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I have been hosting poker games with a regular group of my friends for years now, and I recentely started playing tournament style games.

The guys I play with always played loose because there was never too much money involved. Because of this, the tournaments always felt like games of chance, and not games of skill. I wanted to tighten up our games, but at the same time, I didn't want to break our bank-rolls.

I started reading up on poker leagues, and thought that this would be a great way to give the players the incentive to take things more seriously. I started:
  • Awarding tournament points to each player.
  • Posting the results of our tourament's on the web.
  • Holding an annual championship tournament.
Now our games are less about chance and more about skill, less about money, and more about the "bragging rights" you get when your name is in the #1 position on our website!

I hope this site will give your home tournaments a more serious and professional feel to them too!

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