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NJPT Championship Results!  
 photo NJPT 2016 small_zpsfpxr7iv6.gif

A detailed write-up will follow shortly.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-06-12 17:22:35


NJPT Championship Satellite Qualifier Results!  
 photo NJPT 2016 small_zpsfpxr7iv6.gif

It was the nightmare for all Championship table finalists to learn that Steve (S.G.) C. emerged as the winner of this year's Satellite tournament, earning the ninth seat. Steve played a patient game and was able to wear down the other three contenders.

Although there were only four competitors who attended, this game certainly didn't lack for anything, as the assembled players played for all they were worth. Steve made a couple of early scores, with John (MrVodka) M. as his unfortunate victim, but John was able to bounce back quite nicely and get back into contention. Phil (DadBusardo) B. was not as fortunate, however, as he could never seem to get the cards that he needed and was bleeding chips at an alarming rate. Tony (RocklandRounder) B. seemed to do his best playing in absentia, as he arrived well into the second round, but once he got there, he was able to recover momentarily what had been blinded out from him. All players arrived at the break, with Steve leading the pack with 2710, followed by John, who had improved his stack to 1980. Phil sat with only 660, and Tony was bringing up the rear with 650.

A detailed write-up will follow shortly.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-06-11 20:13:53


Some info regarding the Championship Tournament  
 photo NJPT 2016 small_zpsfpxr7iv6.gif

Hi all.

Now that everyone who is eligible has reserved a seat in the Championship tournament, I thought that I would post up the blind schedule that will be used for the championship tournament (the satellite, by the way, will still use the regular one), along with the finalized starting chip counts (and how I arrived at them).

The championship blind schedule will be modified somewhat from our regular one in that Iím basing it on an average starting chip stack of T5000, rather than the usual T1000. I just thought it might be a bit more exciting to throw around larger amounts of chips for the championship tournament. The schedule goes like this:

25 - 50
50 - 100
75 - 150
100 - 200
150 - 300 (break)
200 - 400
300 - 600
500 - 1000
700 - 1400
1000 - 2000 (break)
1500 - 3000
2000 - 4000
3000 - 6000
5000 - 10000
7000 - 14000

(Iíve also posted this schedule on our rules page for your own edification.)

Next, here are the starting chip stacks for the championship (Iíll explain how I computed them in a minute.):

Mike Z.: 6950
Sean S.: 5800
Scott B.: 5575
Scott K.: 5275
John B.: 4875
Sal P.: 4475
Dan M.: 4350
Jeff S.: 4325
Satellite Winner: 3875

Hereís how I got there: As mentioned before, I wanted the starting stack to average T5000, so multiplying by 9 players, that would bring the total chips in play at T45000. I deducted T9000 from the total (T1000 per player) which would be used as a flat base amount that would be added to each player's stack, regardless of point total (meaning that everyone starts with a base amount of T1000 chips). This now meant that the remaining T36000 would be divided up according to each of the playerís point totals that were accumulated throughout the season. I then totaled up the points of the top nine point earners, for a total of 3505.8 points. After dropping the decimal points, I divided each playerís point total by 35058 to arrive at that playerís percentage, and then figured the starting stack based on each playerís percentage of the remaining amount (T36000) of starting chips. I then would either round up or down to the nearest 25, and that would be the playerís starting chip stack.

Let me show you, using Sal P. as an example: Sal managed to get 338.6 points for the season. I removed the decimal points, then I divided 3386 by 35058 to arrive at .09658, or to round it up and convert to percentage would be 9.66%. I then multiplied 36000 (chips remaining) by 9.66% (thank goodness for a calculator!) to arrive at 3477.6, which was rounded up to 3478. I then added the 1000 base chip amount to 3478 to get the figure to 4478, then rounded down to the nearest 25, bringing Sal's chip stack to T4475. See, itís as clear as that! Any questions? Feel like youíre in math class again?

Just a reminder that we will not be providing food at either of the final tournaments, in lieu of the customary monetary contribution, but rather we will have some light snacks. However, if you wish to get something, we can ďpay as you goĒ with some take-out or whatnot. And, I currently have Guinness and Blue Moon Belgian White on tap, for those that are interested.

