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Tournament Scheduled!  
A new tournament has been scheduled for 2018-02-17!

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2018-02-12 20:20:00


Tournament #1 Results!  
Rookie Wes keeps up the hot streak. After winning the Bounty Classic in the last one, Wes has now won 2 of 3 club tournaments that he's played in! The heads up was against Rob and Wes held a 2-1 chip advantage. Already in the 600-1200 blinds, it didn't take long as Rob pushed his last chips in holding a 6-3 when his 3 hit the turn, but Wes made the easy call after spiking top pair of Queens on the flop. Dodging the 5 outer, Wes wins again and this one for real as he takes the early points lead to the season!

In the optional bounty program, 14 of the 17 players opted in. Kyle had the most at 6 (ties record single game high), while tournament winner Wes picked up 5. Janet snagged 2 and Donna (WM777) claimed the last one.

AxelRod took the jackpot on his late Aces Cracked.

FT Prize pool: TBD (at least 18 players for $450.00)

Moving up: Top 8 players
Falling out: None

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2018-02-06 21:09:47


Bounty Classic Results!  
The Pre-season XXV meeting was held before the Bounty Classic. Minutes are as follows…

1. Unveiled Season XXIV Champion TexasWildCat picture on Wall of Champions.

2. Regular season dates for XXV schedule will be Feb 3, 17; Mar 3, 17, 31; Apr 7, 21; and May 5. Please note that 3/17 may be moved to 3/24 if a host site can not be secured due to HewDat’s potential absence.

3. WC/FT date TBD. Survey of open dates to follow shortly.

4. Player roster at 18 full time players and potentially 19. All 14 players from last season are returning. Jason, DeeDee, and Jacy are returning. Janet has two new players, one is committed already and the other is an apparent strong maybe.

5. Janet is interested in hosting and looking into that as a possibility. All other hosts and dealers are as usual.

6. Voting on issues presented was an overwhelming consensus to continue the $5 optional bounty in all regular season tournaments and to change the rule for absent starting players that verbally register to be required to arrive by the end of the 3rd blind level (54 minutes after actual start of tournament clock). A proposal was tabled to change the bounty as mandatory $2 instead of the optional $5.

In the Classic, League rookie Wes (nickname yet announced) takes it down over Season XXIV Champion Monte. Monte started the heads up with a narrow 13.5K to 12K lead. A few hands in, Wes picked up pocket Aces and won a huge pot that crippled Monte. On the final hand, Monte was all in from the button, holding a Q-J offsuit to Wes’ 8-6 offsuit. The flop of a 10-7-5 gave Wes the open ender straight draw to his still live two cards. The 4 on the turn connected and Monte was drawing dead to the river. In the process, Wes also picked up Monte’s bounty. Earlier, Adam MonkeyNutted the other bounty of HewDat when he spiked a 10 for top pair on the flop and Mike’s Big Slick failed to hit the rest of the way.

Jason (to be paid still) and Brad split the high hand jackpot with Aces up over 7’s as no Aces were cracked, including Wes’ during heads up.

We start for real this Sat, Feb 3!

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2018-01-29 21:17:03


WC / FT Championship Results!  
In the most evenly spread Championship Final Tournament, XXIV was open for the taking and all players were well in play to claim the title. By my account, 7 of the 9 players had the chip lead at least momentarily. Further, the last duo at one point early on had dropped to a low stack (under 1K) midway in and had been all in with the possibility of being the first player eliminated. The chips were moving, but after the smoke cleared, this last duo had collectively eliminated all of the others between them. One last elimination remained...

The night began with the Wild Card event that ran 6 players deep as all 14 of our full time players were on the felt this Championship night. The wild card hopefuls started with the following chip stacks:

1,785 Janet
1,600 AC
1,400 Donna (WhoMe777)
1,390 Ken
1,335 Dave
1,015 Laura

Only one WC spot was available, but the seat was even more valuable than usual as this was only 385 chips behind the starting chip leader in the FT and less than 200 chips under the chip average. The final spot was down to AC and Donna with roughly even chip stacks to start the heads up. Later, with the turbo blinds creeping up and Donna smallish stacked, she pushed on her K-7 and AC called with his A-J. The board ran dry for both and the Ace high was good enough for AC to advance as the Wild Card entrant!

