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Posted by HomePokerTour on 2009-09-03 10:12:45


2007 Championship - The Main Event Results!  
Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who were able to adjust their schedules to make the Main Event possible today. Everyone came out ready to play, and it's a good thing. The Main Event turned into a 7-hour slugfest where there was some great card playing on display.

We started the Event with 14 players, and everyone started with 10,000 in chips. When we got to our first break at an hour into the Event, both tables had settled into their grooves and and players used this time to size each other up. When we went into the first break, nobody had managed to take command. TJ Wolsos had managed to take a slight chip lead with 14,050 in chips. Pete Myers was the short stack with 7,950. Everyone was still in and everyone still had a chance.

At 2-and-a-half hours into play, we had lost our first four players (Scott Welborn, Mugsy Fleming, Pete Myers, and Tom Wolsos) and consolidated down to our Final Table. The chips had started to shift a little more dramatically at this point but TJ had managed to keep the chip lead by building his stack up to 26,400. Our short stack at this point was Laura Drzazgowski with 3,750 left.

When the Final Table came together, we were into the 7th round with blind levels at 250/500. Everyone left in the Event was determined to make the money, and as play resumed, the players really started to play premium poker.

A couple rounds passed by and into Round 9 with Blinds at 400/800, Ian Fleming got tangled up in a hand with Jon Richardson. What Ian forgot to remember was that he should never play 2-pair when he called the bet by Jon on the river to put him all-in. Ian's 2-pair wasn't as good as Jon's and Ian was sent to the rail in 10th place.

At the end of Round 10, we had another chip count to see where all the players stood. Our past chip leader, TJ, had taken a few large hits to his chipstack and was now down to 9,600. Our new leader was now Jack Scicluna with 29,200 in chips. The short stack was Jay O'Dell with a very short stack of 2,000.

Into Round 11 the group played on and blinds were now up to 600/1200. TJ needed to make a move to keep his Main Event hopes alive. When he moved all-in he was called by Jon and one more time when the river showed, Jon had the best hand and managed to knock his second player out of the Final Table. TJ Wolsos was gone in 9th place.

Into Round 12, with the Blinds now at 800/1600, the blinds had started to catch up to Eric Drzazgowski. He moved all-in and was called by Steve Dunning. Eric''s hand was unable to improve and he was knocked out in 8th place.

Later in Round 12, Jay O'Dell's hot streak on the short stack came to an end. Even though ne managed to triple up once earlier in the round when he had less than the Big Blind, when he tried it a second time, it didn't pay off for him. He was knocked out by Jim Nelson in 7th place.

With 6 players left in the Main Event, play really tightened up and everyone had fairly sizable chipstacks to work with. The players moved through Round 13 very carefully without much aggression.

Round 14 came in and introduced blinds of 1200/2400. Jim Nelson decided to make his move and tried to take a big pot off of Steve Dunning. The problem was that Steve had made his hand and called Jim's all-in. Jim's hand didn't improve and he was knocked out in 6th place.

Round 15 passed by as the players remained determined to place in the money. AGain tight play reigned as the players all jockeyed for position.

Round 16 was a nightmare round for Steve Dunning. He entered the Round with one of the largest chipstacks in the Event. And late in the round, with blinds at 2000/4000, he lost his entire stack in 2 hands. The first major hit came when he misread the strength of Jack Scicluna's hand and moved all-in against him. Jack called immediately and showed Steve a flush. Steve couldn't beat it, but he had Jack covered. Unfortunately, it left him very short-stacked with less than the Big Blind. On the very next hand, he moved All-in again, only to be called (and beat) by Laura Drzazgowski. And just that quick, he was out in 5th place.

Round 17 began with 4 players left and blinds at 2500/5000. Laura had managed to play the short stack well for quite some time, but the blinds had just gotten to a point where she couldn't keep up. She moved all-in, and was called by Jon Richardson. Jon ended up with the best hand putting Laura out of the Event on the bubble in 4th place.

Down to our last 3 players, everyone was walking away with money, but only one would get the trophy. All three players were fairly even with chips so it was anyone's game to win.

Round 18 started with 3000/6000 blinds and and Jon Richardson was bleeding chips to Chris Balow for most of the round. Trying to stop the pain, Jon tried to make a stand against Chris and moved all-in. Chris did fold, but unfortunately, Jack had woken up with a hand. Jack called and had Jon covered. Jon couldn't improve his hand and he was knocked out in 3rd place.

