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Bodog Accepting Canadians!  
Bodog is finally accepting Canadian players!

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Posted by SteveSeagraves on 2007-08-02 09:38:46


HPT - May News  
For HPT contest and bonus information, check out the May Home Poker Tour newsletter HERE!

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-05-01 09:31:01


Home Poker Tour - April News  
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O's Corner Season V Week 2  
O’s Corner
Season V Week 2


After a very successful first week of the season, we got down to a more manageable number this week with 28. We still had several newcomers show up, but would they fair as well as Johnny V. from last week? Let’s go to the tourney and find out.

With 28 people, we had two tables of nine and one of ten. This made for a little bit of crowding, but it wasn’t for long. Kevin “Hawk” and Track C went out at the same time early on, giving us more elbowroom. There was a lull and then Yim got knocked out followed by Lauchlin. “The Lock” had his pocket Kings cracked by Raymond’s pocket Js when a fourth diamond came on the river. He lost most of his chips on that hand and couldn’t recover. I was Ray’s next victim when my big slick failed to produce against his pocket 6s. Carlos was next followed by Brad. George took out Steve on a very good read. Steve raised from the button and George smooth called with his pocket 8s. The flop was 973 and George checked to Steve. Steve moved all-in for his remaining 1700. George was getting a little less than 2 to 1 on his money. In the end, he called saying, “This is a bad call.” Fortunately for him his gut was better than his head as Steve only had AK. No help came and George was stacking. Next out was Rita who ran into pocket As. She had outs, but it didn’t work out. Kris got knocked out when he tried to bluff Frenchy, but couldn’t get by his two pair. This left 18 to make two tables

Patrick was the first victim of the merge followed by Aaron H. who just couldn’t get his big hands paid off, either winning small pots or getting drawn out on. Joe Castro was next to fall, followed by Dusty. Frenchy couldn’t but Kris’ chips to work for him as he was next to leave, followed by Tim H. Devin went after that and then Brent dropped out. James T. was the final table bubble victim leaving one newcomer at the table. How well would David M. do?

First out at the final table was Vinh. He was playing pretty aggressively, but it just didn’t work out in the end. Hilda was next out, making a solid showing as usual. David M. went out in seventh, making a decent showing for a first time out. He was followed by an old time rounder Bob “4 6”. Wade was the money bubble victim going out in fifth. Atti followed with his first cash this season, which left Ray, Mark and George. Ray had some chips to play with early, and he turned it into a third place showing. Now could Mark make it back to back to join an elite club or would George prevail for his first rounders bracelet? It would turn out to be George, taking his solid play to the top of the heap and becoming the first into the season ending Head Hunter tourney. Congratulations George on your first BAR victory. You are a deserving champ. Good job to Mark as well for following up your victory with a very strong second place.

Remember the next tourney is an add-on tourney that is on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at Atti’s!

Posted by SteveSeagraves on 2007-02-16 23:55:51


Season V #1 of 12 - $60 NR Results!  
Season V #1 of 12 - $60 No Rebuy, No Limit Texas Hold'em

Tournament Details

Posted by SteveSeagraves on 2007-02-08 22:45:38


O's Corner Season V Week 1  
O’s Corner
Season V Week 1


Welcome to the first week of Season V. It seems that many of you were anxious for the new season to start as we had over 40 people registering for the first tourney of the season. Continuing the trend from last season, we had 10 new people show up. We even had a few original rounders make an appearance, including Season I winner Horacio “Bling Bling”. Welcome back! Hope to see you at more tourneys this season. So let’s go to the tourney to see how it all played out.

We ended up with 36 people playing in this tourney at four tables. First out was Blaine. He was anxious to start a cash game with this many people and just blew off the tourney portion of the night. Next out was Devin who got his pocket Qs cracked by Rita’s flopped nut flush. Martin was next to go followed by Steve Gregory. Kris dropped next getting his two pair beat by a turned straight. Brent got dropped, followed by Carlos P. and then Bling. Paul’s exit helped to collapse the tourney to three tables and allow the cash game to start up.

John B. was the first victim of three tables followed by Rob N. Russell was out next followed by Manny M. Half of our newcomers were gone by this time. Would one of them step up or would they all fade? Yvonne got out next followed by Joe Castro. We had a break in the action and then Atti was out, not being able to come back from getting shortstacked early. Dave Ramirez was next to go followed by Steve C. to bring us to two tables. Adam A. was the first victim of the collapse bringing the number of newbies to two. Harold was next to go followed by newcomer jdmounge, leaving Johnny V. as the only newbie left. The “Crazy Train” was next to be derailed, followed by Dennis. Tim H. followed immediately after that and then James T. dropped out. I finished the night in 11th place, getting taken out by Steve’s 32 off-suit. Only one more player to go to the final table and two went out instead. Tony Fernandez got taken out one hand before Dusty leaving the final table with eight.

It looked like there would be a first time BAR tournament winner since Steve was the only bracelet winner at the table and he was the short stack. He was also the first victim, guaranteeing a first time winner. George was next out followed by Jeff Purvis. Michael R. ended up on the money bubble, going out in fifth. Rita was rolling early, but she ended up in fourth followed by Robert S. in third. This left Johnny V. and Mark P. to fight it out. In the end Mark took down the tourney to earn his first BAR bracelet. Congratulations Mark! You played well and earned this victory. Good job to Johnny V. as well for keeping up the tradition of first timers doing well.

One down and eleven more to go. See you on Friday, February 9!

Posted by SteveSeagraves on 2007-02-07 18:28:57


Tournament Scheduled!  
A new tournament has been scheduled for 2007-02-09!

Tournament Details

Posted by SteveSeagraves on 2007-02-05 11:07:16


8-20-06 STS #2 - $55 NR Results!  
STS #2 $55+5 NR NL Hold'em

Tournament Details

Posted by SteveSeagraves on 2007-02-05 11:05:35


Season V  
We had our pre-season meeting and we are set to start Season V. We were all in agreement that we liked the structure of Season IV. So we have not reallt changed much. The biggest change was the new blind structure . . . we eliminated the 5 dollar chip and the blinds will start at 25 and 25. You can find the blind structure on the links page. The other change was the Head Hunter touranment will be a slightly smaller pot down to $250 from $500. And we will award the money leader at the end of the regualr season as the "Player of the Year" with $250 bonus.

Everything else is the same the . . . the top ten money leaders at the end of the regular season will get into the Championship game (approx. $2250 purse) with a staggered chip count based on their money earning for the season. And if you knock out the previous weeks winner you get into the freeroll head Hunter Tournament at the end of the year ($250 purse).

To see the schedule go to bayarearounders.com and check it out there.

*Season V Schedule Subject To Change*

Posted by SteveSeagraves on 2007-01-31 18:11:55


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