On to the XXIV Championship FT, the starting seeds and stacks were:

1. 2,170 Brad
2. 2,060 Chris
3. 2,000 Kyle
4. 1,985 Monte
5. 1,905 Rob
6. 1,860 Mike
7. 1,835 Glenn
8. 1,790 Donna (Purple)
9. 1,785 AC

All players survived thru the first break. After that, we had Monte double up on his all in and Mike build his stack on all in pushes that got thru. Starting chip leader Brad never got anything going on his first stint as the 1-seed and was low stacked by his final hand. Pushing his last 400 chips in with pocket 8’s, this was met with a call by Monte on his blind holding a K-10. The 10 flopped and the King turned. The 2-outer missed and Brad was eliminated in 9th, the fourth time now that the starting chip leader was the first one out. Chris also never got anything going. He was down to his last few hundred and went all in holding Q-10 suited clubs over Monte’s initial early position raise. Monte held a K-J and connected on the A-K-x flop. Chris failed to connect on his 3-outer Broadway draw and was knocked out in 8th place.

AC had early success and built his WC stack up to take the chip lead before the break. This stack had dwindled down though to micro range when his 10-6 offsuit in the big blind hit on 2nd pair out of the 3-way limped pot. Button Kyle, however, connected better to hit top pair on his K-9 and his smallish post-flop bet was called by small blind Monte’s 10-4 and enough to put AC all in who also called. Monte’s knockout run continued as the 4 on the turn gave Monte 2-pair and AC’s Wild Card run ended with a 7th place finish.

Down to 6 players, Donna(Purple) was the last player in the field seeking a first Championship. Her last 300 chips won a couple of quick multiway pots and then built that back up to where she was momentarily the chip leader. Dropping down a bit, she was just under Mike’s chip stack when Mike moved all in from the small blind holding big slick. Donna in the big blind held pocket jacks and made the call. The two limpers got out of the way and the flop double connected Kings to give Mike trips. Donna missed on the 2-outer and was ousted in 6th as Mike took over a sizeable stack at this point. Mike continued to chip up shortly after when his K-Q won a multi-way pot with Glenn’s all in holding a dominated K-9 and Monte’s 8-9 to the J-3-2,10,K board. Glenn also had a good middle run to be chip leader at one point but was low by this point and then out at 5th place. Not long after, Mike raised up suited paint holding a K-J hearts. Rob had a sizeable stack, courtesy of an earlier and recent big pot that decimated Glenn’s stack before his final hand, and pushed with pocket 2’s. After considerable deliberation, Mike made the call on the pot close to half of the total chips on the table. The King flopped and also overkilled on the river for Mike’s trip Kings as Rob exited in 4th. Defending Champion Mike now controlled more than half of the total chips after his 3 consecutive knockouts.

Kyle started in the dreaded 3-seed, the only seed to never win a JnBPC Championship in 23 prior seasons. He hit early and midway to narrowly take over the chip lead at one point. Well into 3-handed though, this stack had dropped to low levels and he pushed on his pocket 7’s out of the small blind. Monte made the call holding an A-8. The flop was good to Kyle on a 6-5-3 group of undercards that also gave him a near lock if could have caught the inside straight draw. But, the 8 on the turn spelled doom and Kyle missed on the 6-outer as he bubbled out in 3rd.

Now into the 150-300 blind level, Mike held the chip lead at 11.5K to 6.5K over Monte to start heads up. A few hands in, Mike’s pocket Queens failed to hold against Monte’s all in on a K-10 after the King hit the flop. The lead was reversed and thus began the epic survival show! Each player survived by hitting miracle river single digit outers twice (!) to keep the game going. It was Mike though, looking for the double up reversal on the final hand into the 300-600 blinds. Mike pushed on his 8-9 suited diamonds as Monte made the call holding the dominating suited diamonds in an Ace-Queen. The Ace spiked the flop and it was over on the blank turn even as the river 8 finished off the board for Monte’s win in the Season XXIV Championship!