We had played for over 7 hours at this point and we were no down to our final 2 players. Chris was the defending Main Event Champion, and Jack had never won an Event yet. Chris continued to play aggressively while Jack played patiently trying to pick his spot.

Into Round 19 they played with blinds going up to 4000/8000. Chris won most of the hands during heads-up play, but he couldn't get Jack to commit to any large hands. Finally, Chris managed to get Jack to put a large amount of chips in (his entire stack). Chris turned over his hand only to see that Jack had a better one. Chris didn't improve, and Jack managed to take the chip lead away from Chris.

A few hands later, Chris tried to make his move and continued his aggressive play. Again, Jack got the hand he needed to make the call. When the hands were turned up, Jack lead with his King high. On the flop, a King hit. The turn didn't help Chris' cause. And the River sealed it. Jack Scicluna knocked Chris Balow out in 2nd place and became our 2007 Main Event Winner.

Congratulations to Jack on his first League win. If you're going to win one, this is definitely the one to win! Thanks again to everyone who participated in the League this year. I had a great time hosting the games and I look forward to an even better year in 2008.

I'll see you all next year!

Tournament Details

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-12-02 20:23:27


2008 Season Schedule  
Hello all,

I just wanted to give everyojne a heads-up that the Event Schedule for next Season has been posted. You can download a copy of it from here.

At this point, it is still a tentative schedule, so if you see something that you really need changed, please let me know and we may be able to make arrangements.

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-10-22 09:18:24


POLL: Any interest in the following card games...  
Any interest in the following card games?

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-10-22 09:05:17


POLL: Should we keep Rebuy & Add-on Events nex...  
Should we keep Rebuy & Add-on Events next year?

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-10-22 09:00:02


October Hold 'Em Tournament (Event #10) Results!  
Hello all,

This one was the last Event of the 2007 season. We've had a great year and this Event sent us out with a bang!

Scott and Naomi Welborn were kind enough to host for us again. We had 12 players decide to make the trek to Troy and we had a few new faces as well.

Congratulations goes to Steve Dunning who made it back-to-back wins to end the season. Steve's great play in the last 2 Events has earned him a seat into our Main Event. In this Event, he fought back from $175 in chips when blinds were $50/$100. It was an amazing run to get him back on top.

Steve went heads-up against Jack Scicluna who also had quite a great comeback from an early chip decifit. At one point in the Event, Jack held every Black Chip on the table.

Coming in 3rd place was Adam Matthews, one of our new players. Adam also made a couple of strong comebacks in this Event to stave off elimination for as long as he could.

In 4th place, and on the bubble, was Ian Fleming. For some reason, 2-pair haunted him all night and whenever he held it, he would lose with it. This happened at least 7 times. To really drive it home, it was also the hand he was knocked out by just out of the money.

Steve was also our top hitman of the evening, eliminating 3 players from the Event. Jack and Scott Sheckell both did well and sent 2 players to the rail. Ian, Naomi, Scott Welborn, and Tom Wolsos also did their part taking out 1 player apiece.

This was the last Event of the season and we had a great year. Check the Leader Board to see where you ended up in points.

Our last Event of the year is going to be the Main Event. The top 14 players qualified for the Event. For those players who have qualified, you will need to have paid for at least 6 Events to get a freeroll into the Main Event. If you did not pay for 6 Events, you will be required to make up the difference before play begins.

Again, thank everyone for joining us this year, and I look forward to seeing everyone next January for the start of our 3rd Season.

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-10-20 23:25:46


September Hold 'Em Tournament (Event #9) Results!  
Hello all,

With the season winding down, we had a nice, medium sized turn-out for this Event with 14 players coming out to take part in this tournament. It was a well played evening and in the end, we had a very unexpected winner...

Congratulations goes out to Steve Dunning. He becomes the first ever non-League member to win an Event. With the win, I'm sure we will see Steve a lot more in Events to come. Steve managed to play well against all our our members and picked up some really good cards along the way.

He went heads-up against our past champion, and current points leader, Chris Balow. Chris played well building back up from a very short stack early in the tournament.

Coming in 3rd place was Pete Myers, who has now cashed in 3 of the last 4 Events. Pete played strong all night, and flew under the radar as he slowly built his chipstack. In the end, his cards couldn't hold up to the great cards Steve was getting and he was eliminated.

Coming in just short of the money was Jon Richardson. He played very well for most of the night and managed to get paid off early on when he held quads against a full house of Scott Welborn. It was great news for Jon, not so good for Scott. Even though he didn't cash in this Event, his good standing managed to move him up a notch on the Leader Board.