One other thing: if for any reason you cannot make the tournament next month, would you PLEASE change your status on the reservation page? (Particularly those involved in the championship, as this would have implications on the satellite, plus starting chipstacks would then need to be recalculated). Here are the links for those particular pages:

NJPT Satellite

NJPT Championship

Any questions or thoughts? Feel free to share.

I'm so looking forward to these two tournaments!...

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-06-04 20:18:41


Satellite & Championship info  
 photo NJPT 2016 small_zpsfpxr7iv6.gif

Hi everyone.

I recently sent out a communication to all post-season players to gauge interest in the possible dates that I had selected for the tournaments. Based upon the feedback that I had received, the satellite and championship tournaments will be conducted on consecutive days, namely on the evening of Saturday, June 11 @ 7:00pm (satellite), and the afternoon of Sunday, June 12 @ 2:00pm (championship).

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

In order to qualify for both the satellite and championship tourneys, you must have participated in at least 3 events this season. The championship will consist of the top eight point earners for the season, along with the winner of the satellite. (Make sure you sign up for the correct tournament! Also, if you sign up but did not qualify, your reservation will be rejected!)

Buy-in for the satellite will be $35. The format will be a freezeout (meaning no rebuys. Once you are out, youíre out.), and all money collected will go directly into the championship pot. There will also be no bounties.

The championship tourney will be a freeroll (no entry fee). The format will also be a freezeout, with the top three finishers being paid. (No bounties here, either.)

No food will be served during either of these tournaments, although light snacks will be provided. As always, this will be BYOB.

One other thing: if for any reason you cannot make the tournament next month, would you PLEASE change your status on the reservation page? (Particularly those involved in the championship, as this would have implications on the satellite). Here are the links for those particular pages:

NJPT Satellite

NJPT Championship

I'll get back to you all with more info regarding starting stacks, blind schedules and whatnot shortly.
Any questions or thoughts? Feel free to share.

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-05-31 09:38:01


This is the End; Tournament #11 Results!  
A detailed write-up will follow shortly.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-05-21 21:53:15


Trylon & Perisphere; Tournament #10 Results!  
A detailed write-up will follow shortly.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-04-30 21:45:43


An Evening Wasted...;Tournament #9 Results!  
Demonstrating the anthesis of the tournament's title, it was far from an evening wasted for John (BeemerGolf24) B., who took down his second tournament of the season. Despite a late arrival, John played well enough early on, then caught a nice run of cards late to take a lead. Once there, he suffered a couple of bad beats, but he was able to serve up a couple of his own later to take it down.

This month's tournament was played by a total of thirteen players, mostly comprised of the usual suspects. Sean (NoShoes) S. was the first to exit, having run into an extremely unfortunate turn of events in the second round. In the BB with a board showing a pair of sixes, he and host Sal (salponts125) P. got into it, with bets and raises and calls. When the river came A, Sal lead out for 500, which prompted Sean to go all in for his remaining 925, which Sal called. Sean showed a six in his hand for a set, but Sal also had a six to go along with an ace for a full boat, which sent Sean to an early exit. By the time of the first break, it was Sal nicely in the lead with 2705, while on the small table Steve (S.G.) C. was in front with 2190. Jeff (Hawaii-Jake) S., also at the small table, held 1880, and back at the large table, it was winner of two of the last three events Scott (Scottdog) B. with an improved stack of 1840. Johnny B. upped his starting stake to 1725, and first time player Greg (NJPTGuest89) N. was up to 1670. First place holder Mike (TheZei) Z. came up to 1610, Scotty K. sat at 1600 even, and John (MrVodka) M. was right in there with 1585. The remaining three players were running a deficit, although none could be considered out of the running, as Phil (DadBusardo) B. had 1105, the erstwhile Dan (TrapperDan) M. sat with 915, and Buddy (kingslive) M. was the short stack with 655.

