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Tournament #2 Results!  
Dave proves a home felt advantage taking down tournament XXIV-2! He took a huge 9 to 1 chip advantage to start heads up over Brad. Brad had a run of super low cards to start and didn't mount much of a charge early on, already in the big 200-400 blinds. Down to his last 600 chips, his Kc5h was good preflop to Dave's Qh6s. But, the board ran runner runner spades to the two spaded flop as Dave's flush was good for the win!

In the new optional bounty program, 12 of the 13 players opted in. Bounties were distributed out to more players this time. Champion Dave claimed 4, Brad 3, Carla 2, and 1 each for Mike, Donna, and Monte.

AxelRod took the jackpot on quad 2's when all the pocket Aces survived..

FT Prize pool: TBD (est. 16 players for $400.00)

Moving up: TopGreyWolf (NR to 3), DeanoDog (12 to 8)
Falling out: Str8Raiser (7 to 10), ACCooler (8 to 11)

It was good to see Bob and Carla, both former Champions, who haven't played with us since Season IX!

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-09-18 21:07:41


Tournament #1 Results!  
Monte starts the season with the win! Heads up was against GatorKen with Monte up by a 3:2 chip advantage almost at the end of the 150-300 blinds. Monte extended that lead early but Ken battled back to close the gap and nearly even it up. Monte still had the chip lead on the final hand when he raised up a K-3 suited clubs. Ken called and his 10s-6x hit bottom pair to the Ks-9s-6c flop. After a Ken bet on that flop, Monte moved all in. Ken thought a while and made the call but was behind. The turn 5s gave Ken flush outs to his initial 5 outs. The river 2c missed though and Monte has the early points lead!

In the new optional bounty program, 11 of the 13 players opted in. Monte also cleaned up here with 6 bounties while Janet's deep run netted 4 and Chris snagged the lone other remaining.

Brad claimed the jackpot when his Aces were cracked early on. It was his to lose after setting up a straight flush earlier.

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-09-11 19:02:23


Season XXIV schedule:  
                Sept 9               @ Hew Black and Gold Card room
                Sept 16             @ TopGreyWolf Lodge   
                Sept 30             TBD
                Oct 7                TBD
                Oct 21               TBD
                Nov 4                TBD
                Nov 18              @ Chesterfield Club
                Dec 2                 TBD   

Note:  All are first, third and fifth weekends, except for Sept 9 to skip Labor Day weekend.  
                WC/FT on Dec 9th @ Hew B&G Card room

Posted by HewDat on 2017-09-07 22:06:29


Bounty Classic Results!  
What was done only once in the first 14 Bounty Classics has become an ordinary occurrence. Now, in 6 of the last 8 Bounty Classics including the last 3, the winner of the tournament has swept both of the bounties en route to the win. Chris repeats his feat set in the Pre-Season XVII BC. This one didn't require a headsup as it was a double knockout for the win. In the 200-400 blinds, Chris opened for a raise on the button. Mike was small stacking and pushed the rest of his stack holding pocket 5's. Deano debated on his 10-6 suited, but came along on Mike's raise. Chris re-popped to all in holding the most chips with his pocket Aces. The jackpot had already cracked on AC's knockout midway thru, but Chris' pair held up without much sweat on the AdJs3d-4s-8c board to claim the win.

Earlier Chris knocked out Donna for her bounty and took down Mike's on the final hand.

We get started for real shortly!

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-08-27 14:48:34


Big Bets Poker Results!  
The Summer Series finale was a Dealer’s Choice of Big Bets poker!  All were button type games with various No Limit and Pot Limit options.  Games included NL Texas Hold’em, NL 5 card single Draw High, NL 2-7 single Draw Low Ball, Pot Limit Big O, Pot Limit Big O H/L8, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha H/L8, and Pot Limit 2-7 triple draw Low Ball.  Only 5 players started the final tilt. Mike emerged as the Big winner of the Big Bets tournament after going heads up against Brad with a big 4 to 1 chip advantage to start. The two agreed to go Big O H/L8 all the way out. On the final hand, Mike (Js5d4s4c2s) defended a smallish Brad (AhKsJc7s6h) raise and flopped huge with two pair and an open ended straight draw to the Jh3s2d. The chips were moved all in postflop. The turn 10h gave Brad more outs to a scoop or split but the 2c river made a boat for Mike and a no low scoop for the win!

There was no jackpot, but everyone played as a $2 bounty. Chris and Brad split the first two on Kyle and Donna. Mike won the last 3 bounties k-o'ing Chris and Brad before claiming his own.

Overall, the Summer Series 6 tournaments this year had 6 different winners!

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-08-06 14:34:17


7 Card Stud H/L 8 or better Results!  
We changed up the game as originally scheduled to a Limit 7 Card Stud H/L 8 or better. Seven players were dealt in and Dave proved studliest of them all. Heads up was vs. Kyle with Dave ahead by a 3:2 chip advantage. Just a few hands in, Dave's rolled up pocket Kings of his starting two down cards boated up in just 5 cards to best Kyle's two pair jacks up by the last card as each failed to make a low.

Mike won the 3 card poker jackpot of the down cards hitting a low end 4-5-6 straight.

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-08-06 14:20:35


NL Single draw 2-7 Lowball Results!  
Sorry, I lost the pic of the final hand on this one. But it was Chris vs. Donna at roughly even stacks to start heads up that Chris would end up as the winner.

Glenn was dealt a pat nut low that won the best low (or most nut lows) jackpot!

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-07-25 07:53:36


Pot Limit Dealer's Choice 5-game mix Results!  
In the Pot Limit Dealer's Choice 5-game mix of various hold'ems, Ruben took a an 8K to 3K lead over Donna at the start of heads up. The final hand was a Big Omaha. Donna held a good A-A-K-8-2 suited spades to Ruben's A-10-9-6-4 suited hearts. But the board ran good for Ruben on a 10-5-3-2-8 (no flushes) as his two baby cards hit for the 6 to 2 straight and the win!

The jackpot also went to Ruben's quad Aces which played as Aces cracked (in Tx) or high hand in any.

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-07-25 07:40:56


Mixed NL Hold'em/PLO Results!  
In the first of its kind for a Summer Series event, Kyle takes down the mixed NL Hold'em/PL Omaha tournament. It was roughly even at the start of heads up vs. the Deano-Dog. In Omaha, Glenn was all in holding a J-J-5-3 but was out-flopped on the Q-2-7 board to Kyle's A-Q-6-5. Kyle dodged Glenn's slim outs for the victory!

Brad took down the jackpot played as Aces cracked (in TX only), if not then High Hand with Quad Jacks.

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-07-25 07:20:51


PL Omaha H/L8 Results!  
Brad wins the Summer Series 4 opener of Omaha8 High/Low. He took close to a 2 to 1 lead heads up over Donna. Brad connected big on the final hand river 5. His 10-6-4-A was up against Donna's 8-7-4-3 to the 8-3-2-2 board (no flushes possible) when he wheeled the nut low and 6 to 2 straight to scoop over Donna's two pair and 7-5-4-3-2 low.

Glenn captured the jackpot that played as high hand with just the highest in a royal flush!

Tournament Details

Posted by HewDat on 2017-07-25 07:09:34


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