings were fake and 9/11 is dodgy......guys, guys come on.
I KNOW that this is total bollocks as my good friend Elvis told me.

John wanting to see the next card after folding.
Ted asks "what did you need"....."a 6" says John.
Ted turns up a 6 and John goes purple and walks out of the room (that was a mere flesh wound compared to Ade's eviction).

Ian and Paul all over the place with their betting and Ian not realising that he'd won a really big pot
with a full house (he thought he only had trips).
This was denied vehemently by Ian but we all SAW the truth!
To be fair Ted also missed a few things and these errors were gleefully pointed out by the hawk like Paul (obsessed).

Dave H & Paul said Ted's "about to explode" or the alternative view from Ade was "he's just being polite"......You decide!

Shays football board and in particular the 'Non Europe' place team under the line in 7th place (guess who).
Although after Sundays giant killing result the board may have to be amended!

Yes Mr Vice President, good putt Mr Vice President.....:)

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-04-18 10:10:40


Tournament #11 Results!  
Good morning all

As promised please find enclosed details on your new tournament date.

I want to see how many people we have attending before sorting that out.

Obviously with us nearing the business end of the season it would be great if as many players as possible can attend but I realise that as its good Friday one or two may be missing.

If you can let me know asap if you can play that would be great.


Tournament Details

Posted by Omegaman on 2017-04-14 19:37:28


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