Play picked up once again in the fourth, and almost immediately, Buddy surrendered the rest of his stack to Jeff, thereby becoming the second casualty of the evening. Later in the same round, John M. was taken out by Sal, once again missing the final table while allowing Sal to collect still more chips. No hits took place in the fifth, but things began to heat up again in the sixth, when Phil, who wasn't catching cards all night, fell to Scotty K. After the reseating with nine players left in the competition, newcomer Greg was sent packing, as Jeff called his bluff with a monster. Steve, whose stack had slowly benn whittled down, was finally dispatched by Johnny B., who scored his first knockout. Moving on to the seventh round and, surprisingly, our host Sal ran out of gas, once again at the hands of BeemerGolf. Mike Z. scored his first hit, collecting the rest of Dan's small remaining stack and sending him home once again without the required envelope. Bursting the bubble would be Scottdog, who became Johnny B.'s third victim of the night, but a fifth place finish was still good enough to collect a good number of points to solidify his standing in second place for POY.

Down to the money now and moving into the eighth round, Jeff fell onto some hard times and was finally done in by, you guessed it, Johnny B; Jeff would collect fourth place money and points. By the time of the second break, there were three players remaining, with John sitting on his spoils with 7950, Mike Z. keeping pace with 7225, and a resurgent Scotty K., who was the low stack with 4325. After a short break and color up, play would once again resume.

In the ninth, for the most part, the remaining three mostly passed chips around to each other. A key hand took place when John raised it up from the button, Scott folded up his SB, and Mike called his BB. The flop came with two eights in it, and the betting began, with Scott more than content to sit this one out as the two big stacks went at it. By the time the hand was over, John had doubled up, showing a set of Eights, while Mike made a questionable call with a pair of Threes, evidentally thinking that John was bluffing and crippling his once large chipstack. Finally, with the blinds at 200-400, Scott folded up the button, Mike topped off his SB, and John checked his option. The flop brought 7 5 9, and John checked out of turn. Mike bet 600, which John called. The turn came 9, and this time Mike went all in for his remaining 2600. John went into the tank for a short time before deciding to make the call. Mike tabled his gutshot try with K 8, while John was ahead with his two pair 6 7 (14% v. 86%). The river came 2, and just like that, Mike was out in third, yet another victim of John, but at least he came away with third place money and points, the latter of which would be used to pad his already formidible lead in the POY.

Going into heads up, John held a 3-to-1 chiplead over Scott, so by all accounts, this should not last too long. Scott began by chipping away at John little by little, and then finally shoving all in with K J os, only to be called by John who held A Q os. It looked like it might be over, but Scott sucked out a king on the river to double up and now trade places with John. So now it was John's turn to work the short stack and find a way to get back in it. John got things started by shoving, and Scott timidly laid down a straight flush draw (which would have flushed on the turn had it played out), and this would prove to be a turning point. On another hand, John put his remaining chips at stake after Scott put him all in, and while Scott made two pair, John this time was the recipient of a kind river which completed his straight to the king, once again reversing the participants respective fortunes. It all came down to a hand in the eleventh round, with the blinds now at 400-800, Scott was on the button, and as soon as he peeked at his cards, shoved his stack all in for 9500, which John called instantly. Scott revealed 8 8, but John had him crushed with 10 10 (18% v. 81%). The flop fell K 7 5 (16% v. 85%), giving Scott a little hope of possibly backdooring a flush, but those hopes were dashed when 2 (5% v. 95%) turned, so now he was down to two outs. The river hit A, and John had captured his second tournament of the season.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-04-09 22:07:58


Anybody See Frank?; Tournament #8 Results!  
The March tournament was taken down by Sal (salponts125) P., who was the last man standing at the end of a game that contained a total of nine participants. Sal utilized his usual style of aggressive early play and accumulating a large chipstack early, and then picking his places accordingly. When the cards came to him late in the tournament, Sal was able to clean up for a final showdown, in which he came out on top.