Our top 2 players of the evening were also our top 2 hitmen with Steve and Chris both knocking out 4 players apiece. Jon also did his part by sending 2 players to the rail, and Pete, Jack Scicluna, and Jim Nelson also managed to send 1 player packing.

We have one more Event before the end of the season. It should be a fun night of cards and for those still in the points race, it will be your last chance to gain a spot for the Main Event. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-09-30 01:02:27


August Add On Tournament (Event #8) Results!  
Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in getting this update up, but I think I have a valid excuse. Anyway, onto the Event details...

Due to some unexpected issues at the normal location (i.e. tornados, closed roads, power failures) the Event was taken on the road to Wixom where an impromptu card room was put together. Thanks to Mugsy Fleming for opening up her house to host the Event. We wouldn't have been able to finish this one without her.

The good news about the change in location was the small number of players who were in attendance. This was the smallest Event of the season with only 8 players so letting them all know about the location change was easy.

Even with the small number of players, the Add-On with this tournament meant there was a lot of action to be played as all players participated and increased the amount of chips in play. Everyone had a good time and it was a nice change of pace to some of the larger Events we have had earlier in the year.

Congrats goes out to TJ on his 2nd win of the season. With the win, TJ moved another step toward the top of the Leader Board.

Coming in 2nd place was Pete Myers who also found money for the second time this year.

On the bubble was Jack Scicluna. He played well all night, but didn't have enough chips in the end to compete with the two chip leaders ahead of him.

The season is starting to wind down now with only two Events remaining. It should be a very interesting race to the finish. I'll see you all at the September Event.

Tournament Details

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-08-26 10:21:53


Eric's tourney on Sept 15th  
Hello all,

Eric Drzazgowski wanted me to let everyone know that he is going to be hosting a tournament during the middle of September. This is not part of the League Events so no points are on the line. It's just for cash and fun! Details are listed below...


Texas Hold’em Shootout!!!!!!

Location… Eric’s house at 4444 Rolling Acres Dr. Hartland, MI. 48353

Style of play… sit and go tournament. Each table will play down to the last two. Those two will go to the final table.

Structure… each player will get 1,000 in chips, blinds starting at $10 and $20 with 20 minute intervals

The final table will start with 5,000 in chips for all 2nd place finishes and 6,000 in chips for all 1st place finishes. Blinds starting at $100 and $200 with 20 minute intervals.

Buy-in… $30 plus $5


Players 1-10 11-20 21-30
1st 70% 50% 50%
2nd 30% 30% 25%
3rd 20% 15%
4th 10%

When… Saturday, September 15th, 2007 at 7:00p.m.

Please let me know 248-887-3258 or e-mail at eldrzazgowski@ameritech.net

I will have snacks and drinks!!!!!

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-08-24 09:43:43


July Hold 'Em Tournament (Event #7) Results!  
Hello all,

What looked like a small Event turned into one of the biggest of the season with 20 players coming out to join the fun. We saw a lot of new faces at this Event and some players we haven't seen in a while. All in all it turned out to be a nice mix of players and another great night of cards.

Congratulations to Jim Nelson who won his 2nd Event of the season. Jim managed to dominate the first table he was seated at and use his large chipstack to push around the Final Table. He played aggressive all night and got the cards to back up his play. With the Win, Jim moved to the top of the Leader Board.

Coming in 2nd place was Chris Balow who played smart and at one point had taken the chip lead away from Jim. Jim kept his aggression on though and was able to get the cards to put Chris away.

In 3rd place overall was Keith "the Blind Squirrel" W. He played on the edge most of the night, going All-in at least a half dozen times, but managed to double up many times and keep playing.

In 4th place was Casey Gregg, who quietly snuck into the money while playing under the radar. He played smart and was able to place in the money for the 2nd time this season.

On the bubble was TJ Wolsos. He played well all night, but had a couple bad beats that crippled his stack and took him out of the money.

Our top hitman for the month was Jim Nelson who took out an amazing 9 players in the Event. While we were still at 2 tables, he took out everyone who was eliminated from the table he sat at. Chris Balow also did his part eliminating players by knocking out 3. Keith W, Tj Wolsos, and Ian Fleming all sent 2 players to the rail. And Casey Gregg managed to knock out 1 player.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. There are 3 Events left in the season and it looks like it is going to be an exciting finish. I look forward to seeing everyone at the August Event!

Posted by OO7Ian on 2007-07-29 00:32:30


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