Mike was denied a second back to back-er but his runner-up finish netted $105 which is a whopping 10th FT cash. Monte, meanwhile, won $245 for 1st place and more importantly makes him our 6th Multi-Championship winner! After 14 long seasons (tying Jason as the longest stretch between Championships), Monte again hoists the mini trophy!

Congratulations to the TexasWildCat, our Season XXIV Champion!

FT history…
Season Champion Runner-up 1st Prize 2nd Prize
I (1) Paul M xxx $140.00 XXX
II (5) Scott (1) Shon $202.00 $86.00
III (4) Jenn (2) Mike $249.00 $107.00
IV (7) Jason (2) Paul M $249.00 $107.00
V (1) Mike (T8) Heidi $202.00 $86.00
VI (2) Mike (1) Paul C $197.00 $85.00
VII (2) Paul M (9) Laura $193.00 $83.00
VIII (9) Carla (1) Mike $216.00 $92.00
IX (7) Bob (9) Dave $185.00 $79.00
X (1) Monte (4) Brad $270.00 $115.00
XI (2) Ernie (4) Paul M $232.00 $100.00
XII (5) Donna (2) Ernie $265.00 $113.00
XIII (4) DeeDee (3) Mike $224.00 $96.00
XIV (9) Glenn (1) Mike $308.00 $132.00
XV (1) Rubin (2) Monte $293.00 $125.00
XVI (2) Mike (1) Rubin $294.00 $126.00
XVII (2) Rob (5) Ken $328.00 $140.00
XVIII (6) Jason (T8) Ernie $393.00 $168.00
XIX (1) Chris (5) Mike $356.00 $153.00
XX (7) Ernie (3) Monte $368.00 $157.00
XXI (5) Kyle (4) Dave $385.00 $165.00
XXII (9) Glenn (1) Chris $350.00 $150.00
XXIII (1) Mike (6) Donna $333.00 $142.00
XXIV (4) Monte (6) Mike $245.00 $105.00

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-12-18 18:42:38


Tournament #8 Results!  
Chris finishes the season strong, winning 2 of the last 3 tournaments. It was heads up vs. AC with Chris holding a 14K to 4K lead. AC battled and was close to evening it up by the final hand which was a limp, raise, re-raise, call sequence started by Chris' pocket Q's on the button to AC's A-2. The board never helped on AC's single overcard for Chris' victory! In the process, Chris moves up from outside the automatic 8 qualifying spots all the way up to the 2nd seed!

In the new optional bounty program, Kyle picked up a game high 5 bounties despite the 3rd place finish, game-winner Chris took down 3, while AC and Donna (WhoMe) snagged 1 each. On the season, it was Kyle and Janet who tied for most bounties with 13 each!

Janet had her Aces cracked to claim the jackpot, although winning the sizeable pot may have been better given she falls short of a FT qualifying spot by just 4 points after her subsequent early exit.

FT Prize pool: 14 players for $350.00

Moving up: Str8Raiser (9 to 2)
Falling out: DamitJanet (6 to 9)

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-12-03 13:19:50


Tournament #7 Results!  
It was Mike and Glenn as the final twosome with Mike ahead in chips about 2 to 1 just into the 200-400 blinds. Only a single hand of heads up was needed after Glenn min-raised his button holding a Q-J. Mike defended holding a 6-4 suited hearts. The flop was the definition of an action flop, spreading a J-6-2 with two hearts. After Mike checked first, Glenn dropped his bounty chip into the pot with an all in and Mike made the call on the draw. Of the 14 sure outs, the turn spiked another heart for the winning flush to give Mike his first win on the season!

In the new optional bounty program, it was pretty split with Mike winning 4, Glenn 3, and Brad 2.

Brad's late quad 6's claimed the jackpot, which was the third time in a row that quads won it and the fourth time this season!