As mentioned previously, it was Sal who made the early plays, making raises preflop and then following up with large postflop bets that allowed him to drag some large pots; by the time of the first break, he had collected 3415 chips and was clearly in front. Keeping pace with Sal was Scott (Scottdog) B., winner of the last two consecutive tournaments, whose recent game play has decidedly reach another level; he held 2525. Dan (TrapperDan) M., who was being staked this evening by his wife, demonstrated some early success as well, sitting in third with 1970. Also showing a profit was Sean (NoShoes) S., securely in fourth with 1705. In the middle resided host Scotty K., who showed a modest loss at 1355. Making his return to the NJPT was Buddy (kingslive) M., whose early speculation whittled his stack down a bit to 875, while making another final table (!) was John (MrVodka) M., who took some early hits and was resting at 830. Rounding out the field was Steve (S.G.) C., who despite supplying the chili, took a single large hit that depleted his chipstack to 690, while Jeff (Hawaii-Jake) S. was clinging to the felt with 275.

When play resumed in the fourth, the chips began to fly in earnest and, surprisingly, it was Dan who was the first to exit at the hands of Scott B., who was beginning to surge once again. In the fifth round, John shoved his remaining stack in with solid pocket Queens; he got called by the large stack of Scottdog, who only had one overcard with K Q os. The subsequent flop was especially decisive when two Kings fell, sending John to the rail yet again and givning Scott his second consecutive knockout. in the sixth, Scotty K. got outflopped not once but twice, the second of which sent him out in seventh at the hands of Buddy. Shortly thereafter in the same round, Steve was finally felted, also thanks to Buddy, who was now starting to become a force.

The seventh would prove to be the pivotal round, as the hits would now come quite quickly. With the blinds at 100-200, Buddy folded UTG, and Scottdog limped in. Sean made a button raise to 550, but Sal shoved his somewhat depleted stack of 1725 from the SB. Jeff, who had made an incredible comeback, wasted little time pushing in for less for a total of 1050. These events gave Sean some pause, and eventually he decided to fold. Sal showed the best starting hand in hold'em, A A, and Jeff saw that he was against a cooler when he revealed Q Q (81% v. 18%), a 4-to-1 underdog. The flop fell 3 7 7 (88% v. 12%), which gave Jeff a slim hope of a backdoor flush draw to go along with needing a remaining Queen. His prayers were answered when Q (5% v. 95%) turned, so now it the tables were reversed and it looked as if Sal would be severely crippled. With only two outs, Sal defied the odds when A rivered, and just like that, Jeff went from more than doubling up to hitting the rail, while also giving Sal more weapons to wield. Ten minutes later, Sean pushed from the button for 2225, and Sal decided to call from the SB, while Buddy elected to get out of the way. Sean held A 8, but once again, Sal had the upper hand with A K (29% v. 67%; 4% tie). The flop brought Q 6 J (15% v. 82%), so Sean still had some outs. The turn 4 (7% v. 93%) reduced his outs now to three, and the river sealed his fate with J, sending Sean out on the bubble.

There were three players left now, with Sal, Scott, and Buddy remaining, but it wouldn't be long before we were down to two. On the very next hand, still in the seventh round, Buddy was first to act and raised it up to 800 from the button. Scottdog folded up the SB, but Sal responded by shoving all-in for quite a bit, and Buddy snap called for 3050 total. Once again, Sal showed the "Ace Bombs" A A, while Buddy needed to catch a miracle as he had A Q (92% v. 7%). The flop was actually kind to Buddy with 5 3 2 (79% v. 5%; 16% tie), for although his odds of winning were still slim, he now had outs with which to chop. The turn 3 (91% v. 0%; 9% tie) eliminated the win, so now he needed a four to survive. The river sent Buddy out in third when 6 rivered, so now it was heads-up, with Scott seeking a third consecutive win, and Sal looking for a needed victory.

With the speed by which the field moved down to two players, one would think that it would be an equally quick finish, but that would not be the case. Both players were comparably stacked, so there was some gamesmanship going on. Bets and raises went uncalled, or hands were checked down. Then at the end of the eight round, some movement finally took place. With the blinds at 150-300, Sal open raised to 900 from the button, which Scott called. On a flop of 9 J 6, Scott checked, so Sal opened for 1200. Scott responded by shoving all in for 4150, and Sal, having him covered, decided to make the call. Scott tabled J 10 for top pair, while Sal flipped over Q 10 (54% v. 43%) for an open-ender. The turn produced many possibilities with A (59% v. 41%), which kept Scott in front but now gave Sal a flush draw to go along with the open ender, so it was still pretty much a coin flip. The river came in Sal's favor with 4, completing the flush and handing Sal the victory, while Scott came in second for his third consecutive high cash.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-03-19 21:27:01


The Reichstag is Burning; Tournament #7 Results!  
This month's tournament was won once again by Scott (Scottdog) B., his second consecutive win of the season. Our host played in a manner that was similar to his last month's win, playing a patient game until late in the match, when he was able to get lucky on a couple of coin flips to take down the victory.

This month's event was attended by nine players, another intimate gathering that was cordial and friendly in nature. Last to arrive was Steve (S.G.) C., who was first to leave after his flopped two pair was bested by Jeff (Hawaii-Jake) S.'s rivered straight, which left Steve hopelessly crippled; he would make his exit later in the same second round. Scotty K. left in the fourth, having taken a hit to his stack in the same hand with Steve and Jeff, and he was never able to recover. Sean (NoShoes) S. was sent out in the fourth, as he could not get anything going, while John (MrVodka) M., who had taken down some nice early pots and was leading at one point went down in the same round, finishing in sixth, a vast improvement from some of his earlier finishes. Sal (salponts125) S. surprisingly ended up in fifth, for after dragging down some nice pots and taking the lead midway, he began to bleed chips until he was forced out in the seventh. Dan (TrapperDan) M. finished on the bubble in fourth place in the eighth after hanging around and nursing a small stack, which left it up to the money with Scott, Jeff, and Mike (TheZei) Z.

With those three players left, chips began to be passed around in such a manner that anyone could have won it. In the ninth, Mike was visibly frustrated as his dwindling stack was continually being attacked by the other two contenders. After having doubled-up on a desperation shove that yielded two pair, Mike found himself down to a similar situation. After Scott folded up his button, Mike shoved for his final 2200 from the SB, which Jeff dutifully called from the BB. Mike tabled a solid K J, but Jeff had a slightly better A 9 (43% v. 57%). The flop brought K 10 2 (85% v. 15%), hitting Mike squarely for top pair and vaulting him out in front. The turn came a troubling 6 (73% v. 27%), now giving Jeff twelve outs in order to dispatch MIke for his fourth hit of the evening. The river seemed to be something of a mocking card for Mike, as he scored a third King for trips, but it was K, which completed the nut flush for Jeff and ended the day for Mike, who still scored a very nice third place cash and added points for his top level standing.

Heads-up lasted for a few hands, but after Scott scored a devestating hit to Jeff's stack on a shove a hand earlier, it came down to this. In the tenth round, with the blinds now 300-600, Scott made an open raise to 1800 from the button, and Jeff wasted little time shoving in for a total of 2800. Scott called instantly, having to only call 1000 more, and while Jeff showed A 6, while Scott flipped K J (60% v. 40%), similar to the hand that did in Mike a short time earlier. The flop hit both players, with Scott scoring a J right in the window, but A followed right behind to give Jeff top pair and some hope of doubling up and continuing. The last card on the flop saw 10 (68% v. 31%), which now gave Scott Queens to go along with Kings and Jacks as outs to close it all down. With little delay, the turn came Q (0% v. 93%; 7% tie), giving Scott a Broadway straight and eliminating Jeff from winning the hand outright, so now Jeff needed one of the remaining Kings in order to chop the pot. The river fell 3, putting Jeff out in second and allowing Scott to claim his second straight victory.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-02-28 10:37:13


Hello, Dolly!; Tournament #6 Results!  
The winner of the sixth tournament of the 2016 campaign was Scott (Scottdog) B., who played patiently throughout and hit the big hands late when it mattered the most. Although Sal (salponts125) P. dominated for most of the game, it was a heads-up hand between Sal and Scott that was the turning point, as Sal shoved his huge stack all in, and Scott called immediately. Sal showed pocket Jacks, while Scott showed pocket Queens, which held and wrecked Sal's evening.

Tournament Details

Posted by Scotty_K on 2016-01-16 21:49:07


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