FT Prize pool: 14 players for $350.00

Moving up: HewDat (9 to 3)
Falling out: Str8Raiser (7 to 9)

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-11-19 19:13:00


Tournament #6 Results!  
He gets it in good, he gets it in bad... it really didn't matter this night for the man Str8Raising havoc. Chris doesn't connect early in the final table on 21 flopped outs to his super combo/overcard draw and is crippled. Undettered, he quickly built that up though by surviving on his tournament life on a 3 outer river and then preflop underpair to overpair all ins! The tournament decider was actually a few hands before the last one. At 3-handed in the 300-600 blinds, Brad raised up his button holding a suited K-6. Chris popped it for a raise in the SB. Kyle moved all in with his pocket Jacks with enough to re-open the betting. After a short while, Brad came in for a call looking to 2-1 knockout on Kyle. But, Chris had pocket Aces and wanted it all in preflop. Brad called on the huge pot odds. The Aces held up and the chip count left Brad with just a single black chip. He managed a couple of double ups (with the cards all dealt face up). The third time though was a dominated Q-3 to Chris' Q-8 and the 8 played for the win Chris self-predicted after he spiked on his river 3 outer earlier!

In the new optional bounty program, it was pretty split with Chris winning 4, Kyle 3, Brad 2, and Donaa WhoMe 1.

AxelRod matched a tournament #2 jackpot with quads for the high hand and did even better with quad 3's over his earlier quad 2's!

FT Prize pool: 14 players for $350.00

Moving up: Str8Raiser (12 to 7)
Falling out: GatorKen (8 to 10)

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-11-06 18:24:02


Tournament #5 Results!  
Glenn went heads up vs. Rob holding a 10K-5K chip advantage. The two battled for just a bit, but Rob never chipped away much. The final hand had a 6 bet all in by Deano's pocket Kings to Rob's A-Q. The hand was just about over on the K-x-x flop, and then done by a blank turn for Rob. In overkill (but not inconsequential - see jackpot below), the river case King sealed the victory!

In the new optional bounty program, 9 of the 10 players opted in. Glenn tied the record 6 bounties and Janet claimed the other three.

In a possible first, Glenn overtook the jackpot on the final river card of the tournament clinching hand as the quad Kings bested Janet's earlier quad 2's!

FT Prize pool: TBD (est. 14 players for $350.00)

Moving up: DeanoDog (12 to 7), TrumpKGB (10 to 6)
Falling out: ACCooler (7 to 11), HewDat (8 to 9)

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-10-22 19:38:15


Tournament #4 Results!  
Monte wins for the second time this season! Heads up was against Kyle who had an 11K-7K lead at the start. It didn't last long as all the chips were in the middle after just a few hands. Monte had the hand lead and Kyle had a monster combo draw with live cards but the draws never filled. Monte took over the chip lead and Kyle's smallish stack went blind all in on the next hand. Unfortunately, Kyle''s 7-6 was dominated by Monte's call holding a K-6. The board ran dry again for Kyle as the King high makes Monte our first multi-winner on the season!

In the new optional bounty program, 11 of the 12 players opted in. Kyle had the most on the night at 4. Monte added two more to his leading bounty total. AC also had two. Mike, Brad, and Donna-Purple picked up one each.

AC claimed the jackpot in consecutive weeks with another Aces Cracked!

FT Prize pool: TBD (est. 14 players for $350.00)

Moving up: PurpleGirl (9 to 6), ACCooler (10 to 7)
Falling out: TopGreyWolf (4 to 9), TrumpKGB (8 to 10)

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-10-11 20:16:40


Tournament #3 Results!  
It was Ladies' Night for XXIV-3 as the final 3 who cashed were females Janet, Donna-Purple, and Laura! The only one left out was Donna-WhoMe who joined the losers' table with the men (and won there!). Laura exited out in third and Janet started with a 4-1 chip lead over Donna-P in heads up. It lasted a while, but Janet held the lead to the final hand. Her pocket 3's flopped huge and held up to Donna-P's overcards when the flop ran 3-6-6 for a full house and the win!

In the new optional bounty program, 12 of the 14 players opted in. Winner Janet ties Monte for the record most at 6, Chris and Donna-Purple won 2 each while AC and Axel picked up one each.

AC claimed the jackpot on a high hand, Queen's up (I believe).

FT Prize pool: TBD (est. 14 players for $350.00)

Moving up: TrumpKGB (9 to 8)
Falling out: DeanoDog (8 to 13)

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-10-02 21:24